Happy Birthday Warbs! – 11-12/14

Mark Warburton celebrated a year in charge at Griffin Park yesterday and what a record he has achieved with ninety-one points obtained from a mere forty-seven league games.

As readers to my blog will attest, I have written regularly in praise of Mark and his unique approach to management – and that is not an expression that I use without careful deliberation and research.

He does things in a totally different manner to the accepted norm and his players have responded with alacrity to his approach and his policy of empowerment and positive reinforcement.

Brentford are on a crest of a wave with the supporters finally beginning to believe that they are wide awake and not dreaming and that the club is on the verge of achieving great things.

In my blog I have concentrated on giving an outsider’s view on what is happening at Brentford.

Maybe I’m right in what I say, maybe I’m totally incorrect and way off the mark in my analysis or assertions.

As long as you find my writing enjoyable then, in the great scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter.

Rather than witter on any more today and repeat what I have written previously, I would simply like to recommend that you all read an insider’s view instead.

Tom Moore is an experienced and gifted journalist who was given the opportunity to interview Mark Warburton earlier this week and his questions have elicited detailed, open and honest replies.

It provides an intriguing insight into how Mark Warburton thinks.

I was fascinated by it and totally commend it to you.

It can be found at bit.ly/Warbs1Year


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