How Did We Lose That Game? – 1/2/15

I was sitting on the sofa last night trying to read a book but in reality I was still trying to understand how we could possibly have lost that match against Middlesbrough yesterday lunchtime. A match that we totally dominated, having the lion’s share of the possession, creating the better chances and yet somehow we came away with nothing.

All the key moments were revolving around my brain on a tape loop. The chances we missed, particularly early on when we had the best defence in the league seemingly on the ropes, but we didn’t put them away and ultimately paid a heavy price for our profligacy.

The way the ball always seemed to run Middlesbrough’s way at key times of the match, in particular when Stuart Dallas’s drive was pushed onto the post and with Andre Gray and Jota waiting eagerly for a simple tap in from the rebound, fate intervened and the ball came back, hit the goalkeeper and somehow diverted away from our players directly to a Middlesbrough defender.

Gray had earlier headed wastefully and haplessly wide when presented with a free header right in front of goal by Pritchard’s perfect delivery and it was Alex who laid the ball to Jota from a cleverly worked free kick and Konstantopoulos somehow pushed his shot over the bar when he really should have been given no chance. Tarkowski too had a flick from a corner blocked on the goal line and the ball again bounced Middlesbrough’s way.

Middlesbrough were forced to funnel back and simply try and absorb our pressure and they relied on a series of long balls into our half simply to create some breathing space and allow their overworked defenders some respite from our non-stop barrage.

Their negativity didn’t deserve the reward it received right on halftime when the fates laughed at Brentford again when Harlee Dean, under no pressure, unaccountably allowed a harmless long ball from the left back to drift over his head and the predatory Bamford was in for the kill and with Button caught back on his heels, expecting his defender to head the ball to safety, Bamford touched the ball first before collapsing under the keeper’s late challenge for an obvious penalty and a chance that Leadbitter was never going to spurn.

This, incredibly was Boro’s first attempt at goal and the Bees left the field at halftime trailing by a goal instead of holding the two goal advantage that their play and possession had fully merited.

Middlesborough improved after the break and played a perfect cat and mouse game, breaking quickly from defence as we pushed forward and left the inevitable gaps at the back. We were cut open by a beautiful passing move that led to Adomah letting us off the hook when left with an open goal. Adam Forshaw, the new pantomime villain, then came on to the inevitable mixed reception and his presence enabled the visitors to keep possession for longer spells and frustrate us.

Stuart Dallas really should have bought a four leafed clover on the way to the game as the Gods laughed at his immense efforts to score as he resembled nobody more than Sisyphus carrying his boulder up the hill before letting it drop at the final hurdle. On any other day he would have been celebrating a hat trick. After hitting the post before the break, he pealed away to the back post at a Jota corner and his twisting volley flew inches over, as did a twenty yarder that was hit like a shell. Right on time he had another perfectly hit volley blocked by former loanee Ryan Fredericks as it flew towards goal. It just wasn’t his day.

Jota too had a long ranger well saved and Tarkowski could only hit the side netting from a tight angle, and the final blow came in the dying moments of added time when Bidwell played a half cleared corner back into the danger area and for once the ball dropped our way and Jonathan Douglas hit a close range effort that was heroically blocked by the keeper.

How I hated that giant keeper Konstantopoulos when he, along with the towering Michael Nelson would so often prove an impassable barrier when playing against us for Hartlepool and now he came back to haunt us yet again with another match winning display.

I watched the entire match again this morning and can now reflect on things in a calmer and more dispassionate manner. We really should take a deep breath and simply appreciate and take pride and delight in that we took probably the best and most organised team in the Championship right to the wire and both could and should have beaten them. We certainly missed Alan Judge and his speed of thought and trickery who would have moved the ball around quicker than we did but even without him, we created more than enough chances to win two matches..

That we didn’t win is really down to ourselves as we contributed to our unjustified defeat by shooting ourselves in the foot. It is a football truism that you have to score when you are on top, and in all honesty we totally dominated the first half with almost seventy percent possession. The chances we created were better than decent and at least two of them should have been put away. That would have forced Middlesbrough to come out at us rather than play on the break and we then could have done what they tried to do with us and picked them off .

Middlesbrough were tough, compact and solid and gave nothing away, any goal scored against them would have to be earned and would not be donated. If you look at our comparative records, we have scored forty-four goals to Boro’s forty-three but we have conceded an incredible nineteen goals more than them.

I fully appreciate that we play an open brand of football with the fullbacks often high up the pitch with the defence left exposed and there can be a harsh price to pay for that approach. I also concede that to an extent we have to accept the good with the bad, but all too often we contribute to our own downfall with carelessly conceded goals that are simply down to basic, unforced errors, lack of concentration, taking the wrong option and overplaying in dangerous areas of the pitch.

It is hard enough to beat the top sides but it becomes almost impossible when you gift them a ridiculous and totally avoidable goal at a crucial period in the match. Just imagine the contrasting scenes in the two dressing rooms at halftime. We would have come off the pitch gutted at having not just dominated proceedings but wasting so many gilt edged chances and then conceding a daft goal, whereas Middlesbrough must have floated off the pitch hardly believing their good fortune.

Mark Warburton correctly repeats the same mantra week after week about taking care of the ball and being more clinical, and we must remember that we have a team packed with young players who are still learning at this exalted level but we are now coming into the business end of the season and we have to start learning these lessons pretty quickly if we are to maintain our bid to reach the playoffs.

I appreciate that I am perhaps giving into the sin of having raised expectations when I simply expected consolidation this season, but having spoken to several independent and impartial journalists over the past few days, they fully share my view that we are easily one of the best teams in this division and have a wonderful chance of promotion.

We have brought in a highly promising young midfielder in Lewis Macleod who is on his way back to full fitness as well as a young striker in Everton’s Chris Long to strengthen our bench and the management team have stated that they feel that they now have a strong enough squad to maintain our challenge and are unlikely to bring anybody else in before the end of the transfer window tomorrow night.

I was happy to go along with that decision, which is sensible, measured and pragmatic but now I am having second thoughts and I wonder if Mark Warburton and Frank McParland might be doing the same. I am not trying to hang Harlee Dean out to dry as he defends valiantly and has also learned to express himself, buy into our footballing philosophy and use the ball better, but is he going to be good enough to help us achieve the heights that we now seem to aspire towards?

That is the key question that needs a quick answer. In my view at this point in his development he isn’t, and if the right player was available then I feel that another high quality central defender is needed if we are to eradicate these costly errors at the back. I appreciate that such players do not grow on trees and might not be readily available at a price we can afford but I firmly believe that our central defence is not currently good enough to allow us to sustain our challenge and tighten up at the back to the extent that is necessary.

We have a similar problem up front where our plans were stymied by Hogan’s injury and whilst the gamble on Gray has paid off brilliantly, the management’s intention of relying on him to start every game with Long or Proschwitz on the bench to spell him late on is now looking less and less likely to achieve continued success. Young players get by on adrenalin but eventually run out of steam, lose confidence and need to be taken out of the firing line for a spell. Andre is snatching at his chances, a sure sign of waning self belief and whist his goals generally come in bursts he has now only scored once (and that a heavily deflected effort) in his last seven matches. He still runs the channels tirelessly and uses his strength well but is making poor decisions in front of goal and nothing is running for him. He missed horribly at Norwich early on, not helped by a bobble, and should have gobbled up the early headed chance yesterday. In the second half he sliced miles wide from directly in front of goal but was saved by the offside flag before again shrugging off his marker and roaring into the area before shooting weakly straight at the keeper when there were two colleagues in far better positions screaming for the ball in vain. He needs a rest and we need someone capable of starting a game, not just finishing one. Andre will come again but we need to protect him and I just wonder if yesterday will make our brains trust change their mind and try and bring in another option as Chris Long is promising but callow and inexperienced.

Again though, it is the law of supply and demand and is there a long term solution just sitting there waiting for us to pounce? I somehow doubt it but we are so close to the finished article and promotion is well within our grasp. The allure of the Premier League beckons.

Matthew Benham is a gambler but one who I am sure only puts his money down when it is as near to a sure thing as possible and I think it’s time for us to take an educated gamble, if players good enough to improve us can be identified and captured in time.

In case you all think that I am being irrational and need to manage my expectations, let me conclude by saying that I am well aware of how far we have come in so short a period. Here are the words of our former manager Martin Allen writing in August 2005, less than a decade ago, about his aspirations for our beloved club:

I think Gillingham is a typical role model for everyone at Brentford Football Club to aim for. They have had several good seasons up at the Championship level and in that time they have managed to build themselves a good stadium and increase their supporter fanbase. It is clubs like Gillingham that we must aim to emulate.

Just take a moment to reflect upon those words a few short years on and look at where the two respective clubs are now in the football pyramid. We have come so far in so short a time frame, we were in the bottom division when Middlesbrough were last flying high in the Premier League, and yet we could and should have beaten them yesterday.

We are so, so close to being the finished article and I just hope that something can be done by tomorrow night to help us climb yet another rung up the ladder.


7 thoughts on “How Did We Lose That Game? – 1/2/15

  1. It was a good game. Middleborough were for the most part well contained by us. And we no longer look like we are afraid of teams like them. But . . . and there is a but how many more excuses can we make for unforced errors. For all his strengths Harlee has to start taking note, it happens too many times. I stand behind the goal, and several times Tarkowski plays a back pass without looking up. Dangerous stuff indeed. What did raise my blood pressure was how the ref allowed Middleborough to get away with so much time wasting. It started 10 minutes into the second half. And 5 mins extra, more like 10 mins. Still we are very much in contention, and as I said before I would have been happy with just staying up. On that basis, anything more has to be a bonus.


  2. A very honest read greville and although painful to read you’re words on harlee Dean as he has been loyal and patient to the bees cause I do agree with you. I think we have all identified the issues that must be addressed by the management and I would start with long against Leeds it can do two things (1) pump the lad up to want to start the next game (2) pump up Andre to start the next game and in all fairness if we think where Andre has come from and how much he has achieved im sure the guy could use a rest . I believe alan mc’cormack is playing for the development squad tomorrow and that brings a smile to my face as he in my opinion is also what has been missing not just his football ability but his ability to get his team mates worked up, his sheer presence on the pitch is sorely missed. so when you think we have the two alans to come back which will then free moses to push forward more I feel that we should be strong enough to continue of drive towards the play offs or better. We opened up the meanest defence yesterday with speed, skill and faith a feat other teams have had difficulty doing but again the ball never hit the back of the net. As much as I am against any owner getting to involved with squad decisions I think it may now be a good time for Matthew benham just to have a strong word with Mr Warburton.


  3. Well greville my opinion and it is only mine i felt it was a correct result .Yes we could have won or at least draw the game but this is the first time i have seen my brentford play since i left england all thou years ago..To be totally honest after hearing so much how good we play etc and Iam just like you all 100% Brentford there was for me too many flaws in our play EXample we have not got a real goalscorer in the side but that does not matter if a least we can get enough men, into the box when attacking which we did not.When i have the time i will send you my thoughts on this game which i have watched 5 times.Iam no expert as well on live Tv its not the same as beaning there as well one thing i find funny that in one cornor of the ground ther is a big sign saying COME ON YOU REDS at my time it was Bees in place of Reds this must be a new thing at least for me LoL


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