A Barefaced Commercial Plug! – 22/7/16

My apologies if you have heard all this already but given that we have two home matches coming up in the next few days I just wanted to remind everybody that my new book, Growing Pains 

Growing Pains image – a four hundred page monster that covers all of the events both on and off the field from last season in my words and also those of the likes of Matthew Benham, Cliff Crown, Phil Giles, Billy Reeves and Phil Parry is now available in the BFC Superstore and via Amazon at


Please ignore what it says on Amazon – the book is available and in stock!

There is also an ebook version available for download to Kindle.

I really hope that you seek it out and enjoy it. Any feedback and reviews on Anazon would also be really welcomed.

Thanks to the two readers who have already reviewed and apparently enjoyed it. It really helps and makes it all worthwhile when you get some feedback – positive or otherwise!


I will do my best to keep my blog updated as often as I can given that my main endeavour this season is to write a biography of Bees legend Bob Booker.

In that regard I would welcome any stories, memorabilia or clippings relating to him.

Thanks again

Best wishes



6 thoughts on “A Barefaced Commercial Plug! – 22/7/16

  1. Hi Greville, The book is ordered and on its way, can’t wait and as we only have 3 postal deliveries per week it is taking longer than usual I have no doubt that it will be well worth the wait however .


  2. Will fill my boots in the club shop tomorrow if it’s there. The book will be the only thing they sell that fits me – bloomin slim fit merch!!!!!

    Good luck with it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sounds good – a stress free pre match pint..

      Not exactly sure of travel plans and timings yet, but will come in and find you if that’s OK – how long are you likely to be in there for?

      I hear rumours of a large German following coming over, anyone else heard this?


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