Nothing To Say – 30/8/15

As Thumper’s Law so memorably states – If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all, so here is my verdict on Brentford’s performance yesterday against Reading…….


11 thoughts on “Nothing To Say – 30/8/15

  1. Very disappointing. my expectations have been adjusted to staying up. Terrible ref. Ugly opponents. Vibe looks like he might be useful. Clarke may develop into something useful. Button outstanding. Pitch gave a good account of itself.


  2. Totally inept from all involved perhaps bar Burtton, a game with no redeeming features at all. Good to see all the new coaches are working their magic! Maybe the sleep coach is doing his thing – most of the players and crowd seemed to be having a nap in a shambolic 1st half where we could have been 4 down. As poor a midfield 4 as I’ve seen since the days of Butcher, exactly what happens when good players leave, to be replaced by inadequate cover from lower levels across Europe. Huge questions over the competency of MD with his big decisions all going badly wrong on him.

    We have huge problems – time to face facts.


  3. Marinus has to work with what he is given and on yesterday’s show that will not be enough. The game reminded me of a l2 performance when mk dons beat us 3-0 at griffin park. On that day a faster and stronger team made us look like a development squad.

    We simply our not at the moment at championship level. I fear for the team with two tough northern away days coming up.


  4. Well Greville some times one word is too many and a thousand not enough. I was hoping for some comforting words today to cheer me up ! Did you ghost write Len Shackletons’ chapter on football directors, in his autobiography ?


  5. C’mon Greville I don’t expect sulky ,heads dropped performances from the players and i don’t expect one from our mercurial correspondent.I expect you in early tomorrow and want those fingers clattering away at the keyboard until there’s smoke coming out of them.Keep the faith.


  6. Greville, you are right. Least said soonest forgotton (as my old granny use to say) One observation from me is that, despite what many think, we miss Dougie big time. Or at least Toums does. He is a mere shadow of the player who played along side Douglas.
    The worrying thing from my point of view is that togetherness that was apparent under Warbs has disappeared out of the window. Maybe that should not surprise me as the massive cganges since May seem to have torn the place apart.
    Still very early days, but nevertheless the warning signs are there. Must admit my initial thoughts on Marinus are not totally positive, but I’ll be the first to admit he has been dealt a rough hand in his early days.
    As I said still very early days, but my Bournemouth mate who took a 20/1 bet on us being relegated is smiling at the moment. He took this bet as he was convinced the Bees just totally lost the plot in February and will pay a heavy price for the stupidity.Personally I think we will still finish aroundnmid table, but the doubts are creeping in.


  7. Hi Greville & Bees Fans – I am from a family that goes back over a hundred years supporting Brentford, we all live in Kettering these days but travel as much as possible to Griffin park (round trip of about 180miles) when we can afford to. Me, Dad & my sons were there yesterday & I can cant help feeling that Marianus hasn’t figured his system out yet for the players he has. Diagouraga will never be a centre midfield distributor in a 4-3-3, Warbs knew this, i think we all know Maca is better equipped for that role all day long. However, what I really liked was he spotted it & had no hesitation in yanking in off, just a shame we were 2-0 down before he acted. (Toumani didn’t look impressed as he walked by me, but not his fault, as he couldn’t fulfiill that role alone) Soon as we switched to 442 Brentford were transformed & Vibe came alive – he needs to be in the middle not out on the wing, great attitude, works hard & fantastic flicks-ons & finishing – great buy!

    Sadly, my view is that Brentford looked badly disorganised this year & lack pace in transistion to attack, Hoff looks out of his depth & lacked any support. Liked Colin, alot! Looked composed, pacey & with good distribution – an upgrade in my opinion, so I think Benham & stato are getting it right on the whole – just wish we had more time to get this system sorted & not have sold our only natural left winger, which I put money on makes us pay against Leeds. Anwyay, fingers crossed for Jota, McEachran, Judge & Vibe – now theres a Championship attacking front line i cant wait to see in action.

    Will we go down?- no, not with these all fit, only if MD takes too long to figure out 4-1-3-2-1 is the only system he can play atm & i would shove Judge in the middle to create the lovely passing moves we saw at Griffin Park last year. Up the Bees!


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