Taking Stock – 2/12/14


2Brentford’s amazing run of success is finally and belatedly making people stand up and take notice of the remarkable happenings and sea change at Griffin Park.

It gives me so much pride and pleasure to read so many favourable and positive comments, which come as such a novelty after years of indifference, at best, and negativity at worst.

So just sit back and just let the following words wash over you.

Chris Dunlavy in the Football League Paper on Sunday took a good long look at recent events at the club and how the balance of power in West London is rapidly changing:

Last weekend’s victory over Fulham signalled a monumental change in the tide.

It isn’t even five years since Brentford were in the basement and their West London neighbours were playing in a European final.

A rivalry once bitter had become so rarely contested that that an entire generation  didn’t even understand its significance.

Only when Brentford put their illustrious neighbours to the sword did you truly recognise how far Warburton’s men have come.

While Fulham thrashed around in the Premier League, swapping managers like stickers in a desperate annual bid to stay up, Brentford were planning a decade ahead.

Now an academy is in place, a stream of players coming through, a new stadium on the way.

Like Bournemouth, they are a beacon of stability and intelligence in an industry too often dominated by short-term stupidity.

Charlie Scott in yesterday’s Daily Mail also eulogised about our progress:

Brentford are a side transformed from the one who rolled over when they last met Wolves.

They are now third in the table, just a point off Steve McLaren’s Derby side who are in first place.

Whisper it, but some fans are dreaming of higher ground.

In fact, Brentford’s stock has risen to such an extent that discussions have begun, particularly inside the four pubs on the corners of their old-fashioned ground, about where the club could play Premier League football should Griffin Park not meet top-flight regulations.

4It has been a monumental few weeks for London’s forgotten side.

At the Hurlingham Club on November 20th, six hundred guests, including England boss Roy Hodgson and FA chairman and long-suffering Brentford fan Greg Dyke, celebrated Brentford’s 125th anniversary.

In the club shop, meanwhile, fans can buy a beautifully crafted book to commemorate the milestone.

More than two hundred and fifty have been scanned through the tills in the first week of sale.

The club are thriving under the management of Warburton and the ownership of Matthew Benham.

With a new stadium on the way, a blossoming academy, and a team enjoying its best run of form since 1935, things are moving in the right direction.

Talk of a Premier League ground-share might turn out to be premature.

But one thing is for sure, Brentford are going places – sooner rather than later.

Please forgive me the self-indulgence of including the mention of the new 125th anniversary book, but I just couldn’t resist it!

I hope you understand.

It is not just the media who have been shouting from the rooftops about us.

Some of the usual suspects who comment on my blog from time to time have also made themselves heard over the past few days.

Andre was waxing lyrical:

fans1As you rightly say, dreamland…

You know those times when you’re having a good dream, and some part of your unconscious is saying ‘I know this is a dream, just don’t let it stop’.

This season, and particularly this month, has been an ever continuing dream.

The alarm clock hasn’t rung, your partner hasn’t shifted around, there have been no extraneous noises to wake you up.

And when I do eventually wake up, I’ll find that we really have won five games on the trot, and we are sat a point off the leaders.

But I want the dream to carry on.

So, stop all the clocks, prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone, silence the pianos and let us keep sleeping and dreaming.

Patrick Sutton confined himself to merely floating on air!

This morning I ventured out to get my usual three Sunday newspapers only when I got home for my wife to say to me ‘ I presume you have bought every tabloid just to read about Brentford’ and indeed without realising I found that I had bought six sunday papers.

Yesterday I arrived at Griffin Park and again spent the first five minutes looking around the old ground in awe at how many people had come to watch the game.

And then I witnessed ninety minutes of team work, determination, ability and flair, all produced by a team that seems to really care about its supporters. That may sound somewhat romantic as any one player could be gone next week, however November was always going to be a hard month and we have shown that not only are we capable of chasing the dizzy heights of playing football in the Premier League, but I sense that we have also proved in recent weeks that as a unit this team can still give one hundred percent in defeat as well as victory.

I feel at the moment that’s all I can say as it seems after each performance I seem to be finding it almost impossible to find the words about just how I feel.

Perhaps our feat of winning promotion last season has only just sunk in so I’m still playing catch up, but hey what a fantastic month and I hope come January we have had an equally fantastic December.

David Matthews also shared the somewhat confused and mixed feelings of shock, pride, excitement and disbelief experienced by so many supporters I have spoken to recently:

Goose bumps goose bumps, goose bumps!

As someone who has supported The Bees for forty-seven years, all this talk about us leaves me with huge goose bumps.

I am SO SO proud of what has been achieved here in such a relatively short space of time.

Long may it continue. 

News of our progress has even reached our former striker Richard Poole in France, and he is also tickled pink at what is taking place at his former club:

This is just great.

My Bees have turned into Queen Bees!

As I said just a couple of weeks ago, that brilliant win away from home against Nottingham Forest would be the starting point.

You can feel the momentum even here where I live in France, even though the sports channel here, beIN SPORTS has still not shown a Brentford match.

125th-anniversary-bookIt’s always Nottingham Forest, Wolves or other so-called big clubs.

Here in France the Championship is shown on the Saturday and I just hope we go on a cup run so I will get to watch a match.

And this year we start in the Third Round – I can’t wait!

Will the bubble burst or are there fresh heights for us to achieve, new challenges for us to face and ideally overcome?

Just keep watching this space.


One thought on “Taking Stock – 2/12/14

  1. Great stuff,like the comparison to Bournemouth and the humility. We must remain modest but enjoy what we do. My pride is the history because I like others have lived it and loved it. The Old Supporters club badge is still the best Brentford badge ever, the lapel version of a two finger salute even though being bottom half if the old fourth division. It meant to me pride that I was a real supporter, “I went football”.
    In the modern day this bunch of mortals who wear my colours are special hero’s.


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