How Others See Us – 29/11/14

We Brentford supporters all know exactly just how good our team is at the moment and, at the same time, really have no idea at all how much better it is going to get over the coming months and even years.

That is the beauty and excitement of the wonderful journey on which we currently find ourselves.

Nobody quite knows where our magical mystery tour is going to end – and we can but dream.

Slowly and surely the rest of the football world is catching up with us and finally grasping that there is something quite special, totally unexpected and unprecedented taking place under the radar at Griffin Park.

beagrAs we prepare to climb yet another mountain this afternoon and take on the challenge of Wolverhampton Wanderers at Griffin Park I thought that it might make us all feel a bit calmer to read what other people are saying about us at the moment.

Sky Sports Football League pundit Peter Beagrie was asked this week to explain our amazing start to the season and to come up with the secret for our success.

His comments should be nectar to our ears which will surely be burning with pride:

The secret of their success is continuity.

It’s a squad that has grown together over the last few years with a few quality additions showing the same desire and work ethic and creating the consistency required to do well in any division.

Mark Warburton has carried on the great work and structure Uwe Rosler put in place, maintaining the principles and professionalism the German demanded.

He was a brilliant choice and it was not a gamble to put the former stockmarket man in charge having worked closely on the recruitment side studying players’ character as well as their ability to maintain unity and harmony in the dressing room.

w2Plenty of pace and energy, and a mix of young and hungry players, with a couple of experienced heads, make Brentford a tough opponent for anybody, especially now mentally they all feel they belong among some of the more illustrious company in the Championship.

Bournemouth are their direct comparison in size and stature and showing what you can achieve when you build a team over a few seasons.

I fancied Brentford to do well and not only survive but possibly get a top-ten finish, and at the moment they are well ahead of schedule.

It’s refreshing to see a club and staff embrace the division above, playing without fear and being allowed by their manager to express themselves, long may it continue.

Just how good does it make you feel to read an impartial viewpoint like that from an experienced former player who knows precisely what he is talking about and has become a well regarded, knowledgable and thoughtful commentator on the game?

Steve Claridge – eat your heart out!

Wolves midfielder and former Brentford loanee George Saville played a key role in last season’s promotion team and has an in-depth knowledge of what makes us tick:

It’s no surprise at all to see them doing well – they’ve got a good manager, a great set of players and good individuals.

The owner there is very ambitious from talks he gave us last year and they’re on the up, so it’s a good place to be at the moment.

Wolves manager Kenny Jacket also had some good things to say about us:

Brentford are in a great position in the league, they have a new stadium coming and they’ve built well.

Maybe they’d say they were in League One a year or two longer than they’d have liked because they were close to getting up, but perhaps that allowed them to build and to grow.

They’ve just won four on the trot, which shows you that it can be done.

They’ve brought in a new front four and have options off the bench as well – maybe Judge is the only one still around playing out of their front four.

The options they have for that front four are good and they have kept it similar behind.

They’ve been settled and started very well and, looking at the Fulham game on Friday night on television, they looked a threat right the way through and looked like they can score goals.

It might be sensible for us to take some of his words with a pinch of salt as it is customary for a football manager to big up his opponents before he plays them as a possible face-saving exercise, but, reading between the lines, he obviously rates us and is worried about the threat we pose his team.

I next scanned some of the Wolverhampton Wanderers message boards and amongst the normal hyperbole, gibberish, ignorance and blinkered views I read the following comment from Young Wolf with great interest:

They are in a rich vein of form at the moment, and they do play some lovely football, but if we can sort ourselves out quickly (and I trust Kenny to do so) I think we do have a better midfield and are a better side.

That is what they call being damned with faint praise, as there was certainly a sting in the tail, but hopefully we can turn the tables on Wolves and ensure that it is payback time for the convincing defeat they inflicted upon us last season.

Greg Dyke, Chairman of the Football Association, can hardly be called impartial given that he is a long-suffering fan and a former Chairman of the club, but distance lends perspective and he recently had this to say about how the long suffering Brentford suppporters have finally and not before time changed their tune:

Yes, we are the absolute world champion club in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, something we have been doing since about 1947 when I was born.

If we were 3-0 up with five minutes to play, ask any Brentford fan if we would win the game and ninety-nine percent would still be uncertain.

Having said that we are playing some great football now, the best I’ve seen in years.

Is it an impossible dream? No, it isn’t, let’s see where it leads us.

When self-doubt strikes, as it undoubtedly will, simply cloak yourself in the comments you have just read above and believe!


4 thoughts on “How Others See Us – 29/11/14

  1. Brian MoriartyWonderful Article. 56 years in Feb For me but some of them were softened by a great camaraderie and pride regardless of how good or bad we were. I have friends in heaven who carried our colours and name with such pride. To us then Workington and Barrow etc were shrines. Its Changed now,we must never forget our history.


  2. Great my bees are starting to become queen bees lol as i said a couple of weeks ago greveille about that win away from home would be the starting point you can feel the mometum even here where i live in france thou the channel here BEIN SPORT still have not shown Brentford its always nottingham wolves or others.Here in france the championship is shown on the Saturday just hope we go on a cup run and this year we start in the third round yes funny our Brentford


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