More Good News! – 7/4/16

This has been a week that has just kept giving! Some supporters might say that they fully deserve some good news after all the ups and downs that we have been subjected to over the past nine months whereas I feel that given all the obstacles that we have had to overcome both on and off the pitch we have done amazingly well to be in a position where our Championship future has pretty much been secured and given a fair wind we could yet finish in the top half of the table.

Despite the warm glow of satisfaction that we must all be feeling after two such comprehensive wins in a marvellous four day period – and believe me I had pretty much forgotten how good it was to feel after back to back victories, there are some things, believe it or not, that are even more important than the football.

In that regard there were two massive announcements from the club yesterday that in the medium to long term dwarf everything else that has happened recently.

Firstly we finally received the long and anxiously awaited announcement that the Secretary of State Greg Clark had on April the first approved the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) for the land required for the new Brentford Community Stadium project.

This CPO included the Capital Court site, currently occupied by a disused and derelict office block, together with other small parcels of land that will complete the development site.

Chairman Cliff Crown was understandably euphoric and stated that achieving the approval for the Compulsory Purchase Order is another step forward in our development plans. This approval marks the start of further important legal steps that the club and the London Borough of Hounslow now need to follow. We look forward to being able to make further progress over the coming months.

Lionel Road is now even closer to becoming a reality and one that will mark a turning point in the club’s long and chequered history.

A move to a twenty-thousand capacity all-seater stadium will enable us to compete on a more even keel with the remainder of the Championship teams who currently dwarf us in terms of their average attendances, facilities and overall income potential.

We are currently competing at a massive disadvantage and given that our average attendance is in the bottom three in the division with the resultant financial shortcomings and that we are also subject to the dictates and restrictions of Financial Fair Play no wonder we have struggled to match teams who are ready, willing and able to pay players up to three times what we can afford.

As we have already seen to our cost we are unable to repel the approaches of better heeled clubs for our best players and can only ensure, as we have done, that we receive full value for them.

This has certainly been the case in respect of Gray, Odubajo, Dallas, Diagouraga and Tarkowski and it is likely that Judge and maybe even Button will also follow them out of the door at the end of the season.

For the time being we will need to recognise and accept, even if we do not like to admit it, that we might face the need to replace up to half a team every season.

That is of course as long as we can continue to recruit sufficient numbers of fresh, young and emerging talent, polish and develop them and then see them depart when the time and money is right.

The likes of Max Colin and Ryan Woods will undoubtedly have already gained admirers at clubs higher up the food chain than Brentford and we need to ensure that our recruitment strategy is more successful than it was in the last close season if we are going to maintain or even better, improve our position over the next couple of years.

This is an unsatisfactory and frustrating way of having to operate but quite frankly we have no alternatives as long as our income levels remain as they are. That is why Lionel Road is so important to us as it represents a much needed and long awaited beacon of hope for the club. If we are able to attract crowds of around fifteen thousand at Lionel Road, not an unreasonable expectation in my opinion given that we are averaging over ten thousand at present, and will also be able to fit in far more away fans as well as the extra Brentford supporters and floaters who will be attracted by a new stadium then our income levels will increase exponentially particularly when you take into account the certain rise in commercial and hospitality revenue.

Hopefully we will find out shortly just how soon it will be before work will begin on the site and when our dreams of a new stadium will be realised. We simply need to hang on until then, depend upon the largesse of Matthew Benham to help us remain afloat, continue to punch above our weight and sell players as necessary in order to keep the wolf from the door whilst ideally replacing them with cheaper alternatives who will in turn ideally become the stars of the future. Nothing in that regard will change for the immediate future until, with the move to Lionel Road, we are better able to bring in sufficient income to ensure that we can keep hold of our best players and establish ourselves as a Championship powerhouse.

There was also the welcome announcement from the club that season and match ticket prices have been frozen for next year. It would have been hard to justify an increase given the season that we are having when supporters have only seen the team win eight times in the Championship at Griffin Park but the club is to be congratulated for its common sense approach and hopefully next season will see a massive improvement in our home form. I suspect that we will lose some of the new season ticket holders who were attracted by the success we enjoyed last season but hopefully we can attract most of them back should we be a position to strengthen the team in the Summer to the degree and quality suggested by Phil Giles recently.

Brentford FC is synonymous with and has an important part to play in the morale and well-being of the community that it serves and yesterday’s announcements can only help in those endeavours. The past few months have in truth been pretty bleak but now Brentford supporters can start to walk around with a smile on their face again.

We are a Championship team on the field and that is also matched by all our endeavours off it too.





8 thoughts on “More Good News! – 7/4/16

  1. Word of advice never start a blog with good news you won’t get any bites as far as our football clubs bunch of regular moaners are concerned.suggestions start with
    Warburton says …….
    We are in free fall
    Benham still picking the team
    Smith has lost the dressing room
    I told you so
    We are heading for administration
    LR will never happen

    Yes very good news this last week and after a very difficult season of which most of the set backs were beyond the clubs control we are sitting above and alongside some massive clubs with great recent history who are looking nervously at the remaining games.49 points with 7 games to go we should all be happy


    • Quite frankly, I dont give a toss what the plastic whingers think, Some of the comments on social media have been appaling!
      Having supported the bees since the age of 12 (Now 59} It saddens me to see some of the garbage posted, since we have VIRTUALLy guranteed staying in the championship all the whingers seems to have taken a back seat, Its almost if they revel in the fact that they can only post negative crap then when all their predictions are proved rubbish they cant accept the fact’s!!!
      As for abusing the manager and owners family words fail me.


    • Well said Bill , the new ground being the best news for the Bees above all else in my opinion,as much as i love Griffin park it will provide us with a much needed financial income 7 days a week .THANK YOU MATTHEW BENHAM.


  2. Those 2 wins have certainly made life look a whole lot rosier that’s for sure! The news re the the CPO together with the eminently sensible decision to freeze season ticket prices has been the icing on the cake.
    As you rightly say we are competing on a very uneven playing field with the vast majority of other Clubs in this division so all things considered staying competitive in this league is a very decent achievement albeit we all wish we could replicate the standards reached last year.
    What a nice end to the week it would be to turn over the “Tractor Boy’s” & a certain Jonathan Douglas on Saturday,but even if that doesent happen it would have been a rewarding week on a number of levels.


  3. Oh dear Mr Benn. Can I just point out that you yourself have been very quiet recently, coincidentally when the team was playing absolute garbage.

    The last week has shown why every Brentford fan should be grateful beyond belief to Matthew Benham.

    The previous 12 months have shown why people have asked a few questions.

    Thank you for reaffirming your status as an über fan on here while slagging off a fair proportion of our fanbase at the same time. So what do you want to do with the plebs then? Tell them to go off and support QPR or Fulham presumably. Great idea. Let’s go back to 4,000 crowds then.

    Driving a wedge between fans has been one of the most negative things of a very unenjoyable season (as the club seem to have acknowledged given the season ticket renewal email I got), so can I suggest you and that other bloke on here lay aside your confrontational instincts towards fellow fans, take pride in your ultra-loyal status and just get on with supporting The Bees just like (and this may startle you) the majority of the people you slag off probably do as soon as they set foot in Griffin Park.


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