“Growing Pains” Is Now On Sale! – 30/6/16


growingpainsMy new book Growing Pains is now available for purchase at the Brentford Superstore and on Amazon both as a paperback (£18.99) and a Kindle eBook (£9.99).

Here is some information about it:

GROWING PAINS: BRENTFORD FC’S 2015/16 SEASON by Greville WatermanThe 2014/15 season saw newly-promoted Brentford FC reach the Championship playoffs and come within a whisker of the Premier League. However, it was also a season that ended in controversy with highly successful Manager Mark Warburton leaving the club and the club’s management structure being remodelled to mix traditional scouting tools with mathematical models and statistics.

Brentford were subjected to a stream of scorn and criticism from a football world which did not understand what was happening at the club. Everyone outside the club waited for Brentford to fall flat on their face.

What would happen over the 2015/16 season? Would the Bees maintain their progress and success, would they fall into mediocrity, or would they return to Division One? The answer was a rollercoaster season with initial lows, an impressive recovery, more lows and – finally – a highly impressive spurt which saw them finish in a creditable ninth place in the Championship.

A remarkable outcome to a year in the toughest and most remorseless football league in Europe, and one where the Bees regularly came up against teams that dwarfed them in terms of tradition, income and resources.

In Growing Pains, long-established supporter, blogger and author Greville Waterman continues the tale begun in Ahead Of The Game. Mixing articles from his acclaimed blog, BFC Talk, with extensive new content, Greville offers an insightful, entertaining and fascinating journey into Brentford’s year.

Incorporating the tale of three Head Coaches, never-ending injuries, the embarrassment of Pitchgate, selling star players due to Financial Fair Play, and becoming the top-ranked London club outside the Premier League, this book is essential reading for all Brentford fans. It includes guest contributions from insiders and experts such as Matthew Benham, Cliff Crown, Phil Giles, Phil Parry, Billy Reeves, Tom Moore and Jim Levack.

The 2015/16 season might well have seen some Growing Pains but the future for the club is bright and exciting.

I would highly recommend Greville Waterman’s excellent new book Growing Pains to every Brentford supporter. He has written wisely and entertainingly on pretty much everything that happened on and off the field at the club last season, good and bad alike. Matthew Benham

Growing Pains is now available at the Brentford Superstore for £18.99 and can also be bought as both a paperback and Kindle eBook at Amazon.co.uk.

It states that the book is temporarily out of stock on Amazon but please order it now as they will ship it in the very near future as orders begin to come in.

If you like it please can you leave a review of the book on Amazon and mention it on social media?

Many thanks.

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9 thoughts on ““Growing Pains” Is Now On Sale! – 30/6/16

  1. Good luck with the new book – just as important as its predecessor as a record of our 15/16 campaign. Well done on the Bob Booker scoop too. We need these historical records of the people and moments that have made our club what it is. A little historical reminder to some of our detractors wouldn’t go amiss either, a town with a population of circa 20k having a record attendance of 40k. Our pre war period forgotten by many. Keep doing what you do mate.


    • Thanks for your kind words which are greatly appreciated. I hope you get hold of the new book as there are so many of your wise comments included in it!

      I’m really excited about the Bob Booker book as he has so many stories to tell and it won’t just be about Brentford as he had an incredible spell at Sheffield Uited and is loved at Brighton too. Quite a challenge to find his voice.

      As for the blog. God knows as I’m not sure if I have the energy to do both.

      I’m thinking about a monthly update or so as there is so much to do to get all of Bob Booker’s words down, interview everyone else who knows him, edit it and then write it up.



      • Will absolutely buy the book. I may regret one or two of my quotes, not always wise or right, but always honest & from the heart.

        The BB project is amazing, and his story has a wide appeal in the game – you’ll do it / him justice I know.

        Blog when you can and when the words come easily, yourself, Nick and and the other BFC bloggers keep us all going.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi greville.Hope you are enjoying a good summer(?) break !!! Will buy two copies of the new book from the Bees store at the first opportunity as promised. Very pleased with the new signings and delighted that Josh Clarke has signed a new contract. Cannot wait for the first home game against Ipswich !!! We have some scores to settle.!


      • I have just spoken to the publisher who has been in touch with Amazon. They are saying it will be shipped in 1-3 weeks, and he would guess somewhere in the middle. The way Amazon work is the more people who order it the quicker they supply it.

        Sorry I can’t be more specific. The BFC club shop has it in stock and they would probably post it straight away if you’d prefer.


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