Don’t Panic! – 19/1/16

The last week or so has been pretty hard to take for most Brentford fans given the worrying combination of bad results and even worse news relating to off field matters.

It is hard to keep smiling and your spirits up when you lose three home games in that short period of time, scoring only one goal in the process, see your most skilful and charismatic player return home to Spain out of the blue with his future shrouded in doubt owing to serious non football related problems and then have to suffer the final indignity of watching one of your best and most promising players publicly announce that he doesn’t want to play for the club.

There is also the continued uncertainty regarding the future of the likes of Alan Judge, Toumani Diagouraga and Sam Saunders whose loss before the end of the Transfer Window would leave the squad seriously weakened and bereft of quality and depth.

As of yet there is no solid news of any incoming transfers apart from the suggestion that an apparent target in George Evans has apparently spurned us in favour of joining Reading.

Quite rightly, Brentford make a point of conducting their transfer dealings and negotiations behind closed doors so who knows what other plates are currently spinning in the air and whether we are close to augmenting the squad or simply waiting until we know for certain which players are leaving this month and may then need replacing.

We also do not know if a decision has yet been made in terms of our recruitment strategy for January and if so whether it is an ever changing feast and one that we have to reassess on the basis of whether acceptable offers are made for any of our players.

Maybe we would also prefer to make do with what we have rather than look for permanent acquisitions who we can also bed in for next season or even bring in short term loan signings who can plug any immediate gaps, as required.

The key point is that we remain competitive on the pitch for the remainder of the season and maintain our comfortable position in the league.

More upsettingly we have also been subjected to some negative and in my view, ignorant and provocative comments from the likes of Martin Samuel and Adrian Durham in the Daily Mail and Shock Jock Durham has today written a bilious column packed full of innuendo and half truths and supported James Tarkowski in the face of all logic for his refusal to play for us on Friday.

In my opinion it is provocative, inflammatory and nonsensical drivel written by a man with an agenda who is employed predominantly to polarise his audience and seek a reaction as well as being someone who has previous with Brentford, or Loanford as he ridiculously and disparagingly dubbed us when squealing about the manner in which the Bees gained promotion in 2014 and finished above his beloved Peterborough United.

I well remember writing an article poking gentle fun at Steve Evans this time last year by forensically dissecting his post match press conference after Rotherham’s defeat at Griffin Park and pointing out all of his inconsistencies, half truths and non sequiturs and I am sorely tempted to do the same for Adrian Durham but I will not rise to the bait and respond, as that is exactly what he would like everybody to do and his article does not deserve to be either read or really taken seriously.

You can all find it quite easily if you want to take a look at it and come to your own conclusion.

I am quite certain that all right minded and informed Brentford supporters will see articles such as these for what they really are – pure rabble rousing.

But it is still unpleasant and annoying to see the club you love, its owner and his far sighted approach and way of doing things subjected to ridicule and unjustified, unfounded and scathing criticism from the outside, and unfortunately there are more then enough impressionable readers out there who are unaware of the truth of the matter and will take smug attacks on us such as these as pure gospel.

The media dislikes and is suspicious of whatever it does not understand and they really have yet to get their heads around what is going on at Griffin Park, just how well we have done bearing in mind our status in the football food chain and where we are going in the near future.

This is a time when we just need to keep our nerve, trust in the wisdom and perspicacity of the people running the club and follow the sage advice of Corporal Jones and don’t panic!

Change is always difficult to cope with and it is hard to accept that there will be players leaving of their own volition who prefer to go elsewhere, as well as others who we feel have reached their full potential with us and need to be moved on as well.

As long as we recruit well and cleverly we will continue to thrive and progress and I firmly believe that there are lessons to learned for the future from our recruitment strategy in the Summer which has not yet paid as many dividends as might have been anticipated.

It is now a question of balance as we have over a third of the season still to play and it would be both dangerous and wrong to merely write it off and declare that we are just building for next season.

Supporters expect entertainment and results and Brentford fans have enjoyed a lot of both in recent seasons and I would hope and expect that the Bees continue to provide a combination of exhilarating and successful football which will keep the fans happy and engaged.

We have had a bad patch both on and off the field and neither Preston nor Leeds will be easy marks for us.

Who knows if there will be ins or outs before the weekend but I am as certain as I can be that we will put a end to our poor recent run and the smiles will shortly be back on all of our faces.



11 thoughts on “Don’t Panic! – 19/1/16

  1. I strongly believe that those who refuse to educate themselves about Brentford fc and how the club works will suffer greatly and embarrassingly in the next few seasons. Any bees supporter must now see were not afraid of change if it means sustainability for our club and MB i feel should have the support of all and i agree greville lets not react to such ignorant reporting and carry on maintaining our position as a championship club.

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  2. It’s no secret that I have many regrets over the departure of MW and the break up of the dream team, together they would have only taken us in one direction – upwards. It is also the case that I have genuine doubts over the new approach that we are taking, and it’s implementation – particularly in player recruitment. To be honest it has raged on for too long and divided many longstanding Bees fans and even families.

    That said a spiteful, inaccurate attack on BFC, by some sloppy hack presenters and tabloid journos, should serve as a rallying call and pull us all together. Regardless of differences on the direction of the club, when BFC and MB are attacked in this way my only instinct is to support and defend Brentford.

    Hopefully we can all do similarly at this time, players and staff too, and channel it into a better performance and result on Saturday. When the window closes we’ll see where we are at.

    A line has to be drawn somewhere, maybe we should thank Adrian Durham & his type for providing just that.


  3. If anyone can tell me of a soccer team that doesn’t change at least some its personnel all the time I would be intetested to hear about it. As for key players leaving in controversial circumstances I recall my old dad telling me about the row over the departure of Ron Greenwood and Jimmy Hill and from when I was a young lad I can remember the controversy of Towers and Francis going and others after them. Nothing much changes. Brentford are like a middleweight fighting a heavyweight. If he stands to slug it out he is going to end up flat on his back, which is pretty much what has happened at Brentford in the past. To get the better of a system stacked against it Brentford has to be able to be able to do what the others cannot do. Not just on the pitch the club must keep moving, changing and developing and outmanoeuvreing the oppostion. That means doing what the others are not doing and anyone not following the crowd will always have the crowd telling them that they are idiots.

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  4. Wise words, Greville, and sensible comments from fellow Bees.
    All we can do is support our club and the players that are willing to represent it.


    • I am very much in tune with the comments of Rebel Bee. The big flaw in Durham’s article was that he completely ignored the fact that Tarkowski was under contract to play for Brentford. He had no moral right to act in the interests of their opponents.

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  5. Durham’s article was garbage and utter nonsense. Nothing more to add, really. In terms of moving forward, interesting to note the line-up in the Brighton friendly yesterday. Barbet, Kerschbaumer, Hofmann, Gogia. Never mind making new signings in this transfer window – perhaps it’s time for our summer Euro signings to finally step up and give the team the boost it needs after four defeats? Good to see Macleod playing 90 minutes too. Surely he’s finally going to make an appearance for the first team soon? We’ve waited 12 months!!!


    • Further to my previous comment, I cannot believe that James Tarkowski will be particularly pleased with the “support” he has received from Adrian Durham!He has been branded as a person who was prepared to break a contract with his employers to further his own financial interests and the interests of a potential new employer. What has JT done to upset Durham ??


  6. Durham mixed up a whole bunch of issues in his attempt to slate everything Bees related yesterday, the radio show was more or less devoted to us, as was the show’s twitter feed. Giving that much attention to mid ranked championship club kinda says it all about his agenda really. It has stirred up a huge reaction though, there are more Bees out there than we imagine – all wanting to defend the club over this one issue. Some making the point that his “all about me” actions massively detracted form BFC’s remembrance commemoration last Friday. I see subsequently there are attempts to lessen JT’s actions or the reasons for them Fortunately the reality is sometimes clear and straightforward, so let’s not dress this up as anything other than what it is, an employee of a business refusing to do the job for which he is contracted and paid to do.BFC have already shown in the cases of Gray and Jota that they would have shown understanding were this handled differently by the player – he knows that. Burnley don’t come out of this well either, both with the timing and value of their bids.

    Moving forward I’d also love to see the recent intake step up and give us all a lift. In most cases I fear it won’t be this season, or at all. Perhaps with the exception of Macleod if he can reach the required fitness level. Maybe Barbet has earned a go too, having played one game in which he was MOTM, he has had less chance than all of the others.

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