Thanks Tim! – 26/7/16

Thanks to Tim Street for this more than generous article and review of my new book, Growing Pains which he published on Get West London yesterday.

I am glad that he enjoyed it and hope that you all will too and the book can be found in the BFC Superstore as well as on Amazon at

I had the pleasure of meeting Rebel Bee on Saturday before the Kaiserslautern match and a jolly fine and interesting chap he turned out to be too. We had a good chat about all things Brentford and it was great, finally, to be able to put a face to a name – or even a pen name in his case! Hopefully I can get together with lots of other readers of this blog at some point during what is certain to be an exciting, if stressful season.

I say stressful as I still find it hard to accept or even believe that the Little Old Brentford that we all knew so well over so many years has transformed itself into a well-run, groundbreaking and innovative club that has set the standard and benchmark for others to follow and is more than holding its own in the Championship, one of the toughest leagues in Europe.

Tonight is simply one more step on the journey as we prepare ourselves to meet the challenge of Huddersfield on Saturday week and I will be interested to see how we shape up against a good footballing team in Peterborough.

On the face of it not the most attractive or enticing of opponents and I suspect that proposed matches against more vaunted and higher ranked opposition fell through at the last minute. So the Posh it is and anyway, preseason friendlies are all about ourselves rather than the opposition and I am really looking forward to tonight’s action.

Oh, in case anyone asks – yes, I do like the new shirts – very nostalgic and once they do something about the illegible numbers I will be more than happy.

See you there!


15 thoughts on “Thanks Tim! – 26/7/16

  1. Good meeting you too, look forward to seeing you around GP through season three in the Championship – sounds good doesn’t it.

    Maybe the Posh game has more to it, MB seems to get on OK with DMac. He says good things about us. and they have some very talented youngsters at London Rd. Just a thought, maybe a stretch but who knows..

    Anyone else seen the Pritchard to QPR rumours? Please no!

    Anyway keep doing your thing, we are a broad church, and you provide a great platform for healthy discussion. Following BFC is akin to taking he exam before you’ve had the lesson, we learn as we go.


  2. Hi Greville,As you already know I found two copies of “Growing Pains ” hidden away in the club shop on Saturday. and honoured my promise to buy them. Particularly enjoyed re-reading all your blogs and the”guest” contributions apart from my own!!!

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  3. You are right, we are very much an established Championship team now, but its still very enjoyable seeing fans of other teams on Twitter continuing to dismiss ‘little Brentford’ as ‘irrelevant’. Long may it continue, as many teams like Forest, Leeds, and the Putney posers had previously deemed us as ‘irrelevant’, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing their supporters ashen faces on the streets after the game after being beaten by ‘little Brentford’. Makes those victories even more sweeter.

    As for the numbers on shirts, which Mr Bruzon also mentioned on his blog today, I am pretty sure those are not the official EFL numbers/font. Im sure we will see a difference on the stripes for the Ipswich game


    • Loving the sentiment BQ, the fact that these clubs think we’re little or irrelevant says more about them tbf. Look i know we are no Bayern or Benfica but we’ve never been little or irrelevant. It’s the age of the Prem i’m afraid, where many fans don’t appreciate that football actually existed before SKY turned up. We are certainly a smaller club in this division based on budget, stadium, average attendance etc. Which makes it all the sweeter when “we have their lunch” time after time.


      • Unable to get to GP last night but saw the whole game on You Tube- an interesting development ! A shame about the result but otherwise the best pre-season performance so far.Lewis Macleod was again the star and Ryan Woods covered every blade of grass in his role as captain. Encouraged by the performances of all those emerging from the junior ranks.Do not envy Dean Smith over his selection “problems” !!


  4. Maybe I was right, some rumours that our new LB will be a player that was at Posh last season – Callum Elder, he certainly fits our profile.


  5. Hi Greville my copy of the new book arrived late yesterday, took just over 10 days from amazon.

    Lovely thing it is too, what a body of work it represents, and it really highlights what football can do to you that no other sport can..

    I’ve read back a few of my comments from last season with mixed feelings, I possibly only regret one word that I used at a very low point. But everything I said was sincere and I’d stand by it all. 2015/16 was a testing but ultimately defining season in many ways, we all made mistakes and learned as we went along. As a result i’m in a very different place now, still questioning but completely comfortable with what we are doing under this incredible owner, and why.

    Many congratulations on producing this historically important fans eye chronicle of the season. hope it sells out!


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