Bob Spicer – 6/9/14

Some of you may recall I wrote recently about the death of long-term Brentford fan Bob Spicer (

He was somebody I had known, albeit not very well, for many years and he almost seemed to be part of the furniture at Griffin Park, so long had he been supporting the Bees.

He was always there in the background, gently supporting and encouraging.

Never pushing himself into the limelight, but with a quiet word here and a brief comment there, he made you feel good to be in his presence.

As I said in my last column, Bob was a really special man and one of the last of a dying breed.

A lot of Brentford supporters seemed to feel the same as I did about him given the reaction and feedback I received from the blog, and there were several memories shared regarding his kindness and courtesy as well as his devotion to his favourite team.

I was then honoured, pleased and absolutely delighted to receive the following note a few days ago from his son, Mike:

I’m his son, Mike, and really appreciate your comments.

His funeral will take place at Woking Crematorium at 11.45 this Friday 5th September.

I’ll make sure there is Brentford scarf on the coffin.

Sadly for him, I stopped going to Griffin Park with him in 1972 but I did attend the match last November, when Brentford honoured him for his 85th birthday and 75 years of attending Brentford matches.

Come on you Bees!

I was really touched by this and simply wanted to pass Mike’s comments on to all of you.

I was travelling home from holiday yesterday and was therefore unable to attend Bob’s funeral.

I am not sure if it was a quiet family affair but, if not, I really hope that there was some representation from Brentford FC given that he had been such a loyal and dedicated supporter over so long a time span.

Bob remains in my thoughts, as I am sure he does in most of yours too, and I would like to send Mike and all of his family my condolences and best wishes at this sad time for them all.


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