The Reasons Why I Love Brentford FC – 23/12/15

  1. The indestructible Peter Gilham’s banshee cries of encouragement as the Brentford players take to the field
  2. Meeting up and kibitzing with my football friends at every home game and the sense of continuity it provides
  3. Having a prematch drink in The Griffin or a meal in The Weir
  4. The long post match telephone calls to friends and fellow supporters where we dissect and analyse every kick
  5. Endeavouring to guess the identity of players who we will sign
  6. Seeing the Griffin Park floodlights for the first time when I am driving down Ealing Road never fails to excite and re-energise me
  7. Griffin Park. It is old and obsolete but it makes my heart sing every time I go through the Braemar Road turnstiles
  8. Having my favourite secret hideaways where I know that I can still park my car before matches
  9. The imminent prospect of Lionel Road and knowing that it will also have style, class and a sense of identity and not just be another faceless cooky cutter stadium
  10. The red and white striped home shirt that symbolises perfectly who we are and what we stand for
  11. Bumping into Brentford legends like Peter Gelson in the Braemar Road forecourt and knowing that they are still part of the club and will always be made welcome
  12. Seeing so many new faces at every home game and realising that the secret is out – Brentford are on the rise and are a team well worth watching
  13. Watching us play away from home. All united in a common purpose
  14. Hearing the cries of appreciation mingled with lingering feelings of disbelief at the quality of the football we now play
  15. Knowing that the heritage and tradition of the club is recognised, appreciated and respected by everybody involved with Brentford FC
  16. The sense of innovation, originality and ambition that permeates our thinking and everything that we do
  17. The intoxicating prospect of being a supporter at a time when we are potentially writing a new chapter in the club’s history
  18. The reassurance of knowing that the club is in safe hands and is owned and run by people have have its best interests at heart
  19. The fact that the supporters are close to the pitch, feel part of the game and create a supportive yet intimidating atmosphere at every game which is second to none
  20. Evening matches under the floodlights at Griffin Park  – pure magic
  21. The Ealing Road Terrace  – a wonderful anachronism
  22. It’s All Your Fault! being sung at opposition goalkeepers who often shrivel under the verbal pressure
  23. Worrying before every Championship game that we will get hammered and totally outclassed but being reassured by realising just how good we are
  24. The sense of freedom, positivity and adventure with which we play and running rings around teams packed with lumbering giants
  25. Knowing that you will almost never see a poor game of football at Griffin Park and that the entertainment levels will be extremely high
  26. The look of amazement on the face of smug Premier League supporting fans who I bring to matches and are without exception stunned at the incredible quality of the football we play
  27. The sense of community that is engendered particularly thanks to the efforts of the Community Sports Trust team. We are all in this together and the involvement of the local people really matters
  28. The friendliness and efficiency of the management, marketing and media teams who are never too busy to have a chat or reply to an email
  29. The fact that the players are without exception decent young men who are committed to the cause and give everything both on and off the pitch – there are no prima donnas here
  30. The massive increase in the quality of our squad and the intoxicating blend of foreign talent and promising youngsters from the lower leagues
  31. Having an ever increasing number of current international footballers in our squad
  32. Seeing more and more young Academy players being encouraged and nurtured and getting closer to the First Team squad
  33. Watching the Development and Academy teams play the same brand of skilful, attacking football as the First Team as our philosophy is embraced throughout the club at all levels
  34. That I can now proudly state in wider company that I am a Brentford fan and no longer receive a barrage of smug, pitying and patronising looks and comments – the worm has turned. It is our time now
  35. Historians and authors like David Lane, Mark Croxford and Paul Briers who have a massive respect for the club’s heritage and are determined to preserve it for future generations
  36. The Hall of Fame which will ensure that the exploits of past club heroes will never be forgotten
  37. The Brentford Programme Shop, hidden under the Braemar Road stand, the best kept secret in the ground and packed full of wonderful memories
  38. Seeing more and more of the media’s big names, like the immortal Brian Glanville at Griffin Park and the professionalism and friendliness of Dave and Ian in the Press Lounge
  39. Mark Burridge and his wonderful Bees Player team who provide so much comfort and joy
  40. The enthusiasm, passion and erudition of Billy Reeves and the glorious word pictures that he paints when describing his favourite club
  41. The match programme and fanzines – more high quality publications disseminating the Brentford message

These are just my quick, initial thoughts and I hope to add to them very soon. In the meantime I would be really grateful if any other fans would like to provide their own reasons why they love Brentford FC and I will publish them over the next few days.

Thank you and happy Christmas to everybody.


19 thoughts on “The Reasons Why I Love Brentford FC – 23/12/15

  1. The red and white stripes.

    Where generations meet up and have something in common and each generation has their own greats.

    That you can’t imagine supporting another club.

    The atmosphere and for me especially at an evening game

    That block, at the Breamar Road end which has remained empty for how long? And where as kids we sneaked into to sit and watch a game, until chucked out.

    Whether the football was good or bad we still go.


  2. The growth of our fan base,

    1) More female fans than I can ever remember

    2) Increase in the number of Asian fans

    3) Growth in the fan base across International borders

    Real, genuine anticipation of greater glories ahead


  3. Great piece – love it!

    A few from me….

    – Having a word with the players as they walk past the Royal after a game, the joy that kids (and grizzled oldies like me) get from being up close to our heroes.
    -The Castle Badge, ever more beautiful as the days pass – the ultimate retro must have and something the club can do more with.
    -BFC being the professional Football club of Middlesex, the 3 sea axes and all the history associated with our manor. Again more can be made of this.
    -The shared pain of all those years in decline, now being erased by this brilliant era.

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  4. True That – quite pricey although in a lovely part of Brentford.

    No need to buy me one, but i’ll imbibe with you – Watermans is decent for an early pre match beer too. Great Japanese food if that floats the boat.


  5. A couple from me Greville.

    The sense of family connectedness as I remember my early Bees days with my Dad (he’s long gone sadly) and that his Dad took him before that. Tinged only with the slight regret that my son somehow became a Newcastle supporter. Not given up there yet though!

    The tears of joy in the away end when we knocked out Blackburn in the FA Cup 5th round and realisation that we are in the 3rd round every year now.

    Go you Bees

    Suffolk Bee

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  6. Another excellent article.

    Also, what about being one of the friendliest clubs going?

    In addition, I like the fact that we’re a small club – when you come across other Bees supporters, you feel a connection as you don’t support Brentford for the glory associated with the big clubs.


    • Linked with my comment / question re being one of the friendliest clubs going, I’m not aware we have any home or away pubs, which I like.

      Also, for many away supporters we seem to be one of their favourite grounds to visit – probably for a number of the reasons Greville has already listed.


  7. Hi Greville, A great article, agree with your comments at Numbers 6&7, although for me it has been 26years now since I was able to walk the hallowed arena, I live in hope that I can put together enough money for a visit before the old girl goes and can only echo the comments of Mr. Luff above.


    • Although I have been a GP fan for 73 years I still look forward to every game with the same enthusiasm and air of expectation that I experienced in 1942. The last three seasons have been tremendous and have provided the best standard of entertainment and quality of football that I have experienced in all those years.


  8. happy xmas to you all and for me its all you brentford fans who have supported us players old or new over so many years there no other fans like Brentford fans


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