The Lowlights Of The Season – 21/5/15

I had a lot of fun just the other day recalling all the highlights of the season and it really wasn’t a difficult exercise. Once I started writing it proved almost impossible to stop and it was more a case of what to leave out rather than what to include.

Now the boot is on the other foot as I go to the other extreme and note down the low points – all the things that saddened, angered, confused and upset me over the course of ten past ten months or so. Given how exceptional last season was, I really do not want to nitpick so I very much hope and expect that this list will be a darn sight shorter than the previous one, but here goes and please feel free to add your own suggestions too:

  • Transferring Farid El Alagui to Hibernian without our having the chance to say goodbye to an excellent pro and a really lovely guy who was prevented by a serious injury from showing us just how good he was
  • Clayton Donaldson coming to the conclusion that the streets of Birmingham were paved with gold. I still wonder just how well he would have done for us last season in our new system.
  • Promising local product Montell Moore falling foul of the law and being sent abroad for his own good
  • Adam Forshaw deciding that money talked and helping to engineer his move to Wigan
  • The Bees Player hiatus and the eventual loss – hopefully not permanent – of the irreplaceable Luis Melville
  • Putting a brave face on it and trying not to show how disappointed I was when I heard that we had signed misfit Nick Proschwitz
  • Seeing Nick Proschwitz play and realising that he was even worse than I had imagined
  • Our non-existent defending at Dagenham – a total embarrassment
  • Not getting the result we deserved at AFC Bournemouth
  • Mad Madley and his eccentric refereeing performance against Birmingham City
  • Clayton Donaldson wearing the blue of Birmingham at Griffin Park
  • Losing a tepid Capital One Cup match to Fulham
  • Scott Hogan’s appalling injury at Rotherham, when he collapsed with nobody near him
  • The initial excitement when we signed Betinho turning into complete bemusement when he totally disappeared from sight
  • Tarky’s misplaced pass against Norwich which led to their opening goal against the run of play
  • The non-penalty against Norwich when Pritchard was flagrantly clattered in the area
  • Getting “Middlesbroughed” – Part One
  • Being told how clinical James Tarkowski was from the spot and then watching him put his penalty against Leeds into orbit
  • Marcos Tebar becoming the invisible man
  • Graham Salisbury’s appalling slow motion penalty award against us at Watford
  • Getting patronised by all the Watford fans sitting around me as we totally outplayed them, but lost
  • Suffering through an interminable five hour journey to Bolton and then having to watch us subside to a tepid defeat
  • Alan McCormack’s long-term injury at Bolton
  • David Button getting caught upfield in Bolton’s penalty area as they scored their third goal from our corner kick
  • Mathew Buonassisi disallowing yet another Brentford goal against Sheffield Wednesday
  • Watching us standing around admiring Derby County in the first half without suspecting what was to follow after the break
  • The journey home from hell from Nottingham with multiple M1 junction closures
  • Harlee Dean’s faux pas against Fulham
  • Somehow losing at Huddersfield after dominating, and Jake Bidwell’s classy own goal
  • Gestede equalising for Blackburn right on half time after a cruel deflection by Harlee Dean
  • The second half at Cardiff – seemingly the longest forty-five minutes in history
  • Self-destructing against Ipswich Town
  • The early and crucial offside goal at Wolves
  • Jake Bidwell not claiming our goal at Wolves after his cross was deflected in
  • Andre Gray missing from point blank range in injury time at Wolves
  • Uwe Rosler getting fired at Wigan
  • Andre Gray’s horror show against Brighton in the FA Cup
  • Alan Judge missing six weeks through injury
  • Jon Toral getting the ball stuck comically between his feet at Brighton after going round the keeper
  • Andre Gray’s shank in the first minute at Norwich
  • Getting “Middlesbroughed” – Part Two
  • Suspecting that it was, in fact, Patrick Bamford who called out for Harlee Dean to leave it
  • Not strengthening the squad in January when we were still in contention for the top two and our needs were obvious
  • Timesgate and how it became open season on us in the national media, a factor that threatened to blow our season apart
  • The schism between Matthew Benham and Mark Warburton
  • The appallingly drafted initial press release from the club – Football is a Village
  • Keith Stroud – just who we needed to referee the Watford match
  • Losing so cruelly in the last minute to Watford
  • The terrible non-performance at Charlton
  • Playing Stuart Dallas at left back at Birmingham
  • Clayton Donaldson leading us a merry dance at Birmingham
  • Liam Moore at Ipswich Town
  • Throwing the Cardiff City home match away through two appalling unforced defensive errors
  • Kenwyn Jones’s great save in the last minute going undetected by the referee
  • Two more soft and avoidable goals conceded at Blackburn
  • Allowing Millwall to totally outplay us
  • The joke penalty awarded against us at Fulham
  • Yet more soft goals given away against Nottingham Forest
  • Throwing away two points after our best performance of the season at Derby and feeling sick for the rest of the weekend
  • The lethal combination of missing gilt-edged chances at Sheffield Wednesday before handing them the winner on a plate
  • The Dancing Bears – Button, Diagouraga and Tarkowski’s combined horror show from that goal kick against Bolton Wanderers
  • Thinking that we had blown the playoffs
  • The Chris Long saga
  • Scott Hogan suffering a further serious injury in training
  • Getting “Middlesbroughed” – Parts Three and Four
  • Watching us squander yet another corner or free kick
  • Not getting enough players in the opposition penalty area
  • Cringing at some of the unnecessary risks taken in our defensive zone
  • Saying goodbye to Mark Warburton and David Weir
  • Realising that the season was finally over

6 thoughts on “The Lowlights Of The Season – 21/5/15

  1. Although I can’t personally vouch for all of those moments, as an exiled Bee I’ve been able to enjoy (or suffer) most of those moments thanks to Mark Burriidge et al on Bees Player, the excellent highlights packages, the occasional live feeds (when you can finally get rid of all the adverts…), your blog, and of course your help in being able to live some of the moments in vivo.

    Nevertheless, I’ve put your lowlights into the balance along with your highlights. According to my scales, the highlights overwhelmingly dominate.

    On a personal note, my one regret (not a lowlight) was not daring to go up to Mark and thank him when I was sat just a few feet away from him (well, he seemed to be busy…). For many of us ex-pats, the Bees Player commentary has meant so much to us.

    And yes, I too miss Luis Melville.


  2. One major lowlight for me and that’s the shabby mess surrounding the manager’s position, a self inflicted disaster that came out of nowhere in Feb. Splitting bees fans and allowing certain parts of the media to smugly enjoy watching BFC fail to follow the golden rule as to what you do when in a hole.


  3. hi greville my lowlight some are what you have said but for me seeing usthrow aways so many points when which it seemed we were the best team on the field and not having that killer touch and go for the throat at some teams who on paper were supposed to be better than us and these last days i looked deeper into andy grey well in the end for one so young he done a great job and handle right he got everything to go straight to the top i hope with us


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