A Sense Of Duty – 23/7/14

higgyI wasn’t sure what to write about yesterday.

Maybe something about the development and make-up of the squad?

Perhaps an examination of how Mark Warburton and his regime has freed and empowered the players to go out and play with discipline, certainly, but with no fear?

Then I saw something on the official club website that made my mind up once and for all.

Yesterday was the second anniversary of the death of a true legend of the club.

Tommy Higginson was not a name that reverberated on the back pages of the tabloid or style press, but every Bees fan of a certain age knows exactly who he was and what he represented.

Loyalty, grit, determination and a total commitment to doing your job without complaint and to the best of your ability.

Sometimes it’s hard to write this blog and I end up staring at an empty page which stares balefully back at me as if to reproach me for kidding myself that I can write.

Yesterday was different and the words came very easily and it was hard to stop the flow.

Why was this do you think?

I’m really not totally sure but I think it was simply that Higgy represented something that has pretty much disappeared from today’s world of instant fame and the self aggrandisement of social media.

In other words, values, self-effacement, a sense of duty and putting the interests of others before your own.

Judging from the positive feedback that I’ve received over the past twenty four hours including a touching note from Higgy’s son, some of you seem to have agreed with me.

The point that I’m trying so clumsily to make is that Brentford is a special club and however far we progress on our current magic carpet ride we supporters are pretty grounded and will never forget or lose track of where we have come from because, who knows, we might well end up back there someday given just how cyclical is success.

We are fortunate in having a club owned and run by thoroughly decent people with a sense of values and a deep understanding and respect of the club’s roots.

The current set of players also seem a pleasant lot too, disciplined, ambitious, thoroughly professional but still more than happy to engage with the fans.

Where else would you have found the owner, Chairman, club captain and half the squad chatting, laughing, drinking and celebrating with the supporters after promotion was clinched last season?

I can’t imagine any other club in the country where these scenes would have been allowed to take place.

Long may this attitude prevail, and I am sure that it will.gelson

I was brought up at the altar of long serving one club men such as Peter Gelson, Alan Hawley and Gordon Phillips who had a real love for the club and what it represents for its local community and it is wonderfully gratifying that these values remain firmly in place today despite our rise in stature.


3 thoughts on “A Sense Of Duty – 23/7/14

  1. Great post. What we have at Brentford is something which can’t be bought. A special club, the kind which following football is all about. To me a lot of it is linked to Griffin Park so there is a fear we’ll lose some of it when we leave (though accept leaving is needed to progress) but hopefully we’ll keep hold of what we’ve got and take that to the new stadium when we go. Exciting times to be Brentford.


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