Having A Break – 5/6/15

Final Cover 020615Thanks to everyone who responded to my last article. I was quite overwhelmed by some of the comments that you left. To my surprise, but I suppose, delight too, pretty much everybody wanted me to continue writing the blog next season, although perhaps not so often.

When I started, all bright eyed and bushy tailed in the middle of June last year I set myself the task of writing something different and original every day. Fool that I was! I soon learned that that was a ridiculously optimistic target particularly given the length of some of the articles I wrote and the time it took to compose them. I ended up writing about four times each week and the final count was 224 articles and the best part of 300,000 words.

Funnily enough, whilst I am sure that there was quite a lot of repetition as the same subjects and topics came up from time to time, it was rare that I sat down at the computer and struggled to find something to write about. And that really takes me back to where I started, as next season seems certain to be even more exciting and incident packed than the one that has just finished and I therefore think that I will almost certainly keep the blog going but perhaps cut down its frequency.

I would also like to suggest that some of you help me out by writing your own contributions about what is going on at the club and if you send them to me via grevillewaterman@gmail.com I would be happy to publish them. Similarly if you feel that you have a particularly interesting story to tell about your own involvement and association with Brentford FC then I can arrange either an interview or a Q&A session.

In other words I would like to make the blog more interactive and incorporate the views of as many of you as possible as we do have something in common, after all, being committed supporters of the Bees. That does not mean, though, that we cannot query, question and criticise where necessary and appropriate. Hopefully this blog has not been a hagiography and I think that I have bared my teeth when it was called for but it must be said that there is so much happening at the club that is truly incredible and ground breaking.

I am going to take a break for a couple of weeks or so, maybe even until the beginning of July, as I want to get my breath back after the exertions of the pastyear and also concentrate on the launch of my new book Ahead of the Game which should be publsished later on this month.

I had to write a few extra articles for the book last week which have not appeared on the blog as well as induce the likes of guest stars Richard Lee, Billy Reeves and Jim Levack to step up to the plate. This they have certainly done and their contributions are quite brilliant, witty, analytical, fervently written and totally on-point.

Cliff Crown has also provided an excellent Foreword and I have also been fortunate enough to receive a quote from Matthew Benham endorsing the book too. The final page count is 406 and there are also some fantastic photographs kindly provided by Mark Fuller.

Given its size, the RRP is £15.99 and I hope that you will all feel that it provides value for money. I will be showing a copy to the Club Shop Manager as soon as it comes off the printing press in ten days or so, and I very much hope that they will decide to stock it. Please feel free to ask them for it!

It will also be available on Amazon and I will provide you with full details as soon as I have them. I have included the final proof of the book cover at the beginning of this article and I really hope that some of you will want to buy it when it comes out. I will be back in touch shortly and in the meantime, please feel free to send through any comments or articles that you would like me to publish.

Many thanks.

Greville Waterman


8 thoughts on “Having A Break – 5/6/15

  1. well greville i just seen something i thought would never happen .As you know i used to play for SC Toulon in the second divison who sadly play now at a very low level but at toulon there is another cluv racing of toulon who have no senoir team but i very well known for organisation the international football tournament for the under 20 which even existed when i came to toulon so how happy to see in the england team a Brentford player Odubajo, who in my eyes had a good match. Just shows how my bees are changing with other players being in different international teams and all ages.Have a good break


  2. Enjoy the rest, pretty quiet around BFC for the moment but we know it won’t last for long.

    For the moment fending off interest in our players seems to be the 1st objective, whilst we wait for the enigma machine to throw out few names for us to try to sign.

    Recharge quickly, you’ll be needed soon.


  3. Get yourself a well deserved break and again thanks for all your input and fantastic reading, it’s been a pleasure to read all your blogs…..ENJOY😆


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