Mark Warburton’s Future – What The Fans Think – 7/11/14

warbLeaving the City Ground after the match on Wednesday night floating on air after a majestic Brentford performance, I was approached by a long standing and eminently sensible Bees supporter who suggested to me in no uncertain terms that I kindly refrain from making any further mentions in my blog regarding the possibility of Mark Warburton being poached by an upper echelon club.

His argument could best be summed up in the brief and succinct expression,”Don’t tempt fate” – so I won’t.

I thought long and hard about what else I could do in order to ward off the evil spirits and help ensure that our totemic manager remains with us so that he can continue the magnificent job that he is currently doing.

I eventually decided to demonstrate that I was in the minority with my fears and concerns for the future, by highlighting what a couple of other Brentford fans thought about this hypothetical situation, and many thanks to the pair of them for their wise words.

Botzarelli posted the following:

These may be famous last words with Warburton currently sitting in Heathrow on his way to finalising a move to Porto but…

I think that there are few jobs out there in England which would tempt Mark Warburton.

Having made a long term plan to switch career it would make little sense to chase a big salary at a club that would ditch him as soon as results hit a sticky patch.

If money was a motivator he’d still be in the City and indulging his football passions by buying a non league club to tinker with at the weekend, like others buy classic cars.

Are there other clubs with both the forward momentum and support of their owner that would appeal to him?

Perhaps, though I struggle to name any higher up the leagues than us that would be a progression.

The risk is probably most from a foreign club, but I can’t see anyone begrudging a move to one of the giants of European football or, indeed, the fateful knock on the door coming until Mark Warburton has taken us at least near the promised land of the Premier League.

If he gets us there, perhaps it’ll be the Football Association that knocks.

And as an England fan, maybe that is the thing that would be best for everyone!

Andre also echoed his words:

My message to any Premier League club looking for a manager from the lower leagues is as follows:

Eddie Howe. He’s your man.

What’s that I hear you say?

Warburton at Brentford? Nah, forget him. Nothing to see there. Move along. Fifty-two years old. Never managed a club before, never even played professional football, and he’s just riding on the coat tails of Uwe Rosler as he inherited a really great squad.

Well, we all know different, but there is no harm in everyone else thinking that.

No, nothing for you here.

Howe is younger, prettier, has more managerial experience and also played over two hundred and fifty professional games.

He’s the one.

You’ll just have to leave us poor benighted Brentford fans to endure the Warburton regime.

Seriously though, I think Bournemouth fans should be more worried about the prospect of losing Eddie Howe.

As far as FEM (Future England Manager) is concerned, I think he’s also the more likely of the two.

And at only thirty-six, he’s got the time to garner the credentials for the job.

By the same token, and I may be naive, I can’t believe that Warburton sees Brentford merely as a stepping stone to greater things.

Obviously, he’s ambitious, but the ambition is not just about the money. Otherwise, he’d have stayed where he was as a trader.

He’s shown himself to be prepared to take three steps backwards by chucking it all in, accepting a 90% pay cut (so paying the bills obviously wasn’t a concern).

He’s now in an position where he’s got a supportive owner, managing a club with great hopes but limited expectations, a club with the potential for upward mobility, and furthermore, one in which he’s given a great deal of freedom.

That’s surely why he left his previous job, that’s why he schlepped around Europe, and spent years as a youth team coach.

I reckon he’s a happy bunny at the moment. Unless that situation changes, or unless he”s offered a similar freedom and situation elsewhere, I can’t see him moving.

Apart from control, he’s also got security at Brentford.

You can imagine his wife’s reaction when he told her he was dumping his job.

OK, we can still afford the Caribbean holidays, but we may have to turn right rather than left when we board the plane.

No, he’s here for a while.

sirrCan I urge you all to listen to these voices of reason and totally ignore what an idiot like me had to say on this matter!

It is a rare situation when a Brentford manager obtains, or is even touted for, bigger and better jobs.

In the dim and distant past, Jimmy Sirrel ran away screaming from his thankless multi-faceted role at Griffin Park for what turned out to be much greener pastures at Notts County, and after Frank Blunstone resigned, worn down by the lack of Boardroom support, he eventually became Assistant Manager at Manchester United.

blunMore recently Martin Allen seemed to tout himself around and put himself in the frame for any half-decent managerial vacancy that was going, and Andy Scott came within a hairsbreadth of being appointed to the much coveted job at Sheffield United before his stock suddenly plummeted.

And, as for Uwe Rosler, what on earth happened to him?

Answers on a postcard please.

We are in the fortunate and indeed, unparalleled  position of having what appears on the surface to be an ideal working relationship between our manager and the owner of the club.

This is a rare occurrence throughout the football world where conflict and clashes of ego are far more common.

They seem to share the same vision and work well together with a mutual understanding and respect.

In a sport where the life expectancy of a manager can often be measured in mere months, why would any sane individual (and Mark is far smarter than the average football manager) do anything to upset the apple cart when things are going so well and the immediate future is even brighter?

Of course someone could come in and try and make us an offer we could not refuse, but, as I said just the other day, I suspect that most chairmen or owners would not take a chance on someone like Mark whose background and approach would perhaps appear from the outside to be totally from left field.

He would probably be seen as far too much of a risk or unknown quantity and we should go down on our knees and give thanks for this situation and pray that it long continues.

We all know what a gem we currently have at the helm, and we can only hope that he will be with us long enough to finish the job that he has started so brilliantly.


4 thoughts on “Mark Warburton’s Future – What The Fans Think – 7/11/14

  1. I really hope regardless of where we finish this season assuming it’s above the relegation places that Warbs is with us for the long term. He’s a breath of fresh air, is honest and seems to call every game the way that we the fans see it.
    Long may he reign.


    • Hear hear, I feel so proud and happy that he is our manager. He is a total one off and although he has been exceptionally well supported by the Board and owner, his approach and achievements to date are unparalleled in recent times.


  2. Bentham and Warburton both have the long term vision for the club with the Development Academy side and the new stadium looming on the horizon. These two can achieve Premier League football at Brentford within the next 5 years I firmly believe. As you say Grev it would take an exceptional offer to entice him elsewhere. Let’s just quietly perform under the radar and let the likes of Eddie Howe take the acclaim for the time being.


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