Bob Booker – 28/6/16

I am writing this on a train traveling back to Victoria Station from Haywards Heath.

The rain is sheeting down in stair rods but despite the Stygian gloom I am full of the joys of the Summer that has really yet to arrive.

I have just spent a pleasant couple of hours with Bob Booker, his partner Nicky and not forgetting their dog Alfie.

I can now exclusively reveal that, subject to contract, Bob has agreed to my writing his biography.

He has a wonderful story to tell of how he was transferred to Brentford from Bedmond for the princely sum of a set of track suits, made his debut the same week at his local club, Watford where he was marked by his future brother-in-law Ian Bolton and scored that incredible hat trick the following season against Hull in a 7-2 thrashing.

Bob overcame difficult times to become a true Brentford hero and legend and he eventually wore every outfield shirt and is now a proud member of the Brentford Hall of Fame.

When his career appeared over due to lingering injuries Dave Bassett took him to Sheffield United where he inspired and led them to two consecutive promotions and beyond all expectations Bob became a regular performer in the First Division (no Premier League in those days).

Eventually he returned to play a part in our 1992 promotion team before retiring through injury the following year.

Bob then played an important role as Youth Team Coach at Brentford for the rest of the decade before embarking on a new and successful career as Assistant Manager at Brighton where helped them to a couple of promotions.

Bob has so many stories to tell about his time at all three clubs and he is universally liked and respected throughout the game.

He is also a keen observer and deep thinker about football and has much to say about his life and times and the triumphs and tribulations of life as a professional footballer.

He is also just as nice a guy as you would imagine him to be.

I am really delighted and excited at the prospect of working with him over the coming months and hope that you all share my enthusiasm and will be interested in reading the book when it is published next year.

I would welcome any comments at the news and will also be asking for any personal stories or reminiscences about him as the book begins to take shape.

Hopefully there will be significant interest in the book amongst supporters of all three clubs as Bob is fondly remembered to this day by so many fans of Brentford, Sheffield United and Brighton.

This is a new venture for me and I only hope that I am up to the task!


10 thoughts on “Bob Booker – 28/6/16

  1. Good luck with the book greville.

    Bob Booker got me hooked to the bees. My first game was the 6-0 v chester and my second when we mauled the tigers 7-2 with the great man scoring three. After that i assumed we would score that many every week.


  2. Hi Greville, I am really looking forward to getting the book if all goes well. Unfortunately I never got to see Bob play as I had by then left for New Zealand. However, I have a lot of newspaper cuttings here somewhere that have match reports when he was playing .


  3. Not a fan of sports biogs but looking forward to reading this one Greville. I worked on the ground staff for the summer holidays in 82 and remember Bob as one of the superstar heroes who was happy to chat with me. Great memories of that other bees legend Eddie Lyons that master purveyor of the cold sponge.Good luck with the book.


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