5,000 And Counting ! – 2/7/14



Brentford have just announced that they have finally broken the five thousand season ticket sales barrier and that a certain Luis McCubbin was the lucky purchaser of number five thousand.

What a fantastic achievement and well done to him and indeed everyone else who has bought one!

This milestone really demonstrates just how popular our club is becoming as news spreads far and wide about the sheer quality and excitement of the football that the team produces.

The five thousand figure is apparently an all-time club record and is almost double the total figure sold last season.

I have tried to discover so far without luck how many season ticket holders the club had back in its halcyon First Division days of the mid to late thirties and would urge any historians amongst us to let me have the answer, if indeed the figure is known.

Some tickets still remain but the Braemar Road Paddock and the prime seats in D and E Blocks are all practically sold out with limited availability pretty much everywhere else around the ground.

The season tickets have been keenly and sympathetically priced and Mads and her team provide a wonderful level of customer service and couldn’t be more helpful.

With more season ticket sales expected over the next few weeks as the anticipation and excitement for the new season grows, it looks likely that over fifty percent of the spaces available for sale to home supporters will have been sold in advance to season ticket holders.

Assuming a ground capacity of just over twelve thousand with around sixteen hundred away fans that leaves a maximum of ten and a half thousand home supporters at every match.

The average attendance when the Bees reached the second tier of English football back in 1992/93 was just over eight thousand and the last time the club had a five figure average home attendance was over forty years ago.

Maybe this is the season when we will finally manage to repeat this feat.

So something will have to give this coming season and what is beyond any doubt is that supporters and casual visitors alike will have to change the match day habits and routines honed and perfected in many cases over many years.

No longer will the average supporter be able to enjoy a leisurely pint or three in one of the four pubs surrounding the ground and then rock up to the turnstiles, cash in hand, at five to three.

Not if they expect to get in to watch the match!

Season ticket holders will find their traditional books replaced by smart cards and cash will no longer be accepted on the turnstiles.

Supporters will be encouraged to purchase tickets in advance and print them out on their own computer.

Non ticket holders will apparently be able to purchase tickets on the day at games that are not all ticket, but will have to queue up to do so before taking the ticket to the turnstiles in order to gain entry.

It will be much harder for people to bring non-regulars along to games without taking the time and trouble to purchase tickets in advance.

This doesn’t take into account the fact that I suspect that well over half the games will be designated as all ticket with no tickets available for purchase on the day.

This will particularly be the case when the away teams sell out their allocation in advance, as is likely to happen on many occasions.

I can also envisage times when away fans will try every trip in the book in efforts to buy tickets in the home end.

Going to watch Brentford will therefore require more planning and less spontaneity but given the likely demand for tickets and the size of Griffin Park there is really no other option and we are perhaps the victim of our own success and the size of Griffin Park.

The match day experience at Griffin Park will certainly change and we will definitely all feel more cramped and claustrophobic next season.

There will be teething problems and even some complaints but all in all this is a great problem to have and one I would certainly prefer to the woebegone days when five thousand stalwarts spread out on the half-deserted terraces.

A similar ticketing system will surely be introduced when we finally arrive at Lionel Road so next season will provide an ideal dummy run and hopefully the crowds will flock to see us play.

So the message to all Brentford supporters is that if you want to guarantee your ticket to all the plum matches next season – and there will be lots of them – then now’s the time to buy your season ticket, while stocks last.



2 thoughts on “5,000 And Counting ! – 2/7/14

  1. Good reading once again G.

    Us old ‘uns have to change our habits. sadly, no more, “oh go on, another quick pint.” At 2.45, in the Kings Arms, then a quick 5 minute walk to the turnstiles, walking straight through, just in time for the kick off!

    We have to be retrained, getting us ready for the move to Lionel Road in 2017, or maybe 2018 now?

    We’ve been used to buying tickets in advance for away matches, so now we have to do it for home games. Saying ‘we’ is incorrect as, like you, I have an ST, so won’t have to worry about it.

    But! What if our turnstiles have a fault? You cannot get in. But the purchasers of ticket can? What will we do?
    Listen to Beesplayer on our phones?

    Not likely! I’ll be jumping the fence, like the old days of the Royal Oak!

    Keep going. It’s tough. But your ramblings are certainly worth reading.



    • Thanks Paul. Appreciate your comments.

      Next season will be strange and different as we learn new habits and discard old ones.

      Must check what the average attendance was back in 1971/2 as we did have some bumper gates.


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