The Burning Issues! – 24/9/14

fmThere’s going to be a Fans’ Forum tomorrow night at the club with Messrs. Mark Warburton, David Weir, Frank McParland and Mark Devlin in the chair, ready to face the inquisition and verbal onslaught from Bees supporters.

I suspect that the four of them are now cursing the timing of this event, coming as it does directly after two heavy defeats.

Sod’s Law, indeed, and had the Q&A session been arranged for a couple of weeks earlier then I am sure that there would have been nothing but bouquets on offer.

As it is, now is hardly the time for brickbats, given that Brentford have taken to the Championship like ducks to water and have been highly competitive in seven out of their first eight matches.

Indeed, the eleven points already gleaned is probably a few more than most people expected at this stage of the season.

What I intend to do in this article is to note down all the questions that I personally would like to hear asked and answered tomorrow night.

I would welcome any comments and suggestions as I am sure there are many other things that you would like to ask the Brentford Brains Trust.

dwSo here we go.

Before we start I would like to suggest that the evening commences with a heartfelt vote of appreciation and thanks from the fans to the management for everything that they have done for us over the past nine months since Mark Warburton took over.

The transformation has been incredible and almost beyond belief.

Let the questions begin:


Have we settled down as well as you expected in the Championship?

What are the key learnings from our opening matches?

mdDid last Saturday’s result and performance come as a surprise and do you think it was just a blip?

Do you intend to experiment with other formations or stick with 4-1-4-1?

Do you think we are better set up to play away from home using our pace on the break?

Do we get enough men in the box and will you try playing two strikers together?

Do you think we lack height and strength and risk getting bullied out of games?

Are we a bit too nice on and off the pitch and should we start to try and influence referees more?

mwWhy do you think we cannot buy a decision from referees at the moment?

Do you speak to referees after matches and if so have any of them admitted making mistakes?

How is Raphael Calvet progressing and will he and any other players go out on loan?

How likely are we to hold onto Alex Pritchard for the whole season?

Are any of our players near to international honours?

Moses Odubajo – full back or winger?

Alan McCormack – full back or midfielder?

How do you see Nick Proschwitz progressing?

Is Jon Toral seen as the box-to-box Adam Forshaw replacement?

After Alan McCormack will more of the experienced players also be awarded contract extensions?

Do you intend to strengthen the squad before the January Transfer Window?

Does Will Grigg still have a future at the club?

Big man or little man up front?

What will Betinho add to our options?

Has Andre Gray’s success surprised you and how is he coping with the lone striker role?

Is Marcello Trotta in your thoughts as a striking option?

How do you keep the players believing in their ability?

Is Nico Yennaris likely to challenge for a first team place soon?

How close is Sam Saunders to full fitness?

How is Scott Hogan progressing and does he have family and support down South?


What different attributes do Tony Craig, Harlee Dean and James Tarkowski bring to the team?

Zonal Marking or Man To Man – discuss?

How can we stop conceding so many long range goals?

Do we shoot enough from outside the area?

Who has shown the most improvement so far this season?

Short corners or long, and why do we so seldom threaten from set pieces?


Can you tell us more about our scouting network abroad?

Are we looking in France as well as Spain?

What type of analytical data do you use to assess potential signings?

Agents – discuss?

We seem to pay a lot in fees to agents. How attractive an option is Brentford seen to be now?

Do we stand to earn any performance related or sell-on fees from any of the players we have sold?

How are our Spanish and Portugese contingent settling down and what assistance do we provide them?

Talk us through the Adam Forshaw transfer negotiations?

What do Spanish players in particular have to offer?

Are you concerned at the results and lack of emerging players from the Development Squad?


After the Norwich experiment are there plans to allow other away fans into New Road?

How easy is it for potential new fans with no purchasing history or floating football supporters to buy match tickets?

What is the latest news about Lionel Road?

When is work expected to start on site at Lionel Road?

Do we expect to move to Lionel Road in August 2017?

What is the budgeted average home attendance this season?

What is the capacity of the away end now?

Can you talk us through the rationale of the venue and ticket price for the 125th Anniversary Dinner?

What other activities are planned to celebrate the 125th Anniversary?

That is all I managed to come up with.

Please feel free to add your own questions.

As always, tomorrow night promises to be an interesting and lively debate.

8 thoughts on “The Burning Issues! – 24/9/14

  1. well there good question and what i was interested in is there scout system in europe yes spain is the tendence but there are some very good players in french football but as a old bee i would like to know the club deals with home grown talent because if brentford are realy looking to the future and by that i mean soon to push for promtion too the premier league must be thinking now for the quote of english players


  2. Totally agree. The priority has to be to concentrate on young local talent and the Academy is doing this.
    Brentford is now seen as an attractive option to the best young talent and there is a growing network of scouts covering areas well beyond West London.

    Some of the younger kids are really talented.

    Spain is seen as somewhere we can find very skilful players at low cost and we’ve signed three to date.

    Is France a viable option too?

    Maybe this is an area you could help in?


  3. A good comprehensive list to which I haven’t got any serious additions.

    However, on a less serious note, following the precedent of the Matthew Benham live Q&A on the GPG, I think it only fair that each be asked what their favourite cheese is.


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