Ooh Betty! – Part Two – 29/10/14

Well Betinho did play a full ninety minutes in the Development Squad last night, partnering Nick Proschwitz in a rare two man attack as Brentford employed a diamond formation.

samUnfortunately they subsided to a three-one defeat to an impressive Crystal Palace team and early reports would suggest that neither Brentford striker made much of a case to press for a starting position in Saturday’s crunch match against Derby County.

From what I have gleaned from spectators at the game, they appeared listless and presented little goal threat.

The good news from last night was that Sam Saunders played for the entire first half and apparently came through his first match for nine months with flying colours.

His effervescense and joie de vivre have been sorely missed, along, of course, with his peerless ability at set pieces and it would provide a wonderful fillip to the entire squad if he were to work his way back into contention for the first team before Christmas.

The news also broke yesterday that the proposed Danny Graham loan move had broken down for unspecified reasons, which potentially leaves Frank McParland and Mark Warburton scrabbling around if they are to be successful in bringing in a new loan striker in time for Saturday.

niI really don’t envy them their task in what is a total seller’s market.

As for Betinho, I gave chapter and verse yesterday on why I felt he had not been a success to date.

I was therefore fascinated and delighted to receive the following comments from former Brentford striker, Richard Poole, a regular and most welcome contributor to this blog.

His words provide much food for thought as he went through the exact same situation as Betinho nearly forty years ago, and experienced similar problems to our Portugese loanee.

Let Richard explain in his own words:

I can look back from my own personal experience from when I moved from Watford to SC Toulon in the French Second Division when I was only twenty years of age.

I firstly had to adapt to the incredible heat as it was twenty-five degrees by the early morning.

The language barrier was tough and I also had to adapt to a totally alien style of football.

Remember, I came from Brentford and Watford who had their own particular way of playing, and now I had to get used to a team which never hit a long ball but instead relied on a quick passing game.

It took me well over six months to adapt, with a lot of problems on the way.

It helped that my wife was French and came from not far away from Toulon, but it really wasn’t easy for me.

I moved in July and it was March before things were starting to come together for me.

Then I had my injury which finished my career, and it was all over.

So let’s hope that Betinho comes through this difficult settling in period and hopefully he will receive all the support he needs from us fans, right up to the Boardroom.

Though in today’s world, patience is in short supply and time is rarely given.

Wise and salutary words indeed, and he has provided some insights that we should all think very carefully about before we rush to criticise a young player who currently appears to be far out of his comfort zone, and struggling to adapt to an environment totally different to anything he has previously experienced.


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