So Why Not Us Too? – 6/8/14

The clock is slowly ticking off the days, hours and minutes before the big kick off at three pm on Saturday.

We are only three days away from the beginning of what will hopefully be a long and rewarding  journey of discovery and achievement as the Bees are about to come to terms with the challenge of a new division.

So will they cope or even thrive or will they fall short of what is required at this higher level?

Who will start in the team?

Will any new players arrive?

Just as crucially, will any star players leave?

These are the key questions that remain unanswered and the ones that seem to be constantly whirring around my brain and keeping me awake at night.

Football fans are great optimists – “this will be our season” is the mantra that is generally heard from the majority of them at this time of the year, even though a sense of reality and the hard evidence in front of them generally tells another tale.

Maybe that optimism and positivity is exactly what they need to help prepare them and keep them sane for the nine months of hard toil and disappointment that surely lies ahead.

In a division of twenty-four teams, only three can ultimately land the major prize of promotion and indeed, three more will suffer the indignity and trauma of relegation.

In terms of the Championship the ultimate goal is winning the Golden Ticket to the Holy Grail of the top flight.

If teams with as limited resources both on and off the field as Northampton Town, Carlisle United, Wimbledon, Burnley and Blackpool can do it, then why not Brentford?

The rigours of Financial Fair Play provide another obstacle to overcome, but it is dreams such as this that keep our hopes alive.

Yet in the case of Brentford FC why can’t these dreams come true?

Surely we have it all.

An ambitious owner with deep pockets.

A squad that has us purring with anticipation.

Perhaps the most talented set of players at the club since the heady days of the First Division over eighty years ago.

A positive and attacking style and pattern of play that is both successful and easy on the eye.

A fortress in Griffin Park where opponents fear to come.

A team spirit and sense of togetherness that is second to none.

A manager who oozes positivity and a sense of empowerment.

An experienced coaching staff.

The best off field medical, analysis and support team outside of the Premier League.

Top quality training facilities.

A sensible and pragmatic, yet highly ambitious Board of Directors.

High quality day to day management of the club.

A sense of togetherness and unity between the troika of players, the club and the fans.

A new stadium on the horizon that exemplifies our ambition.

What more can we ask for?

Surely nothing.

We are the complete package.

The Premier League awaits!

This is what makes me think we have merely climbed the first rung on the ladder and are on the early stages of a marvellous journey that I honestly believe will end in one place and one place only.

I really feel that our dreams, ambitions and aspirations are totally achievable – if not this season, then within five years.

Those are the thoughts and hopes that engulf me and help keep me happy and sane.

Our club has never been in better shape or in better hands.

There is so much yet to come and for us to enjoy.

Tomorrow I will return to the key questions I posed earlier in this article and examine our immediate prospects in greater detail.

Until then – let us all dream and think about what we all want to happen and you know what – it really could be us!


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