A Bite To Remember! – 24/06/14

Well sometimes you just have to go with the flow and be topical. My new blog containing a detailed, cogent and hopefully witty review of the brand new Brentford FC promotion DVD so pithily titled “We’re Going Up!” was all ready to go when Luis Suarez did… well you all know by now exactly what the charming Uruguayan did tonight.

So goodbye for now to the DVD review and hello to what?

I fully realise that Italian defenders traditionally make a meal of challenges they receive from opponents but Georgio Chiellini certainly did not appreciate being made THE meal by the snaggle-toothed striker or should that be biter?

I hope that FIFA give him the appropriate punishment that a three-times guilty gnasher deserves but I suspect that they will dither and vacillate mindful more of TV ratings than natural justice. Let’s see how toothless the faceless bureaucrats turn out to be.

So how do I put a Brentford spin on tonight’s appalling event?

The best that I can do is go back through the memory banks and briefly recall some the worst fouls committed by or perpetrated on Brentford players in recent years.

Does anyone remember Pat Terry a frighteningly tough journeyman centre forward from the sixties who saw out his long career with a final season at Brentford punctuated by goals and red cards? Never mind red cards it was the red mist that descended one autumn evening in 1968 when over seventeen thousand packed into Griffin Park to see if we could send Norwich City the same way as Hull City who we had pulverised in the previous round  of the Football League Cup.

A Hugh Curran inspired Norwich strolled to an easy victory marked by Terry, frustrated at the way his evening had gone, launching himself into a maniacal two footed kick into the chest of the gormless but totally innocent Laurie Brown who collapsed like a felled oak.

Those were violent times and earlier that season the bald assassin, Chesterfield’s Keith Kettleborough had to be smuggled out of the side door of Griffin Park with his head hidden in a blanket after his assault on star winger Allan Mansley left the star winger crocked and never the same player again.

Walsall’s Paul McShane will never be forgiven by the Griffin Park faithful after young striker Alex Rhodes, just blossoming into a confident and skilful attacker never fully recovered his pace or confidence after being clattered into the Braemar Road Paddock.

David Luiz collides with Jake Reeves

Let’s also give a well deserved name check to Chelsea’s David Luiz for his cynical, mean spirited and cowardly shoulder barge on young Jake Reeves – an assault that tarnished a wonderful day out at Stamford Bridge.

it’s not always the Bees who end up as the victims as Cambridge United’s Mick Heathcote and Paul Rayner’s spat over defensive responsibilities led to the former seeing red in more ways than one.

Not that we are immune to such behaviour as Darren Powell and Karleigh Osborne demonstrated at Bournemouth one Easter.

Nasty and unpleasant as all these incidents were, tonight’s assault took the biscuit and left me sickened to my stomach and unable to take another bite of my meal.