Brentford Quiz – 20/3/15

stroud1Tomorrow’s match is looming ominously ahead of us and given the fact that so many of our rivals are playing against each other, a victory and three points against a Millwall team fighting for their life at the bottom of the table is an absolute imperative. Like every other true Brentford supporter I have total faith in our team to produce the goods when it is necessary and I am very confident that not only we will put on a decent performance tomorrow lunchtime but we shall also come away with the points.

Given that we are fast approaching “squeaky bum time” as it is so inelegantly called, I thought that I would do my best today to take our collective minds off what is certain to be a nervous encounter tomorrow and instead I am setting you all a Brentford Quiz. Apart from the tie-break, every question concerns Brentford players and matches since 1970 so there is really very little excuse for the vast majority of you not to be right on the money with all your answers. So here we go:

1. How many appearances has Kevin O’Connor made for the club?

2. What did Kevin O’Connor do with his last touch of the ball to date in a Brentford shirt?

3. Who are the top five goal scorers for Brentford since 1970? One of them did score for the club before that year.

4. Who has been shown the most red cards for Brentford since 1970, and how many times has he been sent off? Who are second and third in the list?

5. Which current Brentford player has been sent off three times for the club?

6. How many Brentford players has Keith Stroud sent off – so far?

7. Which Brentford player has missed the most consecutive penalty kicks since 1970, and how many in a row did he miss?

8. Who has scored the most penalty kicks for Brentford since 1970?

9. Name the eight Brentford players who have a 100% success record from the penalty spot and have taken more than one penalty for the club?

10. Who was the last Brentford loanee to score two goals on his debut for the club? (Clue: It was in 2009.)

11. Who was the last Bee to score four goals in a game?

12. How many hat-tricks did Lloyd Owusu score in 1998/99 and which club did he score two hat tricks against that season?

13. Which loan goalkeeper was ever-present, named Player of the Year and conceded under a goal per game for Brentford?

14. Ashley Bayes played twelve games for the Bees (it really seemed like it was a hell of a lot more!) How many goals did he concede?

15. Name five Brentford outfield players who have played in goal after the first choice was sent-off or injured?

16. Who never missed a game and played 157 consecutive league games before he left the club?

17. Who was sent off in the twelfth minute of his Brentford debut and never played for us again?

fa18. Name five players who were nominated as team or club captain?

TieBreak Question: Which Brentford personality was involved in the 1933 FA Cup Final between Everton and Manchester City?

Good luck to everyone, please leave your answers in the comments section below this article and I shall announce the winner in the middle of next week. Cheating is allowed if you can find the correct answers anywhere in reference books or online, and as for the prize…. If anyone gets them all correct they shall receive £20 credit from me which they can use in the famed Brentford Programme Shop.