Could Be Better But Not Bad! – 9/12/14

fa 3Well, OK, it wasn’t one of the really big boys but Brighton at home is by no means a terrible FA Cup draw.

Like most Bees fans, I am sure, I sat at home glazed with boredom waiting for all those fatuous interviews to end and thinking that I would scream if I saw Ronnie Radford’s thunderbolt yet one more time.

Eventually the interminable preliminaries were over and the draw commenced.

Ideally I wanted a Premiership team home or away as I would love to see us given the opportunity to pit our wits and skill against theirs.

Often recently when watching one of those faceless, boring clubs in the lower rump of the Premier League, you know exactly who I mean, an Aston Villa, a West Bromwich Albion, or a Sunderland perhaps, teams suffused with fear and negativity, with the sole aim and ambition of remaining in the league next season, I begin to daydream and wonder if we could match them.

I know it was only a friendly match, but we beat Crystal Palace in preseason and shocked them with the quality of our football.

Maybe we could repeat the dose if the chance arises later in the competition.

We would be starting with a massive advantage given our confidence, self-belief and attacking style. Mark Warburton would change nothing and send us out to take the game to the opposition and I honestly feel that we would have a massive chance of winning. 2

Sadly that opportunity was denied us last night but maybe our time will come later in the competition.

For once a tired cliche is correct as we simply have to be patient and take each game as it comes and beat whoever is put in front of us.

Remember, to get to Chelsea we first had to dispose of smaller fry like Boreham Wood, Bradford City and Southend United.

What about 2004/5 when we had four awful draws against Bristol City, Hinckley, Luton and Hartlepool before we finally drew the plum in Southampton?

I also would have taken one of the minnows, a Blyth Spartans or a Dover, perhaps, as it would have been great fun to have been in the media spotlight cast as the pantomime villain, as the whole nation geared up to support the underdog.

Such a match would also have helped ensure that we do not became in the slightest bit complacent after our recent run of success and I would have thought that we would have too much about us to become the victim of a giant killing, assuming we went into such a game with the correct attitude.

We have the recent example of the debacle earlier this season at Dagenham to remind us what happens if you take your eye off the ball against any opponents.

All that hopefully will be in the future, as long as we first dispose of Brighton.

I suppose it is a further indication of just how far we have come when a home draw against a decent Championship team was greeted with so little anticipation and a sense even of let down and disappointment.

In the cold light of day it is a more than reasonable draw.

Would any of you have preferred the likes of Doncaster, Rotherham or Cardiff away?

Yes, given the financial climate, the club might need to be clever and creative in its marketing in order to attract a near full house at Griffin Park but I am certainly looking forward to the match, and not simply as a stepping stone to the next round. fa

As we continue to learn to our cost, any match where we are not fully focused and on our game will result in our being punished as teams take ruthless advantage of our mistakes.

Perhaps we will take the opportunity to give a run out to some of the squad members frustrated by their lack of match practice?

It would be good to see the likes of Marcos Tebar, Sam Saunders, Nico Yennaris and, of course, James Tarkowski back in action and demonstrating exactly how strong and committed a squad we really have.

Brighton have under-performed so far this season and might well find the game a welcome distraction from the relegation fight that they surprisingly find themselves in.

Will they see this game as one in which they can play totally without fear and pressure, or will a team bereft of confidence gently subside to another defeat?

The answer to these questions, and more will be revealed, in early January, but I for one am looking forward to a match where we too can play without thinking about league points.

Who knows if we are going to be able to sustain our current level of form and results.

Perhaps we will continue to take the Championship by storm and sustain our challenge for the top six, or dare I even to whisper these words, automatic promotion.

Maybe we will fall away and end up in mid-table, a position that most of us would have gone down on bended knee and begged for at the start of the season.

Whatever happens, the league will take care of itself and the FA Cup provides us with another opportunity to showcase just how far we have come as a club.

Wouldn’t it be marvellous to progress to the Fourth Round and then get a massive televised tie against a Premier League giant where we could strut our stuff against the best, show off our prowess to the nation and allow Mark Warburton to test his wits against a household name?

Maybe it would be the turn of Andre Gray or Jota to thrill and enthral the viewers with their sublime skills?

The money would, of course, come in pretty useful too, but the FA Cup should still be about the glory, and perhaps some fairy dust still awaits the Bees.

But first we need to beat Brighton and I hope that all Brentford supporters will summon up the enthusiasm to be there on the day to shout us onto victory.

Who knows what could await us in the next round?


9 thoughts on “Could Be Better But Not Bad! – 9/12/14

  1. Its luck of the draw,mundane in this case. I found out by text as at work so missed all the drivel. Was a bit slow realising they actualy beneath us. Disappointed to be honest. Hope its not all ticket as just can’t handle all the tech stuff.


  2. The only saving grace about the draw in my mind was that we got a home tie. The likelihood is that MW will give the fringe players a chance, and look what happened against foolham in the league cup.

    We have come far enough to not totally dismiss the possibility of winning the cup (I never thought I would hear myself say that!) given favourable draws, and it would have been great to get a premier team at home, because we have been awesome at home this season, However, we have said that in reality this season is all about consolidation, building on what we have achieved and making sure we are still around for our new ground in 3 years time. So getting a p/l team had nothing to do with any money. Lets face it we only have a 12500 capacity for goodness sake, it was all about seeing how good we can be. That and having the chance to scare the life out of one of the big boys. 🙂 Ho hum, lets hope we progress and get a good draw, at home in the 4th round.


  3. Please let’s put into persepctive. There were 63 other teams in the draw, and only 20 were Premier league, so there was a 70% chance we’d get someone else.At least it’s at home.Personally, I;m not disappointed at alll.

    As libng as we don’t put out a team of juniors â la Derby last year, we have a better than even chance of progressing. So, patience. There’ll be plenty more opportunities of meeting Premier League oppositiion in the fourth and fifth rounds.

    As you’ve said many times before, this is no longer old Brentford. Ambitions are no longer just to make it to the third round in the hope of a a windfall payday. West Brom, Villa, Palace, Sunderland? Well, at least a couple of teams of that ilk will make it through to the fifth rouund. Why not measure ourselves up agaisnt them then? We should expect to get to the fourth round at least. The Football League does – there’s no league programme on that day.

    So unless we want a week’s holiday at the end of January, can we make sure we do the business against Brighton? Or at least try to?


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