BFC Talk – The Book – 1/6/15

Cover mock-up

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update regarding my BFC Talk blog. I have kept it going since the middle of June last year and inflicted over 220 articles and the best part of 300,000 words on you all!

I have been planning a book for the last few months and have been really fortunate to find a sympathetic publisher in Bennion Kearny who liked the idea and agreed to bring it to fruition later this summer.

I’ve spent the last week or so finishing up the book, which contains edited versions of the best of my blogs, as well as writing a final long article which summarises the season overall, explains our success and how things could have gone even better, and also suggests how next season might well go given the changes that have just been announced at the club.

For those of you who, quite reasonably, are fed up with me, there will also be three new fantastic guest articles which will be featured in the book as well as several other previously unpublished pieces.

Richard Lee has written a detailed player’s perspective on the season as well as providing his impressions of both Matthew Benham and Mark Warburton and how they worked together. His article is really interesting, incisive and thought provoking and he provides an authentic insider’s view on an incredible year.

The Maestro, Billy Reeves has written a generous and justified appreciation of Mark Warburton given his experience of working with him over the past couple of years and Jim Levack has also paid fitting tribute to retiring colossus Kevin O’Connor.

We have also just come up with the title Ahead of the Game which hopefully sums up where we are in our journey towards the Premier League.

Mark Fuller has also kindly allowed us to cherry pick some of his best images from the last nine months or so and his brilliant photographs are interspersed throughout what will be a meaty four hundred page book.

Ahead of the Game will be available both as a paperback and Ebook later on this month and I will provide you with more information as and when it becomes available regarding how you can get hold of a copy (hopefully from the Club Shop or via Amazon) and how much it will cost.

I will also be making a contribution to Brentford FC out of any royalty payments that I receive.

In the meantime, here is how the front cover will look. I hope you like it.

As for me, I now intend to take a short break from writing.

Candidly, I’m not sure as we speak whether or not to continue with the blog next season and would welcome your views.

I have really enjoyed writing it but it has all become a bit overwhelming given the length of some of my articles and the need to keep things up to date and contemporary and I don’t want to run out of things to say.

Anyway, that is all for the future. As for now I simply want to thank everyone who has read any of my stuff, I hope that you have enjoyed it and maybe some of you are gluttons for punishment and even want some more!

I also hope that you will decide to buy the book when it comes out as it will hopefully provide you and every other Brentford supporter (Christmas present perhaps?) with some suitable and entertaining and maybe even thought provoking memories of what turned into a quite remarkable and unforgettable season and how we indeed became Ahead of the Game.

Thank you again.

Best Wishes,



36 thoughts on “BFC Talk – The Book – 1/6/15

  1. Great news Grev. The book will be a must, i am very pleased you will be bringing it out in paper form as well as digitally as will be another super addition to my Bees bookshelf at home. After purchasing i will be badgering you to sign the inside cover for sure. Have really enjoyed the articles all season. Your loyalty and love for the club shines through every read and you have an exceptionally entertaining style of prose also. Your blogs are meticulously and dilligently researched factually and i know from my own experiences that such homework put in, though a labour of love when it comes to the bees, is very time consuming. However i hope you will continue to blog again next season, as i and many many other fans have really enjoyed reading them. I look forward greatly to the release of the book. Thanks and well done Grev. Enjoy your summer mate. See ya for the friendlies.


  2. Greville

    Thanks for the blog, which I and others look forward to. If you find it cathartic then I would suggest it as a great way to let of steam and/or joy. However don’t let it become a chore. Little and often, less is more, drip feed your readership in future.


  3. I have really enjoyed the blog.

    I always make a nice cuppa when I see the bfctalk pop in the inbox as I look forward to savouring your latest analysis.

    I particularly have enjoyed the thoughtful post match articles, even when results have gone wrong you have provided a balanced view, which many fail to master on the various message boards.

    It would be sad if we did not have your thoughts on the new arrangements and how they develop, I am sure it will be quite some journey. However as others have mentioned the commitment it is high for such a blog.

    Many thanks for the blog to date.


  4. Good luck with the book. I always read your thoughtful blogs and would miss them if they ceased. But I agree with the comment that they should not become a chore, so maybe a weekly effort would be a less onerous approach. Whatever you decide, thanks for this season’s efforts.


  5. Late to discover the blog but always enjoy it, very well written and generous in that others comments are published free to air, and you always seem open to various shades of opinion. I’m sure last season will have drained you, it drained us all. Clearly you love BFC very much, it shows and we all relate.

    At the moment the official institution that is BFC seems more distant than it has for a while, I’m coming to terms with it and know that we have a proper bees fan at the helm, but I can’t pretend that the changes are easy for me. Talking / even disagreeing with other fans really helps, it’s our life.

    Keep going if you enjoy it, maybe publish weekly instead and allow for more comments – we don’t have many forums unlike other clubs. BFC always provide plenty of material and I supsect for better or worse next season will be the same.

    Good luck with the book, stick a picture of the beautiful castle badge on it somewhere for me, we need a campaign to revive it.


    • Thanks for your really kind words. I have tried to be evenhanded whenever possible. I will take your advice to heart and decide what to do when I have had a bit of a rest. Hope you like the book when it comes out.


  6. 747 other followers, I was about 680, so not the last but not far off it.

    Please keep going and hopefully earn something for yourself from the book for your troubles.

    I read your articles avidly, they are very well written and immensely enjoyable to read. Most importantly they are very insightful; for average supporters like me without the inside contacts I learn something new from every article. I was a great fan of Mark W but I also felt at times that he could have done with a miniature you on his shoulder when making certain decisions.

    I wish Marinus all the best in his new role but 15th position out of 18 in the Eredivisie does not fill me with any confidence that we will improve on this fabulous season. I need another article for a modicum of solace.

    Thank you for all your efforts this season, I will certainly be buying the book.


    • Thanks John, you cannot imagine how great it makes me feel to receive comments like yours. I am so pleased you enjoy the articles and I hope you enjoy th book when it comes out. As for next season – it will be far tougher as we are not “Little Old Brentford” any more and our rivals will be far better prepared. But I think we will also make some positive changes and upgrades too and I am pretty confident that we will do well.


  7. i am also late in joining but have much enjoyed the articles you have written very much,especially your painfull playoff experiences.thanks again.


  8. Congrats on the book – looks great.

    I think you’ll regret it yourself if you don’t do a blog next season. Especially if the team surpasses this year’s achievements. As others have said, maybe you just don’t have to do so many (not a criticism, just thinking of your own sanity… and possibly marriage!).

    Well done though. Bees fans are lucky to have you, Nick and Beesotted.


  9. I too will miss your writings should you decide to stop and I’ve greatly enjoyed your observations this past season, but you must not let it become a chore.
    I agree with someone earlier who suggested that maybe shorter pieces would be the way forward.
    Good luck with the book.


  10. Greville 🙂 I shall miss the blog very much indeed as your analysis was always spot on and fair. I will definitely be buying the book on its release in fact I will be buying two copies as I know my son will want to also read what you print and it will also prevent arguments over who’s reading it first. I wish you luck and hope we do in the future see more blogs from you.


    • Patrick, it has been an honour and privilege to have you as a part of the blog over the past season. I suspect that I will continue next season but just need a break for a little while to regird my loins etc!


  11. Hi Greville,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the blogs and it is good for me as I am over 12,000 miles away from it all now and your blogs allow me to imagine being there, I shall be buying one once they are available and hopefully you can find the energy to do it all again next season although I do appreciate that it takes a lot of time and effort. Enjoy the close season, re-charge the batteries and hopefully the bees can go one step further next season.


  12. Hi Greville

    I have enjoyed your blogs all season as they are written with the passion of a true fan. Your writing style is both entertaining and well informed.

    I will be ordering a copy.

    Phil Flash


  13. As another comment, whilst BFC is on an upswing which in general terms we all feel good about, there really is a need for scrutiny and at times critical analysis. What kind of BFC do we want and how can we engage with the owner and those that run the club, what is Brentford, is it just the football team and its results, or is it bigger than that?

    Nick writes a great blog too, and the Beesotted stuff is decent, but I’d really love to see something a bit more edgy, something that challenges opinion (yes even mine) and helps to make us stronger and inclusive.

    I’m too emotive and don’t write as well as you, but why not be that guy? You have all the skills needed & the volume of readers to take this on.

    I’m glad you’ve jumped on the “little old Brentford” thing btw, and I say it again, we have never been little old Brentford. A lot of this is inferiority from within, we are a mid sized club on the up, BFC has the dormant support and potential to be bigger than most of of its own fans realise.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good suggestion. I have tried to be fair and objective and have criticised where I felt it justified.

      Maybe not enough in your opinion?

      I have written a detailed summary of the season which will be in the book which points out quite clearly where I believe costly mistakes were made.

      Every reader also has the right of reply and I am always happy to publish views that are in disagreement with mine as long as they are not abusive or libellous.


      • Wasn’t a criticism at all, far from it and hope you didn’t see it that way. I suppose my meaning is that as things are really changing at BFC there could be a bit more debate and objectivity on wider aspects of the decisions taken, not just for their own sake or to be obstinate by the way. The theme of the blog this time was very much about the footballI, certainly the case until Feb when you were thrown a swerve ball and handled events superbly. The football and results are of course critical but not everything. As we run down towards LR there is so much to record and discuss about BFC and its future, hopefully a bright one.


  14. I agree with you totally and there will be a need to comment on off field matters as we develop and grow. This will certainly be on my agenda and I would also encourage other fans – such as yourself, to put forward their point of view and write articles for the blog. I look forward to your first offering!


  15. I genuinely hope you continue next season although it’s an entirely selfish wish as seeing a bfc talk alert in my inbox is always a great delight. Your articles and comments are incisive and knowledgeable and a great pleasure to read. Two books on order as soon as they become available, to provide a bridge until next season. And if you’re still undecided after this avalanche of praise from some of your readers, just think how your keyboard fingers will twitch just prior to next season’s match v QPR!


      • well greville great news about the book i do hope you carry on with the blog thou i know its a lot of work. This year through your blog i have rediscovered my bees which as you know are very close to my heart as well i found out things abour me from when i was a player from the fans on here which touched me so much .So what ever your choice about the blog i thank you and the fans who have so enriched this last year for me and iam sure so many others


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