Experienced Help Arrives – 15/7/14

smithI saw that Brentford signed the former Watford and Cardiff winger Tommy Smith today on trial and it’s likely that the thirty-four year old will see some action in the forthcoming series of friendly matches.

The initial reaction to his arrival has been fairly muted on the Griffin Park Grapevine where he has been harshly, and I believe erroneously, described by some as an over the hill journeyman.

This really sells him short as Smith is a tried and tested winger or striker who has proved himself over the years to be just short of Premiership calibre.

Maybe the legs have gone to an extent but he didn’t play much last season, he has a wealth of experience at Championship level and is recognised as an excellent pro and positive influence in the dressing room.

I think this is a win/win situation for both parties.

If Smith is still up to the job he will be offered a contract, if he isn’t, then he goes.

We are still lacking players who have played at this level, which will be new to many of the squad.

We have talented youngsters aplenty but currently have no experienced forwards and Smith could fill that gap.

He can also play out wide or down the middle which suits our current style of football.

Players like Smith can act as teachers and mentors by setting the right example both on and off the pitch and Tommy will be well known to Mark Warburton from his time at Watford.

So welcome to Tommy and here’s hoping that he proves to be a success.

Let’s just keep it between ourselves that he had a recent spell with Queens Park Rangers – but we won’t hold that against him!


2 thoughts on “Experienced Help Arrives – 15/7/14

  1. Isnt this an unrequited rivalry? Surely Fulham are more focused on Chelsea as rivals. Rivalries come and go – Fulham fans wont behave like this is a massive game for them.


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