Shared Thoughts – 27/10/15

It is amazing how quickly things have turned around and how our spirits have been revived. That is what three wins in a week can do for you particularly as they came at a time when it was hard to see any light at the end of a particularly dark tunnel.

My delight and excitement was shared by all my regular correspondents:

Michael Ohl was bubbling over with happiness:

I have to say the turnaround is nothing short of miraculous, how a team essentially with the same players can be so different. Clearly the talent is there, yes, the opposition as we can see is struggling as much as we were, but even so . . . and whilst things might have been different if Charlton had taken their chances, who is to say the final outcome would have been different?

We just don’t know and I don’t think we can take away all the credit that is due to the team. Also, Lee Carsley must take a lot of the credit. I read in last week’s League Paper how in his playing days he was a lynch pin and he seems to have taken this with him to his role as Head Coach aka Team Manager.

I really am looking forward to this Friday’s game.

Alan Dally was a bit perplexed and struggling to understand why things had changed so quickly:

What a strange game football is.

From a very nervy and in honesty a somewhat fortunate win against Rotherham, we seem to have grown massively in confidence. As many said at the time the result was far more important than the performance. It also had an instant positive impact on the belief of the players, as we put in a very professional performance against Wolves and ran out deserved winners. Then after a slow start at the Valley we eventually controlled the game and were comfortable winners.

I take my hat off to Lee Carsley who has obviously addressed the problem areas and we are starting to look like a decent team again. I personally don’t see us being as impressive as last season, but compared to a few weeks ago, just like the players, I am also growing in confidence.

Long may it continue, specially this coming Friday, as I so dearly want to beat the rabble from Shepherd’s Bush.

beesyellow22 as is his custom tried to analyse the reasons for our success:

Same comments as above, really. A truly miraculous turn around in a remarkably short space of time. I can do nothing other than take my hat off to Lee Carsley and the players. Brilliant stuff.

The stand out things for me are as follows:

1. The 4-2-3-1 formation, with no recognised wide players – yet Diagouraga, McCormack, Woods, Swift and Judge have all been absolutely outstanding in the last two games, providing energy, width, pace, power and outstanding attacking intent

2. The form of Alan Judge. Never has he more rightly deserved the moniker of the “Irish Messi”

3. The transformation of Nico Yennaris. Still early days and presumably Colin will be knocking at the door once fit, but again, well done to Lee Carsley for seeing something in a player many of us had written off long ago

4. The sudden resilience of the back four. Two clean sheets in a row – fantastic

5. The increased strength of the squad once Jota, Macleod, Colin, Saunders, McEachran et al return. Dare we now dream of the playoffs or better

Like everyone else, I can’t wait for Friday! The confidence is back, the energy levels are up and we all feel that we can beat anyone!

We don’t know who our manager will be this time next year, but let’s relish what’s happening right now and rise to the challenge of QPR as one!

Rebel Bee had his own explanation for the improvement in our results:

An excellent summary and I agree with all the great comments too, beesyellow22 has nailed it with his five key points. We love football so much because it can do this to you like no other sport -desperation to elation in a week!

We’ve all had differing opinions over what has gone on at Griffin Park over the past months, it’s been emotional and we’ve fallen out with our own at times. Barring a few on both sides of the debates I felt a sense of healing and togetherness in the stand on Saturday – ironic that it should come at the very place where the cracks opened so nastily a few short months ago.

That’s the first time I’ve seen us win at The Valley and it was so worth the wait. We were superb after that dodgy first ten minutes. Such a good away day there, and to play well in an iconic old London stadium left me feeling drained and emotional.

Whilst Judgey will deservedly get the headlines, huge credit goes to the other boys in midfield, and in particular to Alan Mac, who had possibly his finest game in a Bees shirt.

I now feel it was a brave and correct call to make the managerial change, it wasn’t nice how it went down but it has potentially saved the season. Some won’t like this fact, but Lee Carsley has gone back to basics, playing a largely British team who look fitter and happier than a month back – confidence and passion abundant and the foreign boys are correctly being drip fed into the Championship, some may turn out OK – others won’t.

We have turned a corner but mustn’t get carried away, we’ve taken three scalps at just the right time, but far bigger tests await in in the next two games at Griffin Park.

Greville could I possibly ask that you work your magic on a fitting piece ahead of the QPR game?

I was trying to explain to some of our younger fans why to many Bees they are our bitter rivals – not Fulham or others. It needs the historical context and facts to be explained properly as so many just don’t know what went down back in the 60s. You have the knowledge and the writing ability to do this justice.

No pressure then and I am girding my loins preparatory to writing something about our rivalry with QPR. and why it is so deep-felt and intense.

Let me end with an enthusiastic comment from Richard Poole who also has some salutary words of warning for us all:

I am writing this from far away but I am so happy for my Bees and, if you remember, I commented quite a while ago about how difficult it is for foreign players to accustom themselves to our way of football and to living in a foreign land – remember Betinho last season! I am also glad to see some youthful passion and enthusiasm in the side.

I so wish I was able to see Friday’s match against THEM but there is no no chance marooned out here in France. But all the same I will look out and hope for good news, but remember that football is a funny game so let’s not get too carried away at the moment!


5 thoughts on “Shared Thoughts – 27/10/15

  1. Just as things start to improve the prowlers are sniffing around, though no surprise I guess.

    It would be a total disaster to lose Judge in January – MB please give him a new contract asap.


  2. Am I the only one who was not concerned by the last 6-8 weeks?
    Yes there were issues that needed urgent attention and still a fee more things to iron out in the short and long term, but I have to say that I don’t or have not felt any reason to hit the panic button as we are better organised nowadays and I cannot and will not allow the success of last season trick me into thinking we deserve more than what we have already. We have already achieved so much in the last five years so my feet are firmly on the ground again and still happy with where we are going tho I do have to say I’m smiling more………😅


    • Patrick must have nerves of steel and faith in a higher being to not be concerned by our start. Fair play to you though. I think it was the measured voices of concern that have helped to turn this around, common sense and footballing sense have broken and out and the results are plain to see. I don’t know anyone who isn’t realistic about our ambitions, perhaps less ambitious than the owner, most of us would have your arm off for another 5 years building BFC up in this fantastic division.

      Other than the needless sale of Stuart Dallas I had no issue with the player sales in the window, but we do need to lock-down this squad now and do the necessary on expiring contracts, at least until next summer. Alan Judge going would be a kick in the plums when we can least afford it – so let’s get him committed, BFC have allowed AJ the platform to play his best football and to develop into a top player, he can achieve everything at GP.


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