We’re Going Up! – 1/7/14



It’s OK, you can all breathe more easily now – you didn’t dream it and it wasn’t a fantasy!

It’s absolutely true – we really ARE going up!

Last season was so incredible, enjoyable and fantastic that sometimes I find it hard to accept that it really happened.

As a tried and tested Brentford fan of many years’ vintage I am reconciled and inured to things going wrong.

I have come to expect the Gods to look down and laugh at us and shatter our hopes and expectations.

There are far too many examples over the recent years of us choking and blowing it and seizing defeat from the very jaws of achievement and success.

You really don’t need me to rehash them for you now.

Those horrid, negative expressions “It’s Brentford Innit” and “It’s the hope that kills you” have ruled the roost at Griffin Park for far too long and become self-perpetuating prophecies.

Last season proved that we can dispense with this negativity once and for all.

And why is that?

Because with a lot of hard work, a clear strategy, highly talented personnel throughout all departments of the club and the support and vision of owner Matthew Benham we have become an amazingly well run, organised and structured club that has laid the correct foundations from bottom to top.

Given these circumstances you actually make your own luck and last season proved that we are now a force to reckon with and perhaps the best is yet to come.

All of the above is reinforced by the Brentford promotion DVD “We’re Going Up!” which provides a suitable and appropriate high quality record of the best season in my living memory.

The promotion season of 1992 was highly memorable and we actually won the League that season on the back of an incredible forward line but that team never came close to matching the quality of the football that the 2014 team exhibited on an almost weekly basis.

The DVD has immaculate production values and a decent professional commentary – far better than my own stuttering efforts of a few years ago!

Every game, home and away, is featured with the goals, near misses and other incidents of interest.

You can revel once again in all of the goals we scored and my Top Ten quickly became a Top Twenty-Five.

How can you possibly choose between the long range Exocets of Alan Judge, Kadeem Harris, George Saville and Adam Forshaw; Marcello Trotta’s trickery and quick feet; Clayton Donaldson’s power and strength and the many examples of high quality, pacy interchanges where the team turned defence into attack in the blink of an eye?

The contentious moments are all featured and Toumani’s disallowed goal against Carlisle still looks like an abject decision by an awful referee.

There is also Jonathan Douglas’s moment of high comedy and high dudgeon with that bounce up after the penalty that never was at Sheffield United.

It’s all there so sit back and enjoy it once again.

The commentary doesn’t pull punches either with a certain Brentford goalkeeper’s faux pas at Stevenage aptly described as a “moment of madness”.

A few minor quibbles: I would love to have been reminded of Tony Craig’s “Five-On-One” where, like Horatius at the Bridge, he singlehandedly repulsed the five Oldham attackers and Sam Saunders’s comic cuts slip and devastating recovery against Swindon was also omitted.

I also conducted what in the trade they call a ‘”focus group” where a couple of my Premiership team supporting mates came round the other night ostensibly to watch the World Cup.

Bribed and liberally plied with alcohol, they agreed to forgo the dubious pleasure of Brazil v Chile and were instead treated to twenty minutes worth of Brentford at their best.

Their reaction was indeed gratifying:

” I never realised they were so good”,

“Football like it should be played”,

“They didn’t play like that when you dragged me to Stevenage”

“Can I come and see them with you next season” were just some of their comments.

Proof indeed that the tom toms are sounding loud and clear and others are also finally beginning to recognise and acknowledge our progress and prowess.

Brentford FC are on the crest of a wave at the moment and this DVD provides a worthy record of these incredible times.

Buy it and enjoy!

It is a bargain at £14.99!


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