Peter Lumley’s Best Ever Brentford Players – 12/11/15

Last month I was both delighted and honoured to be able to publish some fascinating and evocative memories of watching the Bees from Peter Lumley, who has been supporting Brentford FC for more years than he cares to remember.

Peter was delighted with the many appreciative responses he received from the readers of his article and I am pleased to say that he has just sent me some follow-up information which I am sure that you will all enjoy:

In my recent guest contribution to Greville’s blog I ducked an invitation to name the best team drawn from all the Brentford players I have watched during my seventy-three years as a  fan at Griffin Park.

On reflection I have decided to take on Greville’s challenge but with one proviso – that I can name more than one team.

Team A will be made up of players blessed with great technical ability.

Team B will feature those more aptly described as robust or physical.

I will then take on the almost impossible task of naming a best eleven made up from both categories as Team C.

Finally I have also selected a team of eleven players – Team D who, in my opinion, were exceptionally loyal to the club over a number of years and also demonstrated great enthusiasm and commitment whilst on the pitch.

I am sure that everyone will appreciate that the selected players span seven decades and that, inevitably, there will be those who rightly point out some glaring omissions.

Also, assessing the ability of players is, by definition, highly subjective. One man’s hero can be another man’s Nick Proschwitz or Murray Jones!

So here we go!


Joe Crozier

Alan Hawley

Ken Coote

Jim McNichol

Mel Scott

Jonathan Douglas

Stan Bowles

Johnny Brooks

Dean Holdsworth

Jimmy Bloomfield

Leslie Smith

Subs: Chic Brodie, Moses Odubajo, Stewart Houston, Peter Broadbent, Neil Smillie, Roger Cross, Alex Pritchard


Alf Jefferies

Billy Gorman

Martin Grainger

Tom Higginson

Terry Evans

Jamie Bates

Terry Hurlock

Gary Blissett

George Francis

Jim Towers

Gary Roberts

Subs: Len Bond, George Poyser, Jack Chisholm, Ron Harris, Dai Hopkins, Andre Gray


Joe Crozier

Billy Gorman

Ken Coote

Jim McNichol

Mel Scott

Terry Hurlock

Stan Bowles

Jimmy Bloomfield

Dean Holdsworth

Jim Towers

Leslie Smith

Subs: Chic Brodie, George Poyser, Stewart Houston, Billy McAdams, Roger Cross, John Dick, George Francis


Gerry Cakebread

Kevin O’Connor

Ken Coote

Tom Higginson

Terry Evans

Keith Millen

Billy Dare

Francis Joseph

Dave McCulloch

Bobby Ross

Jackie Graham

Subs: Alan Nelmes, Alan Hawley, Joe James, Sam Saunders, Jamie Bates, Alan Judge, Robert Taylor

I am quite certain that you will all take great pleasure in pointing out lots of glaring omissions, so I will list just a few more players who, if numbers permitted, would have graced one or more of my selected teams:

Dave McKellar

Andy Sinton

Billy Scott

Ernie Muttitt

George Wilkins

Len Townsend

Clayton Donaldson

Steve Phillips

Ken Horne

Nicky Forster

Jimmy Hill

Ron Greenwood

Tony Harper

Barry Silkman

Alan Cockram

Barry Asby

Leon Legge

Harlee Dean


Jake Bidwell

Stuart Dallas

Roger Joseph

Ben Hamer

Stuart Nelson

Richard Lee

Dai Ward

Keith Jones

Danis Salman

Wally Bragg

Barry Tucker

Gordon Phillips

Kevin Dearden

Graham Benstead

Steve Sherwood

Toumani Diagouraga

Adam Forshaw

james Tarkowski

D J Campbell

Danis Salman

Roger Joseph

I have also listed Brentford managers in a somewhat haphazard order of preference apart from the top two who in my opinion stand head and shoulders above the rest:

Harry Curtis

Mark Warburton

Steve Coppell

Martin Allen

Phil Holder

Steve Perryman

Frank Blunstone

Jimmy Sirrell

Bill Dodgin Junior

Jackie Gibbons

John Docherty

Uwe Rosler

Frank McLintock

Fred Callaghan

Malcolm MacDonald

Wally Downes

Micky Adams

Ron Noades

David Webb

Nicky Forster

I very much look forward to reading all the comments that we are certain to receive once everybody has read Peter’s interesting and thought provoking list.

I will start the debate off by mentioning a name that despite my reading through Peter’s note to me three times I was still unable to find – Peter Gelson. An accidental or deliberate omission on his part?

What do you think?


11 thoughts on “Peter Lumley’s Best Ever Brentford Players – 12/11/15

  1. I looked down the list a couple of times & it seems Gordon Sweetzer is missing!

    Maybe he didn’t play a massive number of games but there are some single season & loan players appearing – so his scoring abilities surely get him a place in the honourable mentions section…?

    It would be fascinating to see Team B in action. Or should that be “in action”…


  2. Can’t believe Peter Gelson is not on that list. One of the best and most loyal of all our players in our history. Unreal and impressed.


      • Ah OK. Just read Peter’s response. Apologies. Peter Gelson was my hero as a kid. They say, never meet your hero’s. Well I did and he was / is an absolute gent. A true Bees legend in my eyes.


  3. Hard to argue with any of those. Only been following the Bees since the late fifties so cannot compete but how about team H. Those beginning with the letter.
    Hamer, Harris, Hreiðarsson, Hill, Houston, Hawley, Hurlock, Higginson, Hopkins, Holdsworth, Hooker. (Sorry but I always had a soft spot for Keith Hooker)

    Liked by 1 person

    • From Peter Lumley: Re Ian Ashtons team of players beginning with the letter H= how about this for ateam ofBs! Brodie Bence Bidwell Bates Bragg Bean Bowles Brooks Blissett Bloomfield Broadbent.Subs:Bond Benstead Button Booker Blunstone?


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