When Does Banter Become Abuse? – 15/3/16

There was so much that I didn’t enjoy about Saturday’s visit to Loftus Road. Firstly let’s get the obvious out of the way. Losing by three clear goals to your closest rivals after a performance that started well and deteriorated the longer the game went on made for a pretty gloomy and depressing afternoon’s viewing.

The fact that QPR were really no great shakes themselves and simply cashed in on our plethora of mistakes and inadequacies simply made matters worse and left me with a feeling of total frustration as well as one of impending doom unless serious steps are taken immediately to reverse our slide before it becomes terminal and irreversible.

The day started well when I found a free parking space ideally situated just a short hike from the ground but it was all downhill from there.

What struck me forcibly as soon as I took my seat half an hour before kickoff was the dark, aggressive and ugly mood amongst so many of the Brentford supporters. Rather than looking forward with relish and anticipation to the chance of completing a rare double over the old enemy, the packed School End was a cauldron of hate with far too many supporters totally out of control and resembling a baying mob of howling banshees.

Their songs and chants were inflammatory and obscene as well as boringly repetitive and unimaginative and the language foul in the extreme as quite appalling words and sentiments that could very easily see you facing a serious Public Order charge in different circumstances time after time poured out of the mouths of supporters of all ages, most of whom were quite old enough to know far better.

I am all for poking some gentle fun at our opponents and for making Griffin Park a fortress and an intimidating place to visit, but this went far beyond the pale as QPR, their players, supporters and anything and everything connected with that club were subjected to a fusillade of nonstop abuse and woe betide anybody who made any attempt, however futile to make our supporters behave themselves with some small element of decorum.

What is even worse is that as the game began to turn against the Bees, moods darkened even more, the wind changed and now it was the turn of our own players to become the whipping boys and the targets for abuse. They were assailed with moronic and vitriolic comments and insults both singularly and collectively, with poor, hapless John Swift a particular target. Fans also turned against fellow fans as any supporter who continued to cheer on his team also risked becoming a target. Just as had been the case against Charlton, the previous week, the final whistle saw more boos, catcalls and derogatory comments as the team slunk off.

I had a similarly unpleasant afternoon earlier this season at Derby when a large group of intimidating so-called Brentford supporters unfortunately seated right by me spent the entire match eyeballing rival home fans and singling them out for a nonstop torrent of vehement abuse. What happened on the pitch – nothing much if truth be told – was totally immaterial to them and I doubt if many of them could have told you the final score given that they had watched so little of the game. Again this sickened and quite frankly, frightened me and fortunately I managed to move to a slightly more salubrious spot at halftime but it ruined my afternoon and I could not wait to leave. The difference though was that the mindless abuse was aimed solely at the opposition whereas now it is the Brentford team and management that is more often than not being targeted.

Perhaps the solution is simple and a couple of good wins would end this nasty trend that seems to be becoming more and more prevalent but it is something that is making my visits to football less and less pleasant and I am sure that I am not alone in feeling this way.

I suspect that we have also picked up quite a few floating and glory hunting supporters attracted by our success of last season who have no sense or even interest in the history and tradition of the club and what it stands for and now when results are going against us are quick to criticise or worse without any understanding of the reasons why matters have deteriorated so quickly.

Just look at the Rotherham fans who have become their team’s twelfth man and have contributed so volubly to their recent success. Their sheer passion and nonstop roars of encouragement have helped to turn games in their favour and influence referees, as we learned to our cost. That is what we should be aiming for, a team and band of supporters united as one and working towards a common goal.

I can’t say that I am too thrilled either by a lot of the rubbish that is currently being spouted on social media sites where supporters seem to feel that it is open season on owners, players and managers alike who are subjected without a second thought to torrents of filthy abuse with Dean Smith, Matthew Benham and the Co-Directors of Football being particular recent victims.

Again, there seems to be no sense of tolerance or decency and boundaries of reasonable behaviour seem to have been ignored and overturned. Anyone appears to be fair game for an ever increasing phalanx of mindless keyboard warriors who feel that they have an inalienable right to make their opinions and feelings known however stridently or abusively they wish to express them.

Any criticism of them regarding the way in which they form their arguments and the actual words they have used is either ignored or more commonly results in a further tirade of splenetic abuse and strident claims that they are fully entitled to have their say however they choose to do so. So often they excuse their excesses by claiming that their comments are simply harmless banter but that explanation does not wash for me as anything said or written that is wounding, demeaning and insulting is totally inexcusable and they quite evidently do not know the real meaning of the word.

And that is where the problem lies as many people do not understand just how far they can go and where acceptable behaviour ends. I totally accept that nobody, however exalted should be above criticism but in my opinion it is how that criticism is couched that makes all the difference. Why should anybody read, take in, assimilate or even respond to torrents of crude and foulmouthed abuse? A more reasoned comment, opinion or argument might well generate some sort of answer but I suspect that the intent is generally to shock and mock and promote a sense of self rather than encourage a proper debate.

I am not going to run the risk of being called an old fogey by calling for the return of National Service or the stocks as I am a massive supporter of social media and instant access to the news agenda. Properly used it allows for an immediacy and an honesty, clarity and openness of communication that cannot be matched elsewhere. I just hate it when its powers are abused by mindless oafs who know no better and just spoil things for everyone else.


30 thoughts on “When Does Banter Become Abuse? – 15/3/16

  1. Well said Greville. Keep this blog as a beacon of sense as elsewhere there is madness.

    Re the insults, seeing men in their forties screaming abuse at teenagers playing football does make me wince. How do they think it is either acceptable or likely to help the player?

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  2. Congratulations Greville- a great blog. Agree with every word .As you will know I can be quite forthright in my views at times.But I will never resort to personal abuse. Nor will I “boo” any member of the club that I feel so passionate about. I would hate to give up going to away games but after Saturday I am not quite so sure!!

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  3. Lovely stuff Grev, you’ve touched upon something that’s been agging me for a while but I’ve not fully been able to vocalise it. As a group we’ve been split into two rough groups for ages: keep the faith or go back to how things were, we’ve stopped getting behind the team and started looking for excuses. But that lack of unity in the stands is just as important a factor as the lack of consistency on the pitch. It would be excellent if everybody stowed their opinions and just cheered as one on Saturday.

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  4. Interesting thoughts as always, Greville. Whilst everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and this is surely enshrined in the principles of free speech, it should never end up with (as you say) “Fans also turned against fellow fans as any supporter who continued to cheer on his team also risked becoming a target”. We are all entitled to our opinions, and should feel free to express them without fear – but whilst still avoiding personal abuse. Yes, in my humble opinion, John Swift did not have a good game – but there is one hell of a difference between the type of abuse he was getting on Saturday than the good natured joking about him wearing gloves at the Charlton game.

    52 years I have been coming to Brentford, even though for most of those I have lived (and still do) in Suffolk. For many years it was buying a ticket for whatever games I could get to – working in a 24 hour industry with shifts and weekend working has always caused problems! Fortunately in the past few years have managed to work the rosters to my advantage with the result that it has become worthwhile to become a season ticket holder – so hopefully I don’t qualify as one of the “few floating and glory hunting supporters attracted by our success of last season who have no sense or even interest in the history and tradition of the club and what it stands for and now when results are going against us are quick to criticise or worse without any understanding of the reasons why matters have deteriorated so quickly”.

    Yes, I yearn for success and want us to get back to winning ways as soon as possible. Good days are always better than bad days – but please, less of the personal and vitriolic abuse as you say.

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  5. Last season we finished 5th and were told by MB that the club needs to be taken in a different direction to make us more competitive with big clubs with more resources in the championship. Finishing 5th to me suggest we are going in the right direction and so (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it) why the need for change. If we finished bottom half or survived a relegation battle then fair enough.Every player and athletes in general thrive to reach the top of there sport and those players of last season must have known how close they were to reaching there goal of playing in the premiership. MB vision should have been put on hold and encouraged the players and manager to give us one more year.Fully respect MB and understand his philosophy..but got the timing wrong.Mark Warburton obviously had huge respect from the players as evidence showed after Andre Gray scored against Watford and I’m sure if MW stayed the players would have stayed.A couple more signings and I’m sure we could have done it this year. This is why the fans are so angry & frustrated and mystified as to what has been going on and so normal placid fans are makeing there feelings known.I would like to see two of our inept forwards up front as this seems the only system yet to be used.


    • So do you think that the manner and way in which disappointed and disgruntled supporters are making their views known is acceptable?

      I don’t and think it is just making things far worse rather than helping as the extreme negativity being expressed so unpleasantly drives us all further apart and polarises us rather than bringing us all together.

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      • No I don’t think its acceptable but it goes on at most grounds up & down the country and will never change and there is very little that can be done about it.If people are offended then stop going and choose a different sport to follow.


  6. Greville, great blog as always and I totally agree 100%. Although we qualified for tickets quite early in the process we as a family passed up on the QPR game. My 11 year old hates football at the best of times but surrounded by a Bees mad Father, Mother and elder brother he has to put up with it. However various away games this season (and last) really have put him off away games. The vile verbal abuse seems the best we can resort to rather than creative singing and chanting to try and raise the team. I recently attended the Brighton v Sheff Wed game, midweek, rubbish weather and to be honest very poor football. But 1500+ Wednesday fans, no matter how poorly they were playing not only stood as one throughout, but sang their hearts out in encouragement – even when the simplest and most basics of mistakes were made by their team. Compare that, and I do understand we are at the other end of the table, to the abuse dished out not just at away but also homes game to individuals in our team. For 39 years I have watched good and bad performances and players (more bad than good I’m afraid) but never feel it is either our right, nor correct that players should be abused or booed. .The trouble it would seem is with the relative success over the last 3-4 years or so, those 13-15 year olds who started with their fathers as supporters are now 16-18 year olds who believe in a culture where they feel through social media it is their right to verbally abuse and insult not just the players, but management, coaches and owners. They spout off their team selections, who should be sold, who should be sacked all in the strongest terms and yet then in the next sentence complain how tough their A-level homework is! They have no experience of life and yet feel they know all there is to know about running a football club (and much more!) and engage their brains without any due consideration to the impact of where they are saying. I was pleased to pass up on QPR, not just for the result but for the very reasons you mentioned. The weeks leading up to the match saw social media awash with how without pyros there could be no party, and how various other events would unfold in their eye. With their ‘party’ dampened the next best thing in their mind is launch into vile, personal and disgusting abuse. Those older should know better, but they are role models for those younger who without any consideration to their actions don’t really care about much else than then selves
    Not my intention to point the finger at all within their age bracket, but the same bunch that demand immediate gratification and believe it is our god given right to promotion season after season are the same ones who sometimes make me ashamed to be a Bees fan.

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    • As an afterthought to my previous comment,Greville,would it be possible to ask the powers that be to reprint your blog verbatim and hand a copy to “fans” as they enter the turnstiles on Saturday?


  7. I have to disagree, Greville. That is not ‘banter’ which my dictionary describes as ‘humorous raillery’. There was nothing humorous coming from behind the goal at Loftus Road. It was as witty as an I.S. beheading in Raqqa.
    Bring back real banter – part of the joy of going to a football match.


  8. Excellent article as ever Grev and something that i think has been waiting to be said by somebody for a while now. It is the way of the world these days though and sadly i don’t see it changing any time soon. I am old school like yourself and do find some of the vitriolic stuff rather distasteful I must say. We are all frustrated and angry at what has happened over the last year and our current spectacular nosedive. None of us, including myself, are exempt from letting our frustrations boil over from time to time, but there is a fine line between momentary passion led shows of disappointment and personal targeted vile abuse which gets us all nowhere. I used to love standing amongst the younger lads at away games and having a good sing song. But in recent seasons I must say I deliberately make sure I book seats well clear of the back of the stands and most of the smoke bomb idiots. It was the main reason I chose upper tier at Loftus Road Saturday as I knew I would be amongst more reasoned people. I don’t by any means label all of our younger lads with the same tag as I personally know many and they are good guys, and indeed some of my own generation and older are just as culpable of foul mouth and offensive behaviour. Maybe it is just bigger crowds brought about by the success of recent seasons and you notice it more but I like you have become more aware of the less than savoury minority element of support we now have both at games and across social media. Or maybe I am just getting old?


  9. Some of the stuff that went on on Saturday really wasn’t good and it is completely right and fair to raise it in your fine blog. But with huge respect to you and other posters I am going to try to offer some mitigation and push back a touch. Rangers fans were dishing it out to us all day and it wound a few Bees up before and during the game – getting spanked 3-0 by them brings out the worst in people, and I too had to walk out before the end to avoid losing the plot. Is it right – no, but we are watching football not rugby – football people and its culture is different – warts and all.

    As to aggression between Bees fans, I’ve seen this a few times and it is sad to see, trust me it is coming from both sides of the argument over the club’s deteriorating fortunes. People have invested in BFC’s big new ambitions massively, many are confused, anxious, & angry at the way this season has been conducted. By the way this part of a far wider football issue than you may think, I’ve heard of Arsenal fans turning on reach other recently – and the same at many other clubs. We invest more than ever in support of our team and I don’t just mean in monetary terms. Many of the simple pleasures have been diluted in the brave new world of SKY TV and the race to the premiership – the corporations want “pick and choose” football culture.

    You reference Rotherham – sure, but they are as mean and hostile a bunch of fans as you’ll find on their day, this has been lacking at GP this season because we don’t have a unified cause or purpose and aren’t pulling together – but they are not a group of librarians – trust me.

    Finally there is a risk that we allow the narrative to shift over our club’s failings this season, and move the root cause so that it becomes the fans fault for being so negative. I see this happening already, those that have backed all the big decisions said we’d be fine, and they aren’t so sure now, fair enough but please let’s not put this on our brilliant fans – regardless of their point of view on the big topics. Football fans are always such an easy target.

    Saturday was and day all round – we move on and hopefully can pull together to get the wins we need to all be able to leave this season behind us – united again.

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  10. Empty vessels make the most noise and drunken empty vessels desperate to impress their equally empty-headed mates make a great deal of noise.One of the problems of our great success of the past five years is that we have attracted some idiots who have jumped on the band wagon and who lack the intelligence and maturity to realise that supporting a team like Brentford will inevitably have more downs than ups.I never saw these characters at places like Scunthorpe,Rochdale,Macclesfield and Morecambe in the very recent past.The only bright side to our present plight and possible relegation is that they will take themselves elsewhere and go and pollute a different Club.
    Sorry….there is another positive;the fish and chips at Fleetwood Town are excellent.

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  11. The sort of bilious hatred on view by some ‘supporters’ leaves a sour taste regardless of the outcome of the match.. I first watched the Bees regularly from 1967 onwards – so QPR will never be favourites of mine – but funny enough – their fans and players are just other human beings. The atmosphere has changed recently due to our relative success, and probably huge disappointment at seemingly throwing this away, has contributed I believe to most of these excesses – it is ironic that if god forbid we are relegated it will largely disappear. And that is because a huge majority of Bees fans who have supported for the last 50/40/30/10 or even 5 years are true supporters and decent people who want the Bees to win and win well but look at their football and lives in a rational way. I will always support my club and hope that we can get the two or three wins necessary to stay up – although I have to say I am seriously concerned. But for goodness sake lets pull together – lets concentrate on supporting the team and not abusing the opposition.

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  12. I think Rebel is making a very valid point here. There is no justification for the behaviour you criticise and from a practical point of view, it doesn’t help the team, so it is self-defeating or to put it another way just stupid. However, changing everything so radically when we had had our most successful season for decades was a very risky thing to do and it has not turned out well. Without going into details, BFC has significantly raised expectations and then has fallen very short. We should not blame the fans for this.

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    • I get what you’re saying, but we have to try different ways of doing things to survive, especially at this level. Benham is a gambler. It didn’t quite go as hoped, this time.

      I fully understand what you say about the club raising expectations. I doubt we’ll hear similar comments again.

      The fans cannot be blamed for the way this season has panned out, but we can have a positive influence on the remaining games, particularly at GP. We need to find some of that Martin Allen PMA. Leave the moaning and groaning till you get home or get to the pub.

      It’s never good when Bees are fighting fellow Bees…


  13. You are so right on every level ” is my opinion”.
    The fans argueing with their own is not helped by all seater stadia as you cannot pick who you sit amongst and moving seats is almost impossible on days like Saturday.

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  14. Where I strongly agree is the use / misuse of social media. Easy to be really offensive when you are anonymous or don’t face your victim. It is a societal problem though, often football fans get uniquely tagged for things that go on and are worse in wider society – it’s always been that way since I’ve been around. Billiam makes a fair point, we all used to go to the boozer to let off steam and say what we needed to say in a confined space. Now people jump on to Twitter etc, and most regret if afterwards.

    Whilst it may not be ideal, football fans come from all backgrounds and types of upbringing, some are more articulate than others. It doesn’t mean that really bad behaviour should be blindly tolerated, but it should also not be forgotten that it has always been the game of the working class. Fan culture, tribalism are aspects of all that we love, some times it boils over and is ugly. We’ve got quite a large ” yoof ” following now, I was that way once – and I won’t knock most of them, in the sanitised premier league is everything world of football they could follow many other clubs or do other things. They love the bees and turn out in good numbers.

    I’ll argue all day with bees fans about the perceived rights and wrongs at our beautiful club, but push comes to shove they are like family to me and I’ll defend them to outsiders.

    Just trying to give some balance that’s all…

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  15. I agree with you greville but it has always been there i remember coming back with Watford for a simple reserve match on a tuesday afternoon there were abour 30 people and me and my parents and wife got so much abuse i nearly jump over the fence near the tunnel to sort these SUPPORTERS! out even the watford players could not believe what they were hearing iam sorry but this is another side of football that lurkd under the surface but its iam sure only a few


    • Followers of this site will know that I have expressed concerns about the club becoming de-stabilised on a number of occasions.But I never thought it would plummet to the depths that we are witnessing today. To all intents and purposes the club is now at war with itself and groups of supporters are at war with each other.Having re-read Greville’s blog,and the comments that followed,I believe we should all take a vow to draw a line under the whole sorry affair and start afresh from Saturday onwards. !!!

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  16. Nice sentiments, Peter and I’m sure we would all like for us to beat Blackburn and come together as supporters and a club. Unfortunately I don’t think it will be as easy as that. Yes, a win on Saturday will help, but until survival is guaranteed and there is something positive to look towards next season I think that many will continue to share the philosophy of Simon Pitt (one I don’t completely disagree with myself) and question where the club is actually going and why Matthew was so happy to dispense with the services of our greatest manager in the modern era.

    Of course it does not excuse the kind of behaviour that Greville is talking about – but at the same time there is an enormous amount of frustration amongst supporters, surely borne out of a perception that so much of what we have witnessed this season has been self-inflicted.

    Yes, it is up to the fans to continue to get behind the team and the manager – but it is also up to the powers that be to give the fans a reason to keep believing. Is blind faith the answer? Sometimes – particularly when you love your club. However, blind faith after 10 defeats out of the last 13 games is a hard thing to muster.

    Today, Bolton have parted company with Neil Lennon. Yet another club at the bottom who are going to (however belatedly) try something different to try to survive this season. I’m not saying we need to part company with Dean Smith – far from it. However, getting one or two in on loan would go some way to making a statement that would give us all a bit of a lift after such a disastrous start to the year. It might also encourage those who have been getting on the team’s back to lay off as we seek the two or three wins we surely still need to avoid having to visit Bury and (God forbid) Orient next season.


    • Some good points beesyellow22 (although I don’t think we need to discuss the Mark Warburton situation any more).
      We all want Brentford to do well but some have peculiar ways of showing they care.
      It is a real test of supporter’s mettle, when things aren’t going great.
      We have quite a few supporters who endured year after year of 3rd and 4th division dross, yet still they turned up, week after week.
      Hope is what keeps you going, and is something we cannot give up.
      I reckon that there’s about 4-5,000 of us who would be at the first home game of next season, regardless of what division we’re in.
      As for the rest, many would be lost to us. That would be a great shame.


  17. Totally agree with Greville’s take on the unfortunate civil war that seems to be enveloping the club and its supporters.
    I have had – at times quite heated – disagreements with some close Brentford supporting friends since MW left the club so I know how easy it is to become embroiled in an exchange of views.
    The comment theme among these rows is passion… we are all passionate about our club and passionate about how we feel the current slide can be arrested.
    Last week against Charlton I watched one player – think it was Sergi Canos – chase a lost cause. he didn’t win the ball but was roundly applauded. If Brentford fans see 100% effort they respond. if they don’t they don’t.
    We want the people running the club to be as passionate as we are, but currently the lack of action in strengthening the squad gives the impression – most likely a false one – that they don’t share our passion.
    To my mind the DoFs have 48 hours to allay fears by bringing in at least two loan players to freshen things up and give Dean Smith a fighting chance of putting his mark on the side.
    If they don’t their actions could be considered as bordering on negligent.
    Whatever happens though, in-fighting – however satisfying it might be in the short term – will do more harm than good to our chances of staying up imo.

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  18. Even on the ER at recent home games things have started to turn a little vitriolic with ‘fan’ turning on fan. The Burnley game comes to mind with the mindless chant ‘we are being f**** on the telly’, which others took great exception to. So im not surprised to hear things got out of hand on Saturday.

    One of the things i hate about the modern game is this practice of abusing others quite mindlessly and then excusing it by referring to it as ‘banter’.


    • Just a final,final comment from me on Saturday’s “experience” Are the mindless “supporters” who so publicly booed a 20-year -old loanee off the pitch the same as those who want us to attract new young loan players now or during the summer break ?

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  19. Hi Greville. I have written on your blog once before (my first attempt) and you were very complimentary about my contribution. You asked me to contribute more articles about my 53 years of supporting The Bees and attending games (as had several generations of my family before me). I have resisted your request until now because I am not comfortable with the “Spotlight” and I am not a person that likes to court controversy or disagree with others opinions, which are everyone’s perogative.

    I may be happy to recall more memories at a time when things are rosier and everyone is in the correct frame of mind for nostalgia.

    I have however been moved to contribute again by the current situation and the very raw tones of all your contributors of late (dare I say many of them in panic at the potential loss of a league status that all but the most recent of supporter recruits have yearned for, for a long peiod of time).

    I will re-iterate my previous assertion that whilst used by many generations, social media is the younger person’s preferred (if not only) avenue of communication and that a fair amount of these “critics” are the very same recently attracted supporters that only know the “sucessful” Brentford, we need these “young blood” supporters as they are the future, but we must understand they are trying to compete with their peers who support Premiership teams who they can support via TV / Internet and therefore these “supporters” are far more frustrated with their first period of “Hardship” than us that have seen it all before.

    I am not sure what the driving force behind the older generation of critics is, maybe they have always been critics (and maybe always had poor performances as a reason to be) or maybe they too are recent recruits. Maybe the “in-fighting” is an attempt by the hardened critics (who are really loyal supporters) not liking the attitude of recent critics, I don’t get it anyway, because a supporter is allowed to moan but should never be in a big enough minority to actually affect everybody else!!

    Here is the nub of why I wanted to contribute again, I am sure that a conscious decision was made by Senior Management (once the Marinus experiment failed) to bring in a proven “English” style Manager (who likes to play a passing game) with a view of building for next season, it was felt that enough points (no small thanks to Lee Carsley) and enough good players had been accumulated for us to survive and at the same time gain premium prices for players we were never going to find it easy to hold onto, so we could hoard our resources for a “real go” again next season.

    I have always been fully behind this approach, this is the first time we have been in the second flight for 2 successive seasons in all my 53 years of supporting and I KNOW we have Matthew Benham to thank for this, I am sure recent supporter recruits will not fully understand this for the reasons given above.

    Unfortunately it has probably been underestimated how quickly and vehemently the fans would turn on Senior Management, Coaches and Players. This is contributing to an undermining of confidence in players and coaches alike, which cannot fail to translate itself onto the pitch (Yes I know our current squad has nowhere near as much skill and quality as last season, but I am sure they are a lot better than they are appearing at present).

    I am also sure Dean sends them out motivated for every match, but as soon as something goes against us confidence drains from the players instantly, this explains how we can win like we did against Wolves because things went our way (we could have conceded a few times before we scored) but keep losing 3-0 when we conceed first, or sit back like we did when taking an undeserved lead over Derby. It also explains why Dean did what he would never of done in normal circumstances and make a desperate decision to play Judgy up front.

    This is where I would like to make my big plea, please can all supporters reading this, or being influenced by fans reading this, realise we will be in serious trouble if we do not all pull together very soon. I will harp back to Martin Allen again, whose contribution I will never forget, One man pulled everybody together by being positive. We can only pull this around by being together – the negativity, in-fighting, criticism of Players, Coaching Staff and Management, can only harm our chance of remaining in this division until we restrengthen our squad.

    Only one plea to Senior Management here, to help this cause and generate some positivity a couple of decent Loan Signings ( A Gnarled Goalscoring Striker, an Authorititive Older Central Midfielder and a Quick positional Sweeper would be Heaven) would not go amiss.

    Please, please, all pull together and encourage the players, staff and each other, even (or maybe especially) when we don’t always do things well, this is real and it is now. We have enough winable games left if we all get together and pull in the same direction.

    Go On You Bees !!

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  20. The events of this season are not in any way the fault of our fans, support has held up well considering the performances and results. If the season had started better it’d all be different & 2014/2015 forgotten. So please let’s not go down that road – all that matters now is what’s ahead – actually we need to make GP more hostile and intimidating, we’re too nice these days.

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