Welcome Home – Not – 24/7/14

m25Well that was a fantastic break!

Nine days of sunshine, good food and wine in Tenerife.

Unfortunately coming home from Gatwick is proving to be a nightmare and being stuck on the car park that is the M25 on what is becoming an interminable journey home is quickly wiping that relaxed smile off my face.

Never mind – there is so much to look forward to over the coming weeks.

Since I’ve been away the Bees have signed two players and loaned one out, taken another big name on trial, had a game moved for live television coverage, won two preseason friendlies, scored eight goals, scored one penalty out of two (no change there then) and replaced one high profile foreign opponent with another.

Not much has happened then!

I’ve done my best to cover some of these events from afar much to the bemusement of my wife who wondered what the ceaseless tapping on my iPhone was all about.

But I’m delighted to be on my way home and hopefully closer to the centre of the action.

The biggest disappointment for me was missing the two games played within five miles of my home, at Boreham Wood and Barnet respectively.

Never mind, I’m already counting off the hours and days until our three home friendly matches against Nice, Osasuna and Crystal Palace. They will all provide a different type of challenge as the clock ticks down towards the big kick off.

A big step up indeed from the last time we were promoted to the Championship when we prepared against the might of Merthyr Tydfil – oh and Queens Park Rangers too!

The traffic is inching forward at snail’s pace and all I want to do is get home and see if my season ticket has arrived as well as my precious tickets for the Dagenham, AFC Bournemouth and Blackpool away games.

All will hopefully be revealed at some point in the next couple of hours or so!

Shame we aren’t playing against Crawley on Saturday as I reckon I will still be pretty near their ground the way the traffic isn’t moving tonight!


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