International Break – 5/3/15

Given that we are now in the Championship, I thought that I would simply follow the example of the team and go off on my own international break.

I will be away for just over a week, missing the trip to Ipswich and returning home just in time for the Cardiff match.

Isn’t it it an amazing stroke of good fortune that my holiday dates do not clash with a Brentford home game – I wonder how that happened as I, of course, had nothing to do with making all the arrangements necessary to bring this trip to fruition?

I have a big birthday coming up later this month and my long-suffering wife decided to whisk me away for a week to an unknown destination. She did an incredible job of covering her tracks and I had no idea where we were going until we actually stepped onto the airplane.

Anyway I am now far away and relying on a dodgy and intermittent Wifi signal in order to remain in touch with news from home.

I have managed to hear the amazing scores from Elland Road and Carrow Road respectively and later on I will be toasting our newfound friends at Leeds and Wigan for services rendered.

I remember being in Thailand last February and waking up to similar good news when a Simon Moore inspired Bristol City team managed to win at Brisbane Road and enabled us to sneak ahead of Leyton Orient as their promotion challenge began to unravel.

We are now on a rollercoaster and our emotions will continue to veer from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows as every result counts as we now enter the business end of the season.

I thought that our chances of promotion had pretty much gone as I emerged sullen and ashen faced from The Valley and I was also distinctly unhappy on the drive home from Birmingham, but three convincing home wins have kept us in the game and we remain in control of our own destiny.

Results are really all that matter now but it was particularly pleasing that we have also put on three excellent and pulsating performances in a row at Griffin Park which have reinvigorated the fans as well as significantly improved our goal difference.

Last night clearly demonstrated that the form book means nothing and we simply need to follow the hoary old chestnut, “Who Dares Wins!”

Our style of play is totally based on being brave, patient and positive and we just have to remain true to our principles. If we do so and do not allow ourselves, both on and off the pitch, to get caught up in the emotion of the situation then I am certain we will prevail.

Can we do it? Of course we can! Our defence is now more settled, pacy and cohesive, our midfield threatens goals from every quarter and Chris Long has emerged from the shadows and clearly demonstrated his promise as a potent and vibrant goal scorer who can provide us with an injection of talent and fresh enthusiasm just when we need it, at a time when minds and bodies can otherwise become paralysed with tension and fear.

We need Alan Judge to regain full fitness, and ideally see Lewis Macleod restored to good health and pushing for a place on the bench, but our squad is strong and probably the fittest in the entire league. Given some luck with injuries, the bounce of the ball and the idiosyncratic whims of megalomaniac referees I quite honestly feel that our fate is totally in our own hands.

That is my own measured opinion and is as objective as I can make it. The difference between success and failure can be a hairsbreadth. Derby and now Norwich have had their seemingly serene and unstoppable progress towards the Premier League jeopardised by unforeseen injuries to key strikers and fate is sure to play its part in what will ultimately be decided over the last few weeks of what has already proved to be an unforgettable season.

I shall, of course, miss Saturday’s titanic clash against Ipswich. Let’s just hope that it is payback time and we do not repeat the defensive suicide we committed on Boxing Day.

I will be waiting on tenterhooks for the news from Portman Road, but whatever happens on Saturday, I am certain that there will be several ladders to climb and snakes to slither down before our fate is decided.


3 thoughts on “International Break – 5/3/15

  1. What are you thinking of? Big birthday coming up (I’m guessing 60th), the missus arranges a surprise trip, and here you are still blogging?

    Go off and enjoy yourself and leave us alone for a while. Really enjoy reading your blogs, but sometimes other things take priiority. I’m sure the missis hasn’t whisked you away to foreign parts for you to be hunting out wi-fi connections/

    Incidentally, not that clever on the hinting front since there’s a clear window open for hols from 22nd March to 2nd April.


  2. My holiday doesn’t clash with a home game either, but if we get to Wembley in the play off final I’m stuffed!

    Enjoy your Pina Colada!


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