Good News! – 23/6/16

Just to let everybody know that I signed off on the final proof of my new book Growing Pains a couple of days ago and it is now at the printer.

The BFC Superstore will be receiving its initial order in about ten days time by which time it will also be available on Amazon both as a paperback and ebook.

This is a massive A4 sized book of just under 400 pages packed with pictures from the esteemed Mark Fuller which provides all the analysis and a complete review of pretty much everything that happened on and off the pitch at Griffin Park last season.

For those who quite reasonably get fed up with my words there are guest articles from the likes of Phil Giles, Cliff Crown, Tom Moore, Phil Parry and Billy Reeves.

All my readers also get their say as many of their best comments and viewpoints have also been included.

It will be priced at £18.99 and I will let you know when it is available – it won’t be too long now!

I will also then let the cat out of the bag about my next book which will be something completely different although still very much Brentford related.

I am really delighted and excited about its subject matter which should hopefully be of massive interest to all Brentford fans who have been following the club for a little while as it features a Brentford legend, and I will tell you all about it as soon as all the details are finalised.


5 thoughts on “Good News! – 23/6/16

  1. Hi Greville,
    That is good news I can’t wait to order my copy of BOTH books and look forward to you continuing the good work next season all the best.


  2. Thanks Brian for your kind words.

    The problem I have is that if I go ahead with the new book I will not have the time to do the blog as well on such a regular basis given the amount of work required to write the book.



  3. Glad it’s you and not me. At least if you don’t do the blog we will have a couple of good books to read to keep us occupied.


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