International Break – 3/9/15

International breaks seem to be all the vogue at the moment, so if you can’t beat them then join them.

Tomorrow I am off on my own short break and will do my utmost to try and think of things other than Brentford FC for the next week or so. In reality I suspect that the club and everything relating to it both on and off the field will cross my mind perhaps once every five minutes instead of the permanent tape loop that is my normal state of affairs.

It is a good time to go away. The maelstrom of uncertainty that seemed to envelope and overwhelm us finally seems to have dissipated and there is a clear breathing space before the next match at our old friend Uwe Rosler’s Leeds United where we will also come up against Stuart Dallas and a particular favourite of mine in Tom Adeyemi, someone who I really wish that we had been able to sign on a permanent basis.

We did the double over Leeds last season and were comfortable winners in both matches against a toothless and insipid team who barely managed to lay a glove on us. With the exception of the Blackpool walkover when he could just as well have taken a book out onto the pitch with him, David Button certainly enjoyed his two most comfortable games of the season against Leeds and he was hardly called upon to dirty his knees in either match.

It will be illuminating to compare ourselves against Leeds and see if we are able to repeat our dominance over them or if the balance of power has changed.

The players are now enjoying a few days off and given the background of the majority of the squad, have probably spread themselves far and wide throughout Europe. Hopefully they will return to training next week refreshed and reinvigorated and more attuned to the challenge that awaits them. With a now replenished squad containing three new players to integrate, Head Coach Marinus Dijkhuizen will, for the first time since his appointment, have the very real problem of who actually to leave out rather than having to worry about how to fill the substitutes’ bench so that it doesn’t resemble a creche.

There is much to look forward to and the onus is now on the team management to use the break productively to hone and develop the squad into an effective and cohesive unit and hopefully demonstrate that we can both win matches and entertain at the same time. Mind you a clean sheet would not be unwelcome given our recent defensive shortcomings.

August was a truly horrible month where everything that could have gone wrong did so – and more too! September can, and hopefully will, be a lot better.

It is now time for the family, a good book or three, a sun lounger and a snorkel and for conversation to range around subjects far away from Griffin Park and its environs.

We are all feeling a bit jaded and beaten up by the traumas of the past month and I for one am really looking forward to my break.

I suspect that as the week progresses, my brain and typing fingers will start itching and twitching and I might just fall into temptation and find a subject that merits another article.

Maybe……maybe not.

If not then I look forward to seeing you all at Leeds a week on Saturday.


4 thoughts on “International Break – 3/9/15

  1. Just one thing Greveille you say the players have got a few days off i thought this international would have gave us more time to all the players to bind and we would use every minute for this purpose.thou the game today is more demanding than in my time the days off were rare but no one complained this was a job


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