Why Am I Doing This? 19/06/14

Dad-2Hello, since you have taken the trouble to open my blog I would like to reciprocate and introduce myself to you and let you know what I intend to do.

My name is Greville Waterman and way back in 1965 my Dad, a transplanted Scouser making his way in London decided it was time for me to be indoctrinated into the mysteries of football.

Over the course of a few months he took me to Stamford Bridge, Craven Cottage, Loftus Road and then finally to the ground nearest to our home in Richmond, Griffin Park.

A team in red and white stripes pulverised a team in blue and white hoops by five goals to two and when on the first day of the following season I was given the option of returning to Griffin Park, the seemingly invincible Bees thrashed their patsies QPR by six goals to one.

I was hooked.

This football lark was going to be easy and fun as well as totally enjoyable and stress free. Soon surely I would be following the mighty all-conquering Bees as they took on the might of Mars and Jupiter in some Intergalactic competition of the near future.

Well in the near-fifty years since my indoctrination the success that I expected would be my birthright has somehow eluded me.

My loyalty and devotion has been rewarded by one season in the second tier of English football, six promotions, five relegations, seven heartbreaking and draining Playoff campaigns, three Associate Member Final losses, a run to the sixth round of the FA Cup, giant killing victories over two top flight teams and a moral victory over Champions League winners Chelsea.

Pretty thin beer you might agree, particularly when compared to the glory hunting supporters of the Premiership teams, so when promotion to the promised land of the Championship was finally achieved this April I thought that I would commemorate our first season there since 1992/3 by compiling a fans-eye view of what happened and how we coped with this rise in status and what it was like to be there as a supporter.

That being said I fully expect to meander into other areas of nostalgia and trivia related to my favourite team and hope that you will enjoy the journey with me.


10 thoughts on “Why Am I Doing This? 19/06/14

  1. what great memorys of brentford bring back the days when i joined brentford next to my stars john omara and the day when i made my first team debut when only a 16 year old apprentice


    • Welcome Richard, I well remember you scoring against Bradford City and thought you would have a long and successful career. Can you let everyone know what happened to you. I believe you went to watford for a spell after Brentford. I hope all is well with you now too.


      • Well after going to watford at the end of the season i signed for SPORTING club of toulon in the french second divison in 1977/78 and in april 1978 had a bad injury (knee ligaments) which at the time finished my career.now after 37 years in france and two hips and knee replacements before i was 50 and quite a few health proplems etcI do such remember my league debut at home against lincoln city in febuary 1974 i still tresour the telegram from alan hawley that day a great man on and of the field as yes i scored againt bradfordin the last game at home of that season with the other goal being scored by dave simmons great help and sadely learned of his death in 2005 i think.The only thing i do regret is into my 3 year as apprentice at brentford i refused the offer of Mr bluntstone to joined Man united youth team .


    • Are you planning to visit Griffin Park this season as I am
      One of the three authors of The Big Brentford Book of the 70s which includes a photo of you and we’d be happy to give you a copy as a memento.

      Please let me know.


      • hello thanks for your mail i do not think i will be visting for the moment Brentford cause of my ill health but if i do i will send you a mail.As my boyhood club you can imagine my exictement when i joined them and as well my dissapoint when Mr MR J docherty let me go as i made my first team debut with him and i think one of the reason i was releases well thats another subjecy thanks once more MR R J poole still a BEE


    • well i would like to thank you for your book which i have read some pages as i looked at certain sites which have lots of mistake on my short career iam still living in thr southern french alpes but always look for brentfords result first and sorry about my english but after 37 years i muddle things up lol keep up with the good work on brentford FC


  2. hello once again i did smile a lot on your comments of paul priddys pentalies saves at watford did you know I played in that game for watford and one on those pentalies was awarded for a foul on me from paul bence and with those saves that finished watford promation dreams but must say thou i was released by them that year what great youngester they had in our reserve team the luther blisset (great pal) keith mercer and others and i do remenber just before a fourth divison games up north our president elton john had his coming out in the rolling stone record paper I always wonder why he was always banned from our dressing room lol


  3. Great memories! I totally forgot that you had played against us for Watford in the Priddy match.
    Would you ever be interested in writing an article about your life and times as a Brentford player, particularly as a local youngster, in the early 70s?

    It would make for fascinating reading if you ever did?

    Please let me know.

    Many thanks.


    • hello well i have to think about it but yes that could be interesting.lived in heston No 80 northfields rd went to berkely school then to spring grove central..At twelve years olg signed schoolboys forms for brentford and played in the Fa youth cup first round for southall under 18 when only 14 (got a rollick for that from Mr blunstone)but things really started for hounslow under15 school side with some great friends kevin harding neil oliver we all signed as aprrentice proffisional.at the same time me and kevin played for hounslow school under 18 team which got through to a final (what cup ?to play hillondon in the final at brentford ground.So warming up before the game me and kevein were told we could not play as we were to young even thou we had played all the qualifing games .Hillindon had complain so we where very dissapointed .We learned why after the game at certain under 15 player for them could not play as he was injured thus there reclamtion .The hillondon player was a certain BUTCH (crab)Wilkens yes the future chelsea and england player stuck in our throat a long time.At this time was the age of david bowie nazerth etc but us budding apprentice well a choice had to be made..theres so many things i could tell you my grandfather played for sheffield untid my father cricket for england youth before he deciced to enlist in the royal belguim navey for world war 2 as he was to young and refused in the british navey.I think i could do a book as a just 15 year old apprentice ( my home town team that year 1972/73 with brentford in the third divison .I do remember the home friendly when MR Blunstone put all the squad on the team sheet for the friendly with PORTSMOUTH who in there ranks had one of my heros WYNN DAViS but do not tell him my hero was Big JOHN Omara .I will always remember him when he came back to play in peter geleson testominial i played the ball to him for a shot at goal Afterwards he said richard next time shoot yourselve always try to score but sadely i always made more for others than myself


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