That’s It For Now – 25/5/16

It has certainly been a long, hard season jammed full of ups and downs.

We have been taken to the heights and also plummeted to the depths.

I cannot think of another season in which our fortunes have fluctuated so much, so wildly and to so great an extent.

Thankfully we ended on a real high and we are now all looking forward to the next season with a real sense of anticipation and excitement.

I fully expect that the close season will also be jam-packed with activity as some players arrive and perhaps others will leave.

Maybe there will also be more positive news about progress on the new stadium at Lionel Road?

In any case I am sure that there will be much to ponder on and write about.

That leads me onto this blog.

I wasn’t sure if there was the overall interest in my continuing to write it throughout last season or if I could also summon up the energy and enthusiasm to keep it going.

My ego also demanded that if I did, then it would have to be good enough in terms of its content and style to ensure that it was up to scratch.

I am glad that I did carry on as there was always something new to write about – some good – some bad, and I have really enjoyed myself and I hope that you all have too.

It has been worth the late nights and early mornings and staring at a empty computer screen willing my brain into action.

After writing the best part of three hundred thousand words, I am now going to have my own break, firstly to have a rest and recharge my batteries and also to finish off my next book.

Growing Pains will feature the best/worst of the blog and will cover in detail all of the key events of last season, both on and off the field.

For those fed up with me, it will also include lots of fantastic and illuminating specially commissioned articles and forewords from insiders and experts such as:

  • Matthew Benham
  • Cliff Crown
  • Phil Giles
  • Tom Moore
  • Billy Reeves
  • Phil Parry
  • Jim Levack

They, and several others will be providing their own thoughts and assessment on what happened last season and, more importantly, how we will do next season.

There will also be a fascinating update on how Mark Warburton has been doing in his new role at Glasgow Rangers.

Hopefully there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

The book will be published within the next six weeks or so and I will provide you all with updates as soon as I have more news.

As for next season… Who knows? Again I feel a bit conflicted as I do not want simply to produce more of the same.

I am not sure if I have anything new to say although I’m certain that what transpires at Griffin Park will provide me with lots of fresh ammunition.

That is a decision for another day assuming that some of you actually want to keep reading what I write.

In the meantime thank you to everyone of you who has read what I have written or posted a comment or even provided an article.

I am eternally grateful to all of you.

Have a good Summer!


18 thoughts on “That’s It For Now – 25/5/16

  1. Have thoroughly enjoyed reading your articles and would miss them if they were not here next season, so do carry on the good work.


  2. Like the players, have a break, put your feet up and come back refreshed for the new season. Contract definitely renewed.


  3. Can but echo previous comments, Greville – have enjoyed reading the blogs as ever. Whilst I don’t always agree with your comments, they are always insightful and well worth the read. Have a good break, and look forward to next season and the re-appearance of the blogs.


  4. Another season of great blogs Greville – always look forward to them when they appear – hope to see more come August


  5. Enjoy your break Greville! I am looking forward to next seasons comments and your latest book i hope to put it on my birthday wish list.


  6. Thank you for an outstanding blog, your insight into subjects I often think about but am generally too lazy to look into is full and well explained. It is rare that I can follow a blog without feeling regular outbursts of angst and irritation but you have the ability to take me close and then mollify me. I look forward to next season with an excitement I wouldn’t have believed in February and hopefully your blog to clear some of the clouds floating through my mind.


  7. Greville, well done for sticking at it for another season. When you had your doubts this time last year, I, like many others, encouraged you to have the summer break then continue. I am very pleased you did and would repeat my sentiments. I don’t always agree with you but always look forward to your posts. The fact that you are willing to post views differing to your own is also highly commendable. I will close by saying thank you for your hard work.


  8. Well deserved break Greville. Your blog is required reading for me and as your’d expect I’d really miss it if you decided on a longer break.

    I remember last season when you were equally unsure about continuing it for this season, and yet this season had as much going on if not more. If anything, I think the Bees have done event better by overcoming so many obstacles.

    Look forward to the new book.


  9. Your blog is essential reading for supporters outside the UK and unable to make the games in person. Please continue the great writing.

    In the meantime, enjoy the break and the Euros. And, as a certain MW might say, relish the new challenge and get ready to go again.


  10. Hi Greville, I would like to echo the thoughts of Graham re-the bee’s abroad comment, I thoroughly enjoy your blog and it keeps me informed of the goings-on at the bee’s and so I hope that you do decide to keep going and also I am looking forward to the book coming out.


  11. Please don’t go into blog retirement Greville – you’re the heart and soul of a long term Bee – angst and joy all in the mix. Your reflections are valued and would be badly missed if you put your feet up come July. Thanks for this year’s contributions. I’m looking forward to the new book.


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