I’m Tired – 23/3/16

  • I’m tired of all the infighting between Brentford fans – something that is tearing our great club apart
  • I’m tired of the lack of tolerance and manners being shown by some of our supporters
  • I’m tired of genuine supporters being bullied, abused and denigrated because others disagree with their opinion
  • I’m tired of the toxic atmosphere that seems to pervade everything and everyone in and around the club at the moment
  • I’m tired of reading page after page of endless negativity, arguments, insults and vituperation on all of the message boards
  • I’m tired of reading the sick and appalling comments regarding Dean Smith recently on Twitter, some of them potentially actionable in my opinion
  • I’m tired of having to referee disputes between readers of my own blog site – not something that I ever expected to happen
  • I’m tired of reading comments accusing our best player of selfishness and of not caring about the club
  • I’m tired of being accused of being self-serving and encouraging negativity on BFC Talk when entirely the opposite is true
  • I’m tired of trolls who seek only to cement discord by spreading their poisonous bile
  • I’m tired of the attacks on Matthew Benham without whom…
  • I’m tired of the ceaseless blame culture which is helping to wreck our season
  • I’m tired of my own sour grapes
  • I’m tired of the inquests which should all be delayed until the end of the season when I am certain that lessons will be learned and changes will be made
  • I’m tired of the massive over promising from the club which has led to unrealistically raised expectations
  • I’m tired of self-proclaimed experts spouting off and pontificating
  • I’m tired of know-it-alls who seem to be taking a positive delight and glorying in our current misfortune
  • I’m tired of not enjoying anything at the moment regarding Brentford FC both on and off the pitch
  • I’m tired of not being able to persuade any of my friends to come and watch us play this year
  • I’m tired of watching a vibrant, brilliant and exciting team that played without fear become boring, slow, pedestrian and mediocre
  • I’m tired of having to make excuses when in reality we are totally underperforming
  • I’m tired of watching players who are simply not up to scratch do their best to compete in the harsh world of the Championship
  • I’m tired of an obsession becoming a chore
  • I’m tired of going to sleep worrying about the Bees and waking up doing exactly the same
  • I’m tired of this season
  • I’m tired of going to away games recently expecting nothing
  • I’m tired of going to home games recently expecting nothing
  • I’m tired of losing games week after week
  • I’m tired of counting off the games until the end of the season
  • I’m tired of praying that there will be three Championship teams even more inept than us
  • I’m tired of bemoaning just how far we have fallen so quickly and how easily it might have been avoided
  • I’m tired of waiting for a striker to score a goal for us
  • I’m tired of waiting for Harlee Dean to score for us
  • I’m tired of waiting for us to get more players into the opposition penalty area
  • I’m tired of waiting for us to show bravery and attempt positive passes rather than go backwards and sideways
  • I’m tired of the disgusting behaviour of some of our supporters at away games
  • I’m tired of the barracking of some of our players during and after recent matches
  • I’m tired of waiting in vain for a referee to do his job and send an opponent off after he has tried to cut one of our players in two
  • I’m tired of horrid abuse being laughed off and excused as mere banter
  • I’m tired of our never ending injury jinx
  • I’m tired of excuses
  • I’m tired of feeling disappointed and conflicted about us struggling in the Championship when I would have given my eye teeth to have merely got there a few years ago
  • I’m tired of rumours and innuendos that are never backed up or substantiated
  • I’m tired of our inflexibility in our approach towards transfers
  • I’m tired of waiting for Championship tested players to arrive in order to reinforce our beleaguered squad
  • I’m tired of thinking about the furore there will be if tomorrow ends without another loan signing
  • I’m tired of asking kids to do a man’s job
  • I’m tired of pointless comparisons between Lee Carsley and Dean Smith
  • I’m tired of people failing to recognise that we have a Head Coach and not a Manager
  • I’m tired of supporters not accepting that Dean Smith plays a key role in player identification and recruitment
  • I’m tired of nonstop and ignorant criticism of Dean Smith which does not take into account the problems he is facing
  • I’m tired of continual references to Mark Warburton and how he was fired
  • I’m tired of fans bemoaning the lack of news and PR from the club and then complaining when the likes of Matthew Benham and Phil Giles are interviewed by supporters
  • I’m tired of the mainstream football media treating us like a laughing stock and just hoping and waiting for us to implode
  • I’m tired of Adrian Durham and his mindless shock jock jeering
  • I’m tired of Pitchgate
  • I’m tired of us shooting ourselves in the foot
  • I’m tired of the thought of the supporters of other relegation haunted clubs like Rotherham, MK Dons and Fulham taking comfort from the obvious dissension in our ranks
  • I’m tired of waiting for the Lionel Road CPO decision to be announced
  • I’m tired of counting off the days, months and years until we arrive at Lionel Road and just hoping that we can survive in the Championship until then
  • I’m tired of being patronised and laughed at by my Watford and Queens Park Rangers supporting friends
  • I’m tired of all the moaning about our association with FC Midtjylland
  • I’m tired of all the pointless match day parking restrictions around Griffin Park
  • I’m tired of all the ignorant criticism about our set pieces which are greatly improved this season
  • I’m tired of living in fear of being hit by the damn ball in Ealing Road
  • I’m tired of conspiracy theorists spouting nonsense about Matthew Benham’s plans for us
  • I’m tired of waiting for our Academy to develop some worthwhile prospects
  • I’m tired of our slavish devotion to a 4-2-3-1 formation when we do not possess the players to suit it
  • I’m tired of reading about Jota’s accomplishments back in Spain when I want him back with us
  • I’m tired of poor Lewis Macleod’s never ending bad luck and injury traumas and feel so sorry for him
  • I’m tired of having to remind people that we need to remain united if we are to survive this season unscathed
  • I’m tired of waiting for next season when hopefully we can repair some of the damage that has been inflicted this season
  • I’m tired of writing this blog

35 thoughts on “I’m Tired – 23/3/16

  1. I’m tired of this season.

    Roll on next season.

    League One or Championship i will be there.

    Im also tired of moaning and questioning what is going on at BFC.
    Circles i see circles and i keep going around them and now i am out of those circles.

    I am not tired of reading your blog Greville.
    Keep up the good work please.

    Mark Baker AKA horshambees.


  2. I agree with someone of the sentiment expresses here. However I will admit I have lost faith in the current incumbent of the head coach position. I hope that we find someone more suitable in the summer.

    I will add that I’m tired of here booing and jeering at the end of games and half time from our fans. Utterly pointless, and achieves nothing other than cementing an already negative feeling.

    I will attend the forest game full of hope and optimism for a better result. Our luck will change, and one day soon it will be our turn to celebrate like we won the FA cup again.

    However one thing I am certainly not tired of is this blog. A very good one as well. This one of the few places I can trust not to spout utter BS, unlike some other BFC blogs and forums. I look forward to reading your next update Greville.


  3. Well Greville I am also tired and totally fed up to the back teeth of the situation that we find ourselves in. So much so that going to Griffin Park is far from an enjoyable experience these days. Having to listen to fans with different view pointa arguing and abusing one another is not what I travel a 200 mile round trip for. It is even worse living in Bournemouth having to listen to their fans telling me that we were crazy to sack Warbs (I’ve given up trying to explain). It is so depressing to see Bournemouth doing so well and having to reflect there was very little to choose between them and us last season.
    If fact, despite having a season ticket, it has become so toxic at Griffin Park, that I doubt if I will bother again this season. Also I will think very carefully about obtaining one next season. I have my own views on the what has caused this horrible situation to arise, but these are best left until the season is done and dusted. I am fast becoming resigned to League 1 football next season and if that is the outcome, then I may well call time after 59 years of support.


  4. I have always enjoyed reading your blog Greville, and like reading the different views and perspective. Very sad to read your current frame of mind, although I can see why you feel like it.

    I’d miss the blog, but perhaps you need a break from it.


  5. well greville if it was not for your blog i would not have found the joy to once again believe in my BFC a club thats been in my heart for so long and iam still proud to say the once i had the chance to defend this club on the pitch a club who made a boys dream come true Whatever comes at the end of this seasoni will always remember it was this blog that recoiled me with BFC so just one word MERCI

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  6. Well said, Greville. Let’s hope those that can, actually ameliorate the situation for you and the rest of us. And the rest of us can happily shut up.


  7. I’m also tired of it all, even though I have expressed an opinion here and there myself. I had decided that I wasn’t going to read anything about Brentford till the next game but as soon as I saw this blog had appeared in my inbox, my finger took on a mind of its own and here it is replying.
    You can see the support you get for your writing above. I hope this goes some way to reaffirming that most fans can keep a civil tongue, respect your views (even if they don’t agree) and can unite behind a cause. In this case your tiredness (and Brentford).
    Keep up the good work and sleep man.


  8. Yeah I’m tired of reading your “state the bleeding obvious” blogs from week to week. And your recent interviews with the powers to be, reminded me of the infamous “Richard & Judy ” interview with OJ Simpson having a real chance to get into them with some really prying questions..but failing miserably…One minute your readers complain about the language and behavior and smoke bomb idiots of some fans..and the next wanting to make GP an intimidating place for opposition teams..I recently went to see Crystal Palace and observed the palace ultras with there flag waving, flares and none stop singing…they create a great atmosphere and intimidation..Maybe your readers should all sit together and shout “come on you bees jolly well play up”….and may I suggest the removal of Mr Graeme off the pitch before kick off..his attempt to whip a bit of atmosphere is embarrassing and has been laughed at by many away fan


    • Dear Simon

      The obvious answer to your concerns is to stop reading this blog.

      You have always had the opportunity to provide an article stating your own point of view but would obviously prefer to snipe.

      Oh and I only held one of the interviews you referred to so any complaints about the other one should be directed elsewhere.

      I really do not want your vitriol so kindly go away and don’t come back.

      Thank you.

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    • It sounds to me like Palace is the place for you to reside in future then! This blog is a way of engaging in meaningful dialogue about all things Brentford FC.If you can’t add anything constructive I suggest it’s the wrong place for you.Bye the way who is “Mr Graeme?!

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  9. Hi Greville,
    Reading that reminded me so much really of what being a Brentford fan is really all about, hasn’t it always been a long series of highs and lows, having a relatively good season and expecting the next one to be better only for it to end in real disappointment(ie. relegation on numerous occasions). We have been badly spoilt for the last 3/4 years and it would seem that most of us have decided to forget how it used to be and are now demanding instant success, just like the often derided premier league club fans that us fans used to mock do, whatever happens nearly all of “us” fans will be back and cheering them on again regardless it’s how it is and how it has always been for nearly all of my 55years of following my much loved club, in the forty years that I have been in N.Z. I have only managed to get back once during the cup success of ’89 but I have consistently followed from afar regardless and will continue to do so.

    Really enjoy reading your blog so don’t get too disheartened and keep up the good work, there is a saying here in kiwi land and it’s “she’ll be right” and you know what she sure will. Keep your chin up and keep smiling.


  10. Here here (except the last one).
    I’m tired of phrases like ‘our demise’ and ‘this terminal situation’ I’ve seen elsewhere.
    Caring for a sick elderly relative (91 , seen every possible situation for this club yet still supportive and optimistic) and remembering why we were clapping in the 24th minute of the Charlton matc, re-establishes some perspective!


  11. We need a voice of reason amongst all the nonsense spouted by many at the moment Grev. You must continue with the blog, as it is read, disected and enjoyed by so many. Keep up the good work mate. You Bees!


  12. I said i’d give it a rest on here for a while and I will (promise), i’m sorry that you feel tired and would never set out to earn a bullet point in this latest piece. Just want to add today that I enjoy all your of output, including the excellent book. I also enjoy the other official and unofficial BFC stuff that is out out there. You write very well and offer your own fair and moderate take on events at our club, and it gives us all a balanced perspective, I respect you for that.

    For me the attraction of blogs, fanzines etc is that they can be a bit more edgy and inquisitive, at the same time responsible. They represent wider football fan culture which is really needed these days. The blog is 100% yours but as you see it is widely read, we are a big family now and we won’t all agree – some of what you have seen recently in the comments and guest blogs does come with the territory, within limits it’s healthy. Those who take time to comment are all good Brentford people, even those who take a dislike to my thoughts – you put it out there and people engage – trust me this place isn’t extreme at all.

    The page is yours, I hope that you continue to write what you want to write – keep it real and don’t let any of us change that.

    Finally (note to self) there are always other bigger things going on in the world, beyond TW8, we need to keep this in mind and chill a little I guess.

    Happy Easter everyone.


  13. Between the bouts of depression caused by each game there are a few things that make me feel a bit better. Your blog is one of them. So tired or not, I hope you will keep going. I think we should all make an effort to unite before the Forest game and I think that you have an important role to play in this.

    Just watch this video about being tired and it might cheer you up and then you can go and write another blog.


  14. There are two types of people in the world Greville, those who light up a room when they walk in and those who light it up when they walk out. My room is brighter for having you in it. Keep on blogging.

    Suffolk Bee

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  15. Hi Greville – take all the positives from the replies and you know what to do with the negative one. I, like the others, really enjoy your blog and the way you keep things in perspective and without any hysteria.

    This season would have tested the patience of a saint to say the least and, footballing wise, has been a near disaster but it doesn’t merit some of the over the top comments (abuse) that has been thrown around social media recently. I fear another round of managerial sackings would, at present, probably only de-stabilise things further and somehow we have to trust those in their positions to get ourselves out of the self inflicted mess and potential disaster that relegation would bring. Hopefully, they’ll all be quick learners and the errors made will not be repeated and next season will be a springboard to better times. Until then, all we can do is to get behind the team starting at the City Ground next week. Perhaps our management and directors can go and get some pointers from there as to how not to run a football club as Forest seem to be leading players in that art. Wouldn’t it be good if we could put in a performance there like last season – what an evening! Unlikely, I know, but hope springs eternal.

    Keep going and remember it’s your blog – not anyone else’s.


  16. Hi Greville Having lived in France for the last six years I haven’t been able to get back to watch the bees much and your blog is great to keep up with what has been going on at the club. I think most people who have Brentford fc in there hearts will realise that you are a true supporter of the club and always will want what is best for the bees, please don’t listen to Crystal Palace fans!! and keep this vital blog going. Everyone will have there point of view but people must remember what it was like only a few years ago and remember where we are now.


  17. Hi Greville,
    Keep your blog going .It is constructive, well-argued and literate ,which cannot be said for many other offerings elsewhere.
    B.F.C. have been in many worst scrapes than this over the years. Now is the time to get behind the Coach, players and staff. If you just want to moan ,go somewhere else. Will be at Forest, fingers etc crossed.

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  18. Greville….
    Reading your blog and all replies are a fantastic insight to what bees fans are feeling so as i know you will continue allow to to express how i feel about our clubs current situation.
    Firstly anyone who reads this i am just as passionate about brentford as the next man but while i am finally concerned about our position i still feel somewhat relaxed and confident we will be in the championship next season.
    I wrote on your blog about two weeks ago that i don’t comment anymore but still read your words, the reason i dont comment is purely for fear of upsetting folk.
    I have stopped using all bees related sites the latest being brentford loyal due to folk becoming abusive when they have not liked a comment or been challenged.
    I seem to be a laid back person and while i worry about how we are not playing at the moment i have to ask am i the only bees supporter who has kept his feet firmly on the ground. When we won promotion to the championship i was sure the plan would be to consolidate our place in this division something that would not be an easy ride for the first 2/3 season’s, my thoughts have never been more than remembering what division we were in just two seasons ago and what an uphill struggle we will have for the next two seaons in adapting to a environment we have not graced before and lets not forget football is a whole lot different to when we were last in the second tier.
    I go to griffin park with no expectations since we gained promotion purely so not to disappoint myself and while we are playing crap at the moment i still can think of no other place i would rather be on a Saturday afternoon than griffin park.
    It would seem a lot of supporters have been drugged by the lure of the promised land and the demand on gaining promotion to the premiership is for me is blind ignorance as even under mark Warburton i feel we would still not be ready for that opportunity so soon after being promoted to the championship.
    I have learnt that as a supporter since 1969 that i am able to finally stop biting my nails at games , i can leave GP after losing with a smile on my face (why?) because i have already witnessed something at GP i never thought i would in my lifetime. I know things are far from rosey at the moment but i remain confident and convinced we are still on course for greater things and one of those things is being privileged and grateful to read your blog and the input from your many readers.
    Being a brentford supporter is not a hobby your either in or out for life and when anyone who is in a scenario like that constructive, sensible , creative and honest debate is a healthy thing.


  19. This is a season which has polarised opinion like no other. Discussion is not helped by terms like ‘disloyal’ and ‘bedwetting’ which get bandied about and really get people’s backs up. Lines have been crossed at times and I apologise if I have done that at any time.

    The fact remains Greville that your blog is balanced, well-written and articulate; it would be a great loss to the BFC community if it did not continue.


  20. Greville,

    I think it’s clear from the comments above that your writings are much appreciated and have a loyal following both near and far. And, being part of the Bees diaspora, I can attest that your blog provides a great way to hear and share the views of fellow-fans without being there is person. So thank you and please keep it going.

    Maybe it’s time for some reverse psychology. If we needed two wins from eight to get promoted into the Championship, I think most fans would be giddy with excitement. Sure, the team is shot of confidence but let’s enjoy the break and come back raring to go knowing we need two wins to get promoted.

    Positive thoughts!


  21. Greville, Greville, Greville

    First off. Which is funnier Lilly Alan Judge Von Stropp or the Simon Pitt fellow who thinks that the man with the mic on the side of the pitch for the last what 40 years or more is called Mr Graeme????

    You don’t get gems like that on forums mate. Too many administrators who not only have the licence to cull but also get to make remarks belittling the individual who has offended them, in the process, thereby encouraging each of their mates to do the same.

    You don’t want your blog to go that way so if YOU don’t like replies, delete it Greville! That’s my advice as keyboard warriors want the press so just cut off the supply. Even after the event. Just take it down. You have that Editor’s right without having to justify doing so.

    As for this season, well you couldn’t write it, and its been capped off by today’s inactivity soon followed by a rumour of another injury to McEachran – which has yet to be confirmed.

    I like to think before I respond to any comment but sometimes the fingers do a Beetlejuice and go off half cocked but hopefully without insulting anyone and most certainly I hope not you.

    I am not sure which of the “Tired Of…” I would fall under but that’s not something I would take personally.

    So keep your pecker up, keep blogging and keep pushing the boundaries mate because by opening your blogg to others you have, possibly to your own surprise, discovered, that the range of opinion and intelligence levels amongst the readers and Brentford fans in general is of an eye openingly wide spectrum.

    But we are all supporters of the same football club.

    Come on You Bees


  22. Sounds like you’re just tooooo tired. Everything seems wearing when you’re in that state. Brentford is a really friendly club but like everything it has it’s dodgy side. Thing is we can get bogged down focusing entirely on that. Have a good rest, you’ll likely see it all in a different light


  23. I always enjoy reading your blog
    But more importantly enjoy supporting brentford
    Its that which binds us all
    We all have different perspectives and we dont always agree
    Just remember to get to the premiership is a marathon not a sprint
    There will be set backs but we will get there in the end
    Keep talking bees as i can remember the times when if you said you support brentford they would say who?
    Not anymore



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