We Know He Is Good! – 31/7/15

It certainly came as no surprise to me and every other Brentford supporter to learn from our new friends up at Glasgow Rangers that the partnership of Mark Warburton and David Weir has already made a massive impression in the first few weeks of their reign and that they have started to both revitalise and restore pride to what was a faltering club. The real surprise would have been if Rangers fans felt anything other than delight and renewed confidence at their appointment and how they have begun to tackle the massive task that awaits them.

It is surely the ideal appointment given that Weir is steeped in the history and tradition of the club, and, it must also be said, the recent chaos that has ensued there, and Warburton is simply an excellent all round manager, or as I have described him before a Renaissance Man who is a wonderful motivator, communicator and man manager as well as an excellent and positive coach who also has an excellent eye for unearthing and then placing his faith in young, vibrant talent.

If they are given the necessary support then I really cannot see them failing in their task and I look forward to Rangers returning in triumph to the top flight of Scottish football at the end of the season.

Several other Brentford fans shared my pleasure in hearing yesterday’s positive update. Patrick Sutton commented succinctly:

Well that’s a mighty fine assessment of Mark’s start at Rangers and I wish him all the best. It would be fantastic if he succeeds north of the border as well as he did in the south, if only to prove he is no fly by night merchant but indeed a good young manager who is not only able to create a positive attitude but to also get results.

Alan Bird looked at his broader management skills:

The assessment of the excellent start that Mark Warburton seems to have made at Rangers suggests to me that if he ever left football he’d make an excellent CEO somewhere.

He seems to have the knack of making people happy in their roles and positions and they seem to want to work for him and do a good job. I really liked  and was impressed that he asked the players to write their own Code of Conduct………any future issues and he can say ‘They’re your own rules not mine’.

I wonder if that is something that he wishes he’d tried to do at Brentford.

RebelBee was also impressed:

Thank you for reaching out to the Rangers supporter who has written an excellent piece on Mark Warburton’s early days in the hot seat up there. I watched the highlights of their six-two win at Hibs and it was vintage Warburton – you get two goals we’ll just keep coming at you and get six, even the odd not so good bit had his DNA all over it. He will do brilliantly up there, and given time and support will totally revive Rangers – I’m sure of it.

Also thank you for avoiding the temptation felt by some Bees fans, to move on so quickly from the Warbs era that his incredible achievement is now overlooked or at worst devalued. This type of piece doesn’t in any way undermine the new team at the helm, but serves to remind us of the talent and ongoing progress of our finest post war manager.

Matthew Benham and Mark Warburton working in partnership provided my best memories as a lifelong supporter of our great club, I will never forget Warbs and his legacy –  and it was also nice to see the interesting comments from Alan Bird who would know more than most.

Matthew Benham continues to back the club to an incredible level, and we have a new coach in Marinus who I’m warming to day by day. Who knows where we’ll end up, maybe the best is ahead, but for now I’ll look back on the Benham/Warburton period at Brentford as the best ever.

Good luck to the Gers too.

Former Brentford striker Richard Poole also had some astute comments to make:

Well Greville your recent words about Warburton going far away and not coming back to haunt us ring true with me! I have a strong feeling that we have not heard the last of somebody who I am quite certain will be an excellent manager at whatever club he works at. What he achieved in so short a period at Brentford clearly reminds me of what Frank Blunstone started to do in my time at the club, but as we all know he was not given the time even with the pitifully small resources he had to play with.

I await fresh news and updates from Glasgow with relish and anticipation. Mark Warburton is a young manager in terms of his experience in the position and he is still learning and developing new skills. He appears to be one of those rare multitalented individuals who can turn his hand and use his common sense to adapt to most new situations and opportunities.

I am glad that the Brentford blueprint and framework seems to be working for him there too and like my fellow Brentford fans I can see nothing less than continued success for him wherever he goes.


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