Dad-2Greville Waterman
North London

Bio: I am a long time and long suffering Brentford supporter who has enjoyed both good and bad times at Griffin Park and can finally see light at the end of the very long tunnel.

I ran a sponsorship consultancy for many years and now teach Autogenic Therapy, a Mind/Body relaxation technique that helps people who are suffering from anxiety, stress and mild depression (please visit http://www.howtobeatstress.co.uk).

I needed the help of AT after suffering from the trauma of watching the Bees over a fifty year period!

I recently worked as Chief Executive of The Institute, a long-established adult education college in North London.

I am married with two grown up children.

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  1. Ref Richard Poole…l was at his debut match at GP and remember Peter Gillham announcing a dedication from his parents entitled “only 16”. lnteresting to read about Gordon Phillips. He is a good guy, Gordon. l jnew him as somebody who used to visit Whitestile Rd where l used to live in Brentford to see his girlfriend who later became his wife. She was the daughter of the newsagent, Mr Robinson. Gordon invited me to his testimonial felebration at a pub in Richmond . Great seeing so many of your heroes in one place!


  2. Hello NLB,
    I read your blog these days and always find much to agree with you from your musings. In fact I too have recently spent endless hours analysing our half season and wondering if these good times will come to a successful or fruitless conclusion.
    I would love to hear your thoughts on a couple of my observations particularly as you have covered both these areas recently.
    1. I am amazed we have not played all three central defenders together particularly in away games where sometimes you need to earn the right to be in a game before you earn the right to dominate it. We have allowed our opponents 210 shots in 12 away games of which 73 were on target and from which we conceded 20 goals at an average of 1.667 goals per game. Our away performances have included games where we have had the lions share of possession yet lost. On 5 out of 6 of those occasions, Bournemouth being the exception, our passion stats read 42%, 58%, 54%, 52%, 59%,and 64%. Our wins on the road have come at Blackpool, Rotherham, Forest, Millwall and Cardiff and our possession stats for those victories have been 52%, 53%, 46%, 50%, and 52%. We have in those away games created 157 chances and from 60 on target scored 17 goals at 1.42 goals per game. With away games to come at Derby, Ipswich, Norwich, and Blackburn to name but 4 I would have thought that NIL – NIL would be great results and opportunities to tweak a system that very Everton like has become very easy for good strong teams to overcome far too easily. That’s not to say I do not think we should target 5 easier away games to produce wins from with the other two perhaps falling the wrong way but is just a thought!
    2. Our home form appears excellent when you look at the 7 wins 2 defeats 3 draws aspect but again I refer to the same stats and ask should we be ever playing with Toumani AND Douglas at Home in the 2nd half of the season? If our front 4 were Dallas, Gray and Jota with Judge or Pritchard in behind then we would have two out balls, in Bidwell on the half way line and Dallas further up on either side or pushed inside. The lack of an out ball other than the Bidwell option has left us exposed against Ipswich and Norwich and perhaps also Reading to some extent albeit we were not punished by them as by the other two. We have created 173 opportunities at home this season with remarkably an identical number on target 66 as our opponents from 12 less opportunities (161). We have scored 23 goals at 1.92 per game and conceded 15 at 1.25 per game and I would think that we need to improve both of these if we are to reap the richest of rewards available. My hunch would be to again deploy all three centre halves for the visits of Middlesborough, Bournemouth, Watford, Cardiff and Forest who I believe will be our closest rivals in the fight for the Play Offs and to secure victories against the other six visitors to Griffin Park, Wigan, Blackpool, Huddersfield, Millwall, Bolton and Rotherham. Those 18 points would go a long way to determining our end of season position in my opinion.

    11 wins from our remaining 22 games will put us in the Play Offs I reckon on 71 points at least not withstanding any draws we pick up from the other 11 fixtures so why not have a Plan B? That way our spending in January can be specific to 4 key areas CB, LB, MF and CF/OF rather than desperate.

    My email address is attached as requested and I look forward to your greater knowledge of our performances deconstructing my observations or otherwise.




  3. Hi Greville, I have hanging in a place of honour, a signed Bees shirt from the Johnstone paint final in April 2011. I had flown over for that game and like many Bees afterwards fely yet again let down on the bog occasion. What got me thinking however, was the huge change between both clubs since that game, look at us and look at Carlisle and in the context of hindsight the loss that day really wasnt a big deal. Maybe a more in depth analysis by you on how the two clubs have fared since then will be a good idea


    Jim Myers aka NW USA Bee


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