Something Special Times Two – 29/12/15

For most fans, watching your football team play can sometimes seem like a prison sentence without hope of parole, a hard and endless slog or even running through treacle in gumboots. Lots of hard work and running, effort, energy, but so little entertainment, reward or quality.

Perspiration but so little inspiration. It is a habit that is easy to get into but so hard to get out of once the routine has been established.

These words would sum up much of my experience watching Brentford over the past fifty years or so. Of course there are seasons and matches that stand out and are irrevocably engrained in my memory banks but in real terms they are few and far between and interspersed with so much that, looking back, can only and best be described as drab, boring, inept and instantly forgettable

Over that period there have been many memorable goals, an instant example would be Gary Blissett’s strike against Peterborough, that are totally unforgettable but more for what they meant to the team, club and us supporters rather for the actual quality of the goal.

Off the top of my head probably the best goal that I have ever seen Brentford score was Paul Brooker’s effort at Swindon in 2006 when he slalomed his way three quarters of the length of the pitch leaving seemingly half the Swindon team trailing helplessly in his wake. In that moment he was totally unstoppable and Messi and Maradona revisited and it stood out even more given the customary functional and plebeian style of football employed by Martin Allen’s team at that time.

All that changed yesterday afternoon when the Bees came away with a desperately hard-won and narrow victory at Reading. The performance was decent and organised if not inspired and for once Dame Fortune smiled down on us as we won a match that could quite easily have gone the other way had Reading made more of their possession.

A lot of credit for that must go down to the Bees who refused to be beaten and absorbed the pressure exerted on us by a home team that looked quick and innovative in midfield if insipid and wasteful up front.

We defended well and restricted Reading to very few clear chances and only conceded once when substitutes Vydra and McCleary combined beautifully with a series of one-twos to tear us open and create the space for the latter to score easily. In truth Button was forced into only one decent save and much of the credit is due to the back four of Colin, Dean, Tarkowski and Bidwell who simply rolled their sleeves up and presented an almost impassable barrier.

The midfield did not jell with Diagouraga and McEachran never really dominating or getting to grips with their task and sometimes chasing shadows with Toumani’s influence blunted by an early booking by Keith Stroud, a ticking time bomb of a referee who was, as ever, far too quick with his cards.

I wish he would adopt the following statement as his mantra: a foul is not necessarily a yellow card but Stroud seems programmed to blow his whistle and show a yellow card almost simultaneously without ever giving himself time to think and his looming presence cast a shadow over the entire proceedings with Button, Dean and Tarkowski also falling foul of the eccentric official. Judge too was strangely muted and Swift drifted in and out of the match stranded as he was out on the left flank.

For once we created very little with Vibe’s threat snuffed out but now I am coming to the real point of this article as we scored what were quite comfortably the best two goals that I have ever seen Brentford score in one match over all the years that I can remember.

For the first, which came at a time when Reading were well on top and looking likely to score at almost any time, Tarky strode imperiously out of defence, sold a perfect dummy and slid the ball to Swift in midfield. He laid the ball off to Woods just inside the home half of the field and he strode towards the Reading goal. On and on he dribbled as the defenders backed off complacent and secure in the knowledge that they were dealing with a man who is hardly prolific in front of goal as his record of only scoring one career goal in over one hundred and twenty games surely attests. Now he has doubled his tally!

With Vibe making a decoy run to the right and Swift trying to make a late run into the penalty area, there were few passing options available so Ryan let fly from twenty-five yards and the ball screamed towards the goal and was still rising as it hit the roof of the net with Bond a helpless bystander.

I am old enough to remember Bobby Charlton’s long range Exocet against Mexico in the 1966 World Cup and I can only say that Ryan’s goal yesterday was in the same class. It was a phenomenal effort that knocked the stuffing out of the home team and we were able to retain our lead until the interval largely untroubled.

Reading regrouped and dominated the early part of the second half, missed an open goal straight away and fully deserved their excellently worked and taken equaliser and looked by far the more likely team to earn the victory.

All that changed after seventy minutes when Judge found Woods who had now switched to a more central position where he was far more effective. His perfectly placed forty yard pass out to the right wing cleared the straining Quinn and found the ever willing substitute Sergi Canos who now produced seven seconds of pure magic as his first touch took the ball over his marker, Quinn, his second left Hector helpless as he moved into the penalty area and his third was a rasping and unstoppable left foot volley into the far corner of the net.

The youngster celebrated wildly in front of nearly three thousand adoring Brentford fans, as well he might, as this was a goal of true international class, executed instinctively and without fuss by a young player who has the football world at his feet.

What a way to celebrate his loan extension and his post match Bees Player interview clearly demonstrates just how committed he is to the Brentford cause. We are fortunate and blessed to have a young player with his ability, but just as crucially, his wonderfully positive and bubbly attitude, playing for us. He is a total breath of fresh air and a joy to watch and yesterday’s effort will never be forgotten by anybody who was privileged enough to witness it.

Reading huffed and puffed for the remainder of the match but their spirit had been broken by Sergi’s wonder goal and if anything Brentford looked the more likely to score a third than they were to equalise. The clumsy Hector saw red for a second yellow card after a pathetic and embarrassing dive and his side’s fortune plummeted with his unsolicited fall and we saw the game out with some degree of comfort.

2015 has seen Brentford play football of a standard unsurpassed in living memory and what a fitting way to see the old year out with two of the best goals that you could ever wish or hope to see. This has been a quite wonderful year for the Bees and who knows what riches 2016 will bring?

What is quite certain is that the goals scored yesterday by Woods and Canos have whetted our appetite for what is to come.


7 thoughts on “Something Special Times Two – 29/12/15

  1. Incredible away day lit up by 2 special goals. The performance was the inverse of the Brighton game days earlier where the performance lacked the ultimate finish. The starting midfield was a bit of a mess yesterday & Vibe so lightweight up top, but who cares, 2015 has given so much pleasure with storming wins on the road, we finished the year with another. For all their Thai investment & breeze block identikit stadium they lack what we have in abundance – soul & passion. Tarkowski or Canos my MOTM, for the outrageous goal alone.


  2. Having been watching the Bees for a similar number of years , I am also confident in stating that Canos’ goal at the Madejski was the most technically accomplished and brilliantly executed goal I can ever remember being scored by a Brentford player . It was made all the better by the outstanding 40 yard assist offered up from the boot of Ryan Woods . We still need more of a consistent cutting edge up front and I worry about how regularly we can afford to indulge Swift’s languid profligacy. That aside, apart from our now customary autumnal hiccup under the dour Dutch duo , 2015 has been a fantastic year to be a Brentford follower and I personally believe not enough has been written to acknowledge the insight and bravery of Messrs Ankersen and Giles in acting quickly to address our coaching problems . Looking forward to 2016 with real hopes for continuing to build a solid platform for a genuine assault on the Premiership in the 2016/17 campaign !


  3. I loved the first three paragraphs, Greville. It summarise so well my experience of watching the Bees, up until . . . well to be fair up until Uwe Rosler came on the scene. And since then I have seen the best football ever played at Griffin Park. I dont come away bored from a game wishing for it to end.

    I was not at the Reading game (I have an unwritten pact with my wife re away games to maintain harmony in our house), but someone had put the Canos goal on Facebook. And yes, without doubt that was a world class goal. Thank-you Liverpool for letting him stay till the end of the season.


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